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Many organizations waste time, money, energy, and opportunities on untrained, unproductive, and unmotivated employees. Unfortunately, many organizational leaders fail to turn training into actionable learning and they neglect employee engagement. If you really need your organization to succeed, then you must

leverage workplace learning and engagement

so you can make employees win, wow your customers, and 10X business growth.

How might I help you?

I work with people-first organizations. All business innovation must start with people development.
To prepare our organizations, our communities, and country for the future, we must equip and enable our people now.

We need a consultant in competency modelling.

We equip and enable our employees based on critical priorities and differentiating competencies.

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We need a consultant in employee engagement.

We inspire people — across the organization — to change behaviors to align with our business strategy.

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We need a consultant in employee development.

We support the professional development of employees. We build competent and future-ready employees.

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We need facilitators in team building.

We believe in teamwork and team spirit. Team building takes time and we want to do build our team right.

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We need to leverage learning experiences.

We want learning beyond classroom training. Help us design learning experiences that drive results.

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We need a professional keynote speaker.

We are looking for a speaker on leadership, innovation, personal development, and customer experience.

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Jef Menguin

Reverse Engineer, Innovate, and Reinvent Solutions to Success

My name is Jef Menguin. This is my digital home. I created this website to help leaders create a better world.

My works  advance the business goals of organizations. I help them deliver excellent customer experience,  sell better, develop leaders, and improve employee engagement.

When you work with me, you’ll have opportunities to focus on goals, maximize learning experiences so you can leverage vital actions, electrify employee engagement, and encourage accountability.

I have designed and facilitated hundreds of learning experiences for my clients,

My past clients include Asian Development Bank, World Bank, World Vision, US Embassy in Manila, MECO, Presidential Management Staff, Department of Energy, Dell, Petron, Meralco, Chevron, Sunpower, Isuzu, Hyudai, and IMI.

I have been training and mentoring leaders in the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, and Singapore.

10x Your Learning Experiences

Experts say that classroom training contributes ONLY 10% to what is really needed for professionals to be great.

The solution is to go beyond training and start designing and delivering total learning experiences.

That means employing 70-20-10 Framework, employee engagement, gamification, and learning technology available to us today.

More importantly, this also compels corporate managers and workplace learning professionals to align all learning experiences and employee engagement to the achievement of business objectives.

Executive Team Leadership Workshops

Many executives do not practice collaborative communication, problem solving, and decision making skills. Either they do not know, or their environment does not encourage them to practice collaboration.

Team leaders are either your best or worst team players. They are also your best and worst models for everyone in the organization.

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People & Gameplan

Invest in Your Biggest Dreams

When you work for something that makes a difference in this world, undertake it with painstaking excellence. The smartest way to change yourself, your community, or the world is by working harder and longer than anyone else.

What is it that you are passionate about? How many hours will you spend today to bring your passion to life?

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Personality vs Personal Development

The confusion is not only in the meaning but also on what is more meaningful.

This is why many speakers offer personal development when they are actually talking about personality development.

And training associates look for a personality development speaker when what the boss really wanted is a personal development speaker.

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How to Become Indispensable

During the last talk I gave, someone asked for some strategies he can use to get himself promoted faster. I thanked him for his courage to ask that question which almost everyone wanted to ask but never did. Filipinos don't ask this of questions in public, most specially when bosses are around.

My simple answer: be linchpin. Be indispensable.

In this post, I will show you how to do that.

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