Develop leaders and train employers.

Create a corporate culture that supports continual learning. Training and development promote employee growth and build a highly-skilled workforce,

Build competent employees.

Become A Better Leader. Train Good Leaders.

You can help others when you become a better leader. Develop competencies, mindsets, and behaviors that bring high-impact results.

You can help your organization grow by providing leadership training to high-potential employees. You can make learning simple. You can accelerate learning.

different ways to train employees

Training: Develop Leaders & Employees

Do you use training to develop leaders and train employees? Do you ensure your personal growth and success by enrolling yourself in seminars and workshops? An organization that invests in training is always ahead of those who don’t. However, not all training programs are equal.

You can double your results by exploring what effective training is – and how you can design excellent learning solutions for your organization.

In most Philippine companies, training is the default intervention.

Some training professionals work like doctors: they cure skills gaps and show learners how to take care of their careers. Others are like market vendors who sell you training products – even if you don’t need them.

Companies invest millions of pesos in training employees each year. Unfortunately, most of the training programs offered to employees do not work. You can make training work for you.

This article has three purposes: You may use the table of contents below for easy navigation.

  1. Help corporate managers and new trainers understand the fundamentals of training. I will discuss its meaning, why it works, how it works, and other information they ought to know.
  2. Provide ideas on how Filipino business owners can make the most of training in the Philippines. I will show how the change in focus from training to learning makes a big difference.
  3. Show learning opportunities available to professionals. I provide descriptions of online-courses and events (webinars, virtual workshops, public seminars, and others) that you can join.
Engaging training for creative leaders and entrepreneurs

Develop Leaders & Train Employees Creatively

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Make Training Work

Training for creative leaders and intrapreneurs needs to be game-changing. When seminars, workshops, masterclasses, and boot camps are learner-centered and results-driven, you can make training a multiplier.

I won’t say forget the so-called 70-20-10 myth because there is no real basis for that. We can still use it if we can make the equation 70 x 20 x 10. We learn from personal experiences, social interactions, and training. The truth is that the value of classroom training can multiply results a hundred-fold.

The 70-20-10 myth is better than not having a model at all. But I have just changed that model for you. Consider my 70 x 20 x 100 model.

Everything we do, including classroom training, is an experience. Most of us learn one thing or two when we are open to learning experiences.

When we keep our sense of wonder, we experience moments like magic. Something comes out of nothing.

I say that 99% of our learning experiences are outside the classroom. Yes, 99 percent that we can help creative leaders learn from. Yes, 99 percent we can use to turn our employees into intrapreneurs.

We don’t put learning experiences into segments. We design with the end in mind. You blend learning experiences. You can make training for creative leaders and intrapreneurs.

participants in seminars for leaders

Leaders Need Real-World Learning

You can go beyond the typical public seminars or webinars where you have an instructor or trainer who uses more than a hundred PowerPoint slides and who employs energizers between modules to wake you up from the stupor caused by long lectures and an overwhelming knowledge dump.

For example, let’s say that you are joining a typical public speaking seminar in the Philippines. Commonly, you will find yourself listening to a public speaking instructor who explains to you every bullet in his slides for two to five minutes. Like a child in school, you are expected to listen to him 90% of the time.

I call that public listening, not public speaking.

In my public speaking workshops, you are not going to be a passive listener. You will learn by doing. You will leave the workshop with improved confidence and mastered speaking skills you can readily use in your next speaking assignment.

I will show you how you make presentations in boardrooms before five executives whose time is more expensive than most of us – and on stage in front of thousands of people.

Try new learning experiences so you can accelerate professional development, become better leaders, and 10x your business.

Reinvent Your Seminars and Webinars

To ensure maximum learning, I limit the number of would-be enrolled in each course.

Some courses are offered only twice a year.

I may open a new session when there are at least ten from your organization interested in enrolling in these courses offered to the public. Then, I will invite others.

For in-house programs, I can run any of these programs, even for at least seven leaders.

So you can make the most of these training courses, I invite you to switch your thinking about training if you are one of those who only want to get a certificate of attendance.

I did not design these programs for those who only want to listen and receive a Certificate of Attendance.

I want you to get a Certificate of Awesome Participation.

These webinars are interactive. I know this is difficult to do. But we are trying our best to do what’s best for you.

You won’t consider each seminar or webinar like the public seminars you have attended before.

Do you remember those seminars where you have 80 or more people in the room listening to a lecturer who explains every bullet point of his 200 PowerPoint slides?

Forget those seminars.

Join a workshop.

Join a bootcamp.

Delight yourself.

Bring with you the moxie of someone who has learned something useful and meaningful. Reimagine training in the Philippines—experience enjoyable and high impact learning.

If you change nothing, nothing will change

Make Training Work For You

Leadership and innovation training courses provide you more opportunities to learn. In many training sessions that I have attended, participants were trained to become a patient listener to many excellent speakers.

But there were very few excellent speakers.

In these training courses, I want you to be the learning hero. You will be the actor, not just a spectator.

Here are 13 ways you can learn from the learn-by-doing nature of these training courses.

1. Learn from experience. During our workshops, enjoy our learning games and experiential activities.

2. Learn through observation. Call it vicarious experiences. You can learn by giving attention to what others are doing.

3. Learn through interactive mini-lectures. Short lectures help you learn new knowledge and skills faster. Sometimes, I use group contest for these short lectures.

Imagine yourself winning and learning. It must be real fun.

4. Learn through reading materials. Adult learners are capable of learning. And believe me, you can read faster than me talking.

When learners read intentionally, they get to learn 10x faster.

5. Try and apply the techniques. The beauty of these training courses is that you don’t have to wait for the “right time” to use the workshop’s techniques.

You get to apply them during the workshops – and get instant feedback.

6. Learn by doing. You discover deeper learning by doing. The workshop approach is activity-based learning.

7. Learn by reflecting. I use creative debriefing techniques. Debriefing helps you reflect on your experiences, gain valuable insights, and validate your learning.

8. Learn from each other. We are social beings. We learn better when we learn together. I used lots of group activities and collaborative learning activities.

9. Learn from my website. You will find more than hundreds of new growth ideas on my website as value-added resources. And the high-value content is growing daily.

10. Learn something every week. You may subscribe to my newsletter. You may also get updates through email lessons.

11. Learn something from your peers. Learning happens even after each training course. You can go to my forums and join the learning community.

12. Learn something from your mentors. In every workplace, there are mentors. During the workshops, you’ll know where and how to find your mentors.

13. Learn something from your organization’s follow-through. These training courses are designed based on measurable goals. Your organization is genuinely involved. 

Training in the Philippines

Training in the Philippines must improve in the new normal. Filipino trainers and managers need to switch mindsets. Explore the recommendations and the training programs I offer to Filipino professionals. Get trained in leadership, management, personal development, creativity, and entrepreneurship in 2021.

Change mindset about training

Make Training Get You Ahead

Training, be it in the Philippines or elsewhere, is limited by its very nature. Trainers use traditional training methods to instruct employees on specific ways of doing things.

Traditional training methods won’t work in teaching innovation, creativity, leadership, or entrepreneurship. These require a new way of thinking.

To build leaders and innovate your business, design new experiences that help learners discover and master a crucial skill.

Training in the Philippines, you must have observed, is subject-centered. Learning is measured by your ability to remember facts. Much time is spent on knowledge acquisition. And to keep you stay awake, your facilitators try hard to be entertaining.

Of course, training does not have to be impractical and boring. But just like what I have said earlier, it is limited by its very nature.

Turn your training into learning experiences. Move the spotlight from the trainer towards the learners, from the subject of the study to business ambitions.

Design learning experiences that are focused, inspirational, relevant, and engaging. Let every leadership learning experiences serve the business objectives of your organization.

You can fill your seminars with experiential activities and games. You may call them boot camps, workshops, masterclasses, and gamestorming sessions.

These experiences accelerate professional development, equip leaders, and 10x business growth.

Online Courses

You can find many online courses. It has an upward trend even before the pandemic. Most of them are not meant for Filipinos and do not solve the challenges of Filipino companies. The concepts and scenarios are so alien to us.

Onlince Courses

So, I came up with online courses that do not compete with millions of online courses now available worldwide. Each online course focuses on solving problems and helping participants create new opportunities for themselves.

You can access online courses anytime, anywhere. You can have online courses designed for your organization too.

The Persuasive Speaker Course

Most of us learned how to convince others, but very few can persuade. The ability to bring people to your good sense does not always work. Contrary to what most people believe, human beings are not rational animals.

The Persuasive Speker Course will help you move people and bring them to your side. Professional speakers, teachers, trainers, leaders, and entrepreneurs will benefit most from this course.
Learn More

Authentic Confidence Course

Many people don’t get to do what they want the most in life because they lack confidence. It might be because of a childhood experience in school or influenced by an important adult.

It might be because they live and work in an environment that does not encourage confidence. This course will help anyone on a journey to regain self-confidence.

Happy Productivity Course

Many people find it hard to become productive at the end of the day. They have tried many productivity hacks and apps, but they always feel unproductive. I am going to share this with you in 2021.

The MVP Course

Most people are anxious about the future. Jobs aren’t as secured as before. Worst, most of the skills we learned in college are not useful today and will most likely be obsolete some years from now. I researched the skills and mindsets that we need today and in the future.

The Most Valuable Professional Course is the ultimate professional development course.


Webinars can be a game-changing mode for training. Instead of watching a lecturer online discuss theories and concepts, participants can work on workbooks that make learning more meaningful. Participants may learn foundational concepts through videos before a webinar.


You will find below some of the titles of the webinars that I have led. Find out which ones will solve your business challenges.

Goal Setting for SMART People

People have dreams and wishes, but not everyone has goals. The mere act of goal setting increases the chance of improved performance and achievement. It is like writing your own recipe for success.

In this webinar, I will share with you steps on how to set long-term and short-term goals. As a participant, you will get discover ways to “overachieve” and what to do when the chaos of daily life snatches you away from working on your goals.

How to Stress Less & Accomplish More

It is now common to find many Filipino professionals suffering from the adverse effects of stress. For example, working from home is not easier than how most people initially thought. It is stressful.

Left unmanaged, stress can make us unproductive. It often results in a loss of focus, motivation, and productivity. In this webinar, participants will learn the vital steps in managing stress and I will share practical steps you can do to become more productive (and happier!) each day.

Proven & Effective Ways to Manage Your Time

It seems that we now have more time in our hands — and yet at times, we feel that we have done less. Young professionals often rely on new time management apps so they keep themselves productive. But time management goes beyond having a schedule and ticking one task after another.

In this webinar, participants will discover time management as a decision-making process that when mastered may help them enjoy life more, getting better things, and eliminate unnecessary activities to find more space for important matters. I will share a few thinking tools too.

The Recipe for Delivering Speeches That Move People

Most of the speeches delivered today are dull and boring. Speakers are more concerned about what they need to cover than what audiences need to discover so they become encouraged to do what’s best for them.

In this webinar, I will teach you how to craft speeches that will help you motivate people ( in a way that even many motivational speakers fail to do). I will show you how to find great topics, how to serve the needs of your audience, and how to structure your content so you will include only what’s necessary.

Easy, Effective, and Engaging Ways to Lead Meetings

Many Filipinos have realized that running remote meetings isn’t easier than live, face to face meetings. It is more difficult to participate, much more to lead a remote meeting. I have done many of these remote meetings and I will share with you the best practices in this webinar.

Jef Menguin is a keynote speaker, learning strategist, and author.

Training Consultant

Hi, I’m Jef Menguin

I am a workplace learning strategist. I consult with human resource and training managers in designing learning experiences for leaders. I do most of my work in the Philippines.

I hold public seminars, workshops, and strategic learning sessions. During the pandemic (and most likely in the new normal), I run webinars and virtual workshops for leaders of all kinds.

I am also keynote speaker and author. To help my corporate clients navigate through a crisis, I designed programs that managers need to lead people effectively.

Filipinos are no strangers to a crisis. We have endured typhoons, earthquakes, floods, a lousy economy, and poor leadership.

I will help you.

I believe you are here because you want to realize your vision and achieve your mission. You want to make positive change happen.

I teach strategies and techniques. I shared stories of exemplars for leadership, personal excellence, innovation, employee engagement, salesmanship, service excellence, and teamwork.

I have delivered speeches to conferences, sales rallies, conventions, and corporate events for the past ten years and has conducted hundreds of training programs for companies.

In most training and speaking opportunities, I share my experiments. I am a change scientist. I study how people make a huge impact.

And I am also the subject of my study. I can speak with confidence because I share my personal experiences on change strategies and tools that I offer my audiences in the Philippines and abroad.

I show you how I failed. You will learn the steps I took to win.

You are the hero.

As a speaker and trainer, I don’t see myself as a hero. You are the heroes. My role is that of a mentor who shares stories, strategies, and tools so you can face your challenges.

When you work with me, we’ll collaborate to ensure that leaders learn how to…

  1. Increase workplace productivity
  2. Improve customer experience
  3. Engage employees
  4. Turn supervisors and managers to leaders
  5. Build teams
  6. Increase sales
  7. Get more customers
  8. Embrace a new culture.

We will zero-in on crucial behaviors to help your people achieve your goals.

Each presentation, workshop, or boot camp is professionally prepared and dynamically delivered.

You can learn more about me here. 

When you need help in transforming training opportunities into impactful learning experiences, contact me.

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