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Why team building programs often fail?

by | May 20, 2017 | Team Building

Because many managers do not go beyond playing games.

Roger, a manager of an IT company, requested a quotation for a team building facilitation.

I wanted to know the purpose of their upcoming team building so I invited him to a Skype conversation. He said that team building in their company is a yearly activity.

That is the only reason. They wanted someone who can set up parlor games to keep the group busy.

A training manager of a medical facility in Batangas, Marie phoned me the other day requesting for a quotation. Fifty of their employees, including doctors and nurses, must attend a team building activity for ISO compliance. I asked for the objectives. She told me that there was none aside from ISO compliance.

They belong to the eighty percent of people who wanted “basic team building”. Basic team building to them is playing games. Team building is nothing but one of those activities that give them opportunities to forget about work.

Leaders know that team building is beyond playing games. Team building is an opportunity to build the team so that they’ll be able to achieve their business objectives. Yes, it is still about work. It is about working better as a team.

Only twenty percent of the managers who contact us for team building facilitation know the business objectives of their team building exerciser. They are investing in something that will improve their ability to deliver.

Go beyond games. Build your team the right way.

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