I help companies equip leaders to be effective, positive, and creative through tailor-fit leadership training that 10x results.

Innovative companies transform training into engaging and relevant learning experiences. So, in each leadership training, I focus on vital behaviors and engagement strategies that will deliver the desired business results.

My signature leadership programs are 10x Leadership Bootcamp, Four Disciplines of Execution Bootcamp, Leaders Engagement Bootcamp, and World-Changing Presentations Workshops. I also design personalized leadership paths for managers, supervisors, and intrapreneurs.

Training in the Philippines

Most innovative leaders design training in the Philippines into game-changing learning experiences so they can grow great organizations. They empower creative leaders and enable armies of intrapreneurs. You can change the way you equip leaders too.

Training in the Philippines for creative leaders and intrapreneurs need to be game-changing. When seminars, workshops, masterclasses, and boot camps are learner-centered and results-driven, you can make training a multiplier.

I say forget the so-called 70-20-10 myth. There is no real basis for that.

Because everything we do, while we are breathing is experiences. And most of what we do teach us one thing or two when we are open to learning. When we keep our sense of wonder, we experience moments like magic. Something comes out of nothing.

I say that 99% of our learning experiences are outside the classroom. Yes, 99% which we can help creative leaders learn from. Yes, 99% which can be used to turn our employees into intrapreneurs.

We don’t put learning experiences into segments. We design with the end in mind. You blend learning experiences. You can make training for creative leaders and intrapreneurs

Training in the Philippines doesn’t have to be a product of same-same, safe, slow, and small thinking. Instead, we must think brave and bold and bigger. Please allow me to offer you new learning experiences.

Training for Creative Leaders

Training for Intrapreneurs

  • Most Valuable Professionals
  • Customer Journey Mapping Workshop
  • Happy Productivity
  • Intrapreneurship Workshop

What I do best is customizing leadership and professional development programs. If you want to learn how I can help you, send an email to

Training for Creative Leaders

I focus on training creative leaders because doing so can 10x, 100x, or even 1000x your results.

You will find many speakers and corporate trainers who can provide you canned leadership training programs. They have created boxes and decided that you can fit in any box. I thought that I don’t want to do that anymore. I won’t do it for myself. I shouldn’t do it to others.

To lead is to bring people to a future that they really care about. To lead is to challenge the status quo. To lead is to make change happen.

To lead is to innovate and create. We need leaders to be creative. And I am here to help you inspire, equip, enable, and empower leaders.

I picked six programs (from the 30 programs that I designed for leaders). I will describe them, and you can follow the links to learn more.

Actionable Leadership Boot Camp

Actionable Leadership Bootcamp makes it easy for leaders to apply the five practices of exemplary leadership. Though there are thousands of books leadership, leadership learning is almost always complicated.

Even in the so-called basic leadership training, lecturers offer you topics that define leadership, the different kinds of leadership, principles of leadership, philosophies of leadership, the benefits of leadership and blah, blah, blah.

All of these make us feel that it would take hard work and forever to become a leader. In truth, leadership is a journey. You learn every day. You make one step at a time. And oftentimes, create your own trail.

Instead of putting leaders in a box, we can create a framework that will serve as a guide. A framework that will guide, not imprison them.

The purpose of leadership is to make things happen. In Actionable Leadership Bootcamp, you can experiment and even enriched the practices that made other leaders like you produce extraordinary results.

You ought to bring this actionable leadership training to your organization. You will get good results days after the session. You’ll the creative confidence in leading others.

Leaders Engagement Bootcamp

You can find many books on how to influence people and make them buy your offers.

Leadership is influence. You know that already. And you’ve got to learn strategies and tools you can use to become more influential.

You can buy books on leadership, marketing, and salesmanship. You will discover techniques that can make you make people do what you want.

You can google ideas on how to make irresistible offers. You only need to decide to learn.

So, why make another training on it?

Because I can help you make it simple and easy. Because of what I do as a learning designer, I can help you accelerate learning. I can provide creative leaders with a framework they can start with. Because with the help of other leaders, your leaders can customize strategies that will work for your organization.

Yes, for your organization.

No book can predict what you need. A book will not talk to you and know what works for you. I can design a program for you based on the Influencer Model and something more.

I designed Leaders Engagement Bootcamp for organizations in the Philippines. This is very much useful to HR managers, training managers, business unit managers, and even for C-level executives.

Let’s tailor-fit the program to your needs so that at the end of the masterclass, your leaders will be able to produce actionable engagement strategies. This is one training program you must require every leader to attend.

Active Training for Managers

Active Training for Managers equips leaders on principles and practices for active training.

Help leaders to engage their people in learning. A one-day workshop that provides participants opportunities to practice learning games and other active training tools.

You know that people learn best by doing.

Most training programs conducted by managers do not work because they resort to data dumping. Many managers are not trainers. They have no other choice but to leave training to HR, the training department, or God-sent external trainers.

Say goodbye to excuses.

Enabling people is a competence that every manager must master.

Turn classroom training into vicarious real-world experiences. Let your people learn what matters in the most engaging ways.

Incorporate creative learning into your training efforts. Learn many creative ways of equipping people through training.

World-changing Presentations

World-changing Presentations will help creative leaders master the presentation principles and strategies that help leaders make things happen.

If you aspire to the top job, you not only have to know your business— you have to know how to communicate with everyone else inside and outside the business.

Being the top person in any organization is a great accomplishment, but it’s tough. Today, people expect more than ever of you as a leader.

Whether you are CEO, president, managing partner, executive director, owner, publisher, editor, king, commander in chief, manager, or the high potential team leader, people expect more. You work hard and make the most of luck to reach the top.

Then you work harder to keep the job.

The higher you go, and the more visible you are, the more effective presentation counts. You’re competing in a global world with instant communication. There is no forgiveness for the leader who can’t keep up.

Impact Speaking for Leaders

It is relatively easy to describe a leader. It is changing the world, the ultimate aim of a leader, that is challenging. Public Speaking for Leaders will address that challenge.

The workshop doesn’t just tell you what to do, it shows you why you have to do it and it will equip you to speak to change lives – to make a better world.

When you join this workshop, you will pick up lessons from the experiences of the speakers, from group exercises, and extensive and incisive masterclass sessions.

FAQs: Training in the Philippines

Do you offer training all over the Philippines?

We bring our courses to different companies all over the Philippines. Most of our learning events are held in Metro Manila. We are building learning partners in Subic, Baguio, Laguna, Cebu, Iloilo, Davao City, Koronadal.

What are the leadership courses that you offer?

I offer courses for leaders. These courses include competency strategies, culture shaping, team building, customer experience management, and intrapreneurship. My signature leadership courses are Actionable Leadership and Employee Engagement for Creative Leaders.

Do you offer courses in presentation skills and public speaking?

Yes! Please explore World-Changing Presentations and Impact Speaking for Leaders

Do you tailor-fit training to the needs of the organizations?

Training and all other learning experiences must be tailored-fit to the needs of the organization. It is a must, not an option. I can help you provide leaders personalized learning paths that will help them accelerate learning and 10x their growth.

What is the minimum number of participants for each training?

We can design corporate learning experiences for a minimum of 15 participants. When you have more than 1000 employees, my team can help you discover vital needs for leadership learning.

Do you offer professional development courses?

Yes! I have been designing and conducting training since 2007 and most of the learning experiences I have designed are for professional development. You can find them at Seminars in the Philippines.

How much do you charge for a two-day leadership training?

It depends on when, where, who, and why. As I have mentioned earlier, leadership experiences are tailored to the needs of the participants and the organization. In truth, the engagement is not just for two days. I know that some training providers will deliver to you a two-day worth of their canned program. We know also that that’s not best for you.

Most of our leadership training program starts at 120,000 pesos for 15 persons.

Do you offer public seminars?

Yes. In order to serve leaders, I offer some of my leadership courses to the public. These leadership courses include the signature programs and other training programs designed by workplace practitioners and expert facilitators.

What makes your training different and effective?

The training programs I offer are meant for leaders and workplace entrepreneurs (or intrapreneurs). After learning the practices and principles, you’ll have opportunities to immediately apply what you learn. The training programs are designed by a team of learning experience designers, workplace practitioners, and process facilitators.

What do you mean when you said that training must be reinvented?

Many corporate trainers are stuck in the ADDIE model which made us good trainers. The world woke up one day and realized that training alone cannot accelerate learning because it is limited. It is meant to define, not to expand skills.

Seventy years ago, training was good. It makes the company play safe. Today, playing safe isn’t safe. We must accelerate and amplify learning. Learning Experience Engineering is the next big thing.

Jef Menguin

Jef Menguin is a leadership consultant. He has equipped thousands of leaders in the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, and Singapore.

He started designing leadership training programs in 2004. He observed that many of the leadership seminars are too academic that they are filled with theories and a hodge-podge of information from textbooks. Having mentored many leaders, he knew that the so-called “basic leadership training” programs sold everywhere do not work.

Leadership is best learned through experiences. He helped companies design tailor-fit and personalized learning paths for leaders. Because of what he did, companies developed creative leaders, engaged employees, wowed customers, and grow their businesses.

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