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Experience World-Class Leadership Training

The purpose of leadership education is not just the accumulation of knowledge. Instead, leadership learning must provide opportunities to discover new strategies, take execution to a new level, and get things done.

In the old days, employees are sent to classroom training to satisfy a competency requirement, to tick a box in an employee’s development objectives.

These days, great companies provide employees the tools and training to become intrapreneurs: professionals with a business owner mindset.

Intrapreneurs hold themselves responsible for organizational problems and they create innovative solutions.

There was a time when knowledge was power. It was not easy to find information.. And therefore “world-class training” was expensive too.

As a result, traditional training programs are usually very long because that’s the best way for training providers to earn money.

I have been designing training programs for Filipino professionals since 2007. Effective programs equip and enable leaders. They are short, practical, and transformational. You cut all redundant, irrelevant, and useless.

You only want the few solutions that bring the best and maximum results. This is world-class training; you can have world-class training in the Philippines.

People-first companies build leaders all the time. Here are a few of the clients that I served through the years.

Learn more about the clients I serve.

Jef Menguin

Jef Menguin is an engaging storyteller and dynamic speaker sought by CEOs and HR leaders in the Philippines.

He is distinguished for sharing practical wisdom, actionable ideas, and easy-to-use frameworks that also turbo-charge confidence and move people to action

He is also famous for designing learning experiences that build a disciplined culture, support innovative intrapreneurs, and transform customer experiences.

He has served thousands of leaders in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, and Taiwan.

Articles & Guides

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Personal Development Plan at Work

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What is learning experience design?

Learning experience design (LXD) is the science and art of creating learning experiences that enable learners to acquire knowledge, use tools, build skills and practice new behaviors that help bring the desired outcome. It is both human-centered and goal-oriented.

LXD applies the best practices in design thinking, interaction design, gamification, experiential learning, performance psychology, and business psychology.

The main objective of the educator is not to give instructions but to come up with experiences that are solutions, or at least experiences that will lead to solutions.

Why is LXD good for your company?

The conventional model suffers from information overload and offers no solutions to the challenges of humans at work. Many leadership training programs created using the traditional way, some of which take weeks to finish, do not bring immediate and visible results.

Organizations spend time, money, and human resources on training events that do not solve business problems and do not improve leaders’ performance.

Learning experience design is better than traditional curriculum design.

LXD is interdisciplinary. It is built upon practices that ensure enjoyable, practical, and relevant learning experiences. The content supports the learners’ needs and the learning’s impact on the business and the community it serves. LXD helps leaders find useful, desirable, and viable solutions to a clear problem.

My name is Jef Menguin. I am a trainer, author, and consultant.

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