Easy & Proven Ways to Get a Good Life & Thrive

Filipinos are no strangers to crises. We are resilient to typhoons, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, and poor leadership. The worst things may happen to us, yet we find ways to laugh at ourselves and survive.

But to bounce forward and thrive, we have to choose well and design our destiny. A good life does not just happen; we have to create it. Learn how to deliver persuasive speeches, learn better, lead effectively, and live the good life.

The Best Year Ever

The year 2021 won’t be a repeat of 2020

I will stop procrastinating and get my shit done. I invite you to do the same. Replace bad habits with excellent ones.

Instead of being afraid, build confidence.

Deliver persuasive speeches that will move people.

Be a leader and inspire others. Build teams that thrive. Scale your business that is making a difference in the community.

Or start a business and multiply your income sources.

Grow. Keep learning.

Use new tools and techniques to master motivation, focus, and productivity. Enroll in online courses, webinars, and virtual workshops. I can direct you to the good ones — and I will give you updates on my events page, newsletter, and social media pages. And when you need support from me and others,  you can join the Thrive Community.

But don’t forget to breathe.

What I am saying is that we will no longer accept made up excuses. There will always be challenges and crises in our lives. But we can choose to fail as we can choose to have a richer, fuller life.

Jef Menguin will help you climb from the rock bottom. He teaches people how to lead in times of crisis.

Hi, I’m Jef Menguin

I am a professional speaker, learning strategist, and entrepreneur. I started my career in speaking and training in 2006 — and since then I have trained thousands of leaders in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, and Singapore.

Today, to help my client navigate through the pandemic, I offer online courses, webinars, and virtual workshops on leadership, team building, and strategic planning.

I write about entrepreneurship, personal development, delivering persuasive speeches, motivation, productivity, and other articles that may help people thrive in 2021 and beyond.


There are various we can start working together to help your organizations build leaders and teams. I choose clients who desire long-term partnership, but we can start with something small like a two-hour webinar or virtual workshop.


Getting an external facilitator provides you many advantages. I provide process facilitation for team building, strategic planning, and leadership workshops. I use tools that will help you zero-in on your desired results.

I often employ team-building games to ensure learning for each exercise. But unlike other team building facilitators, I don’t sell you a package of fun. Team building is an intervention to help members get the shit done. When team members play virtual games, it is not only for enjoyment, but to learn better.

I customized leadership workshops. Though you can find vendors who offer basic leadership training in the Philippines, I recommend that you zero-in on present and future skills that your leaders need. Better if you align your training solution with your competency ladder.

I help small businesses in strategic planning. As a process, strategic planning is easy. The tricky part is bringing out the wisdom of leaders who must develop brilliant ideas to turn into strategies. Big companies usually spend months to come up with intelligent strategies that never get implemented.


Training, when done right, will enable and inspire employees. The key is to think people first, then profit and process. You can convert your training intervention, like online training like webinars, virtual workshops, and online courses, into vicarious learning experiences. This is not easy, but this can be done.

In 2021, I choose to do more virtual training programs. I do for health, safety, and practical reasons. Even before the pandemic, I said that many live training programs waste much time, effort, and money.

For example, multi-day training programs are not only tiresome but wasteful. People don’t go to a gym for three days, eight hours each day, to build muscle and stamina. But some training providers in the Philippines kept the insanity loop because that’s the easiest way to earn.

Virtual workshops, webinars, and online courses can equip your employees with the right skills better, faster, and for less cost.


I speak in conferences, summits, and meetings on many topics related to leadership and personal development. Because of the pandemic, I often deliver keynote speeches virtually. This is more difficult than live speaking. People are on mute; I don’t hear their laughter. I wish I could hear them laughing out loud — or crying! Still, I am glad that keynote speaking and inspirational speaking continue to give me joy.

In 2021, I will share what I know about public speaking. I will offer online courses, webinars, and executive and group coaching to those who intend to become leaders who move people with spoken words.

Online Courses

Online courses provide us opportunities to learn anywhere at any time. As an action learner, I am happy that many organizations made learning accessible to us. As a course designer, I don’t have to create a new learning infrastructure. An LMS plugin does it for me.


I will be offering Thrive Courses starting the second quarter of 2021. These will be evidence-based courses that provide all the essentials plus step-by-step guides.

If you are a member of the Thrive Community, I will inform you first.

Five Webinars in 2021

Online learning evolves faster than ever because of the pandemic. In 2006, I did my first webinars — and I was teaching through webcasting. The technology was expensive. But not today.

Today, we can hold webinars for free via zoom. I do mine through webinarjam which allows me to host up to 2000 people and have three more presenters. I expect to hold many webinars in 2021 and I want you to grab the opportunity to join at each.

Here are five of the webinars I offer that may jumpstart your 2021.

Goal Setting for SMART People

People have dreams and wishes, but not everyone has goals. The mere act of goal setting increases the chance of improved performance and achievement. It is like writing your own recipe for success.

In this webinar, I will share with you steps on how to set long-term and short-term goals. As a participant, you will get discover ways to “overachieve” and what to do when the chaos of daily life snatches you away from working on your goals.

Tiny Habits That Can Help You Manage Stress

It is now common to find many Filipino professionals suffering from the adverse effects of stress. For example, working from home is not easier than how most people initially thought. It is stressful.

Left unmanaged, stress can make us unproductive. It often results in a loss of focus, motivation, and productivity. In this webinar, participants will learn the vital steps in managing stress and I will share practical steps you can do to become more productive (and happier!) each day.

Proven & Effective Ways to Manage Your Time

It seems that we now have more time in our hands — and yet at times, we feel that we have done less. Young professionals often rely on new time management apps so they keep themselves productive. But time management goes beyond having a schedule and ticking one task after another.

In this webinar, participants will discover time management as a decision-making process that when mastered may help them enjoy life more, getting better things, and eliminate unnecessary activities to find more space for important matters. I will share a few thinking tools too.

The Recipe for Delivering Speeches That Move People

Most of the speeches delivered today are dull and boring. Speakers are more concerned about what they need to cover than what audiences need to discover so they become encouraged to do what’s best for them.

In this webinar, I will teach you how to craft speeches that will help you motivate people ( in a way that even many motivational speakers fail to do). I will show you how to find great topics, how to serve the needs of your audience, and how to structure your content so you will include only what’s necessary.

Easy, Effective, and Engaging Ways to Lead Meetings

Many Filipinos have realized that running remote meetings isn’t easier than live, face to face meetings. It is more difficult to participate, much more to lead a remote meeting. I have done many of these remote meetings since March 2020 and I will share with you the best practices in this webinar.

10 Kick-Starting Ideas

There are over a hundred articles that you’ll find on this website. I commit to writing more in 2021 about entrepreneurship, personal development, productivity, motivation, and public speaking. Below are easy-read posts that may help you get started.

One Tiny Thing Only   

Talented people can do so many things. Maybe, you are one of them. But one thing I learned from Pareto is that you don’t have to do many things. If we keep on looking at the 80/20 principle, we’ll find that we only need to do one important thing at a time.

Do What Is Best for You 

FB is a tool to reach out to people and sell your goods. But spending 4 hours a day trying to educate diehard supporters of the President or arguing with people about how wrong their beliefs are is a waste of time. You and I are in control of what we do. We don’t have to float along with shit. We can do what’s best for us.


Are you overwhelmed because of many online meetings and learning sessions?  Or are you crushing the people you lead because you want to become more productive during these times? I have some advice for you.

Everything is Figurable 

Chaos is everywhere. And many problems that we face today do not seem to have any solution. That is not true, and you know that. We only need to look back a few years to get perspectives. We only need to look forward to a few years to figure out what we need to do today. Everything is figurable.

My Mission 

Have you written your mission statement? I wrote mine, and I published it here.  I still need to be more clear about what I want, and I keep writing them. Each time, I find I am getting more clarity. I encourage you to write yours too.

Kick Start Yourself 

I have one secret to high performance: routine.  I know that many people hate routines, but remember that routine is the mother of discipline. Find out how you can use pre-routine exercises to help you kick start yourself.

What do you really want? 

Most people have their wishes but are not clear about what they want in life. How about you, what do you want?  This post is a short read.

Youer Than You 

Post #8 is my favorite, and I want to share it with you. Many of us have idols and people whom we looked up to. But there is one secret from Dr. Seuss: I am unique. And so are you. Celebrating our uniqueness is one way to get a life and thrive.

Leave Everyone Smiling 

People go to comedy bars because they want to be happy. Motivational speakers are trying hard to become comedians because they want you to be happy. But there is one thing that is easier to do, and that is to leave everyone smiling. 

Begin Now, Start with Good Enough  

I found that one reason why I procrastinated a lot is I expected too much of myself. I wanted to be truly ready to become an international speaker. I even rejected some of the international invitations because I had the impostor syndrome.  But I started becoming better when I started doing what I am capable of doing. You can start before you are ready too. 

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