Why Today Is the Best Time to Write Your Book

Today is the best time to write your book because today is what we have. Yesterday has passed, and we cannot do anything about it. Tomorrow is not certain, you might get busy. Today is the only day we have.

I dreamt of writing a book for almost 30 years. Every one of those years, I promised to write a book someday. Someday never came. Because only today is what I had.

I will not be able to write a book someday.

But I can write one, two, or three every day. This does not sound right, but I know I can. You may not believe this, but know that you can write a book today.

We can write our book each day. And you do it word by word, phrase by phrase, and page by page.

The mere fact that I can write this blog post is evident enough that I can write another book. And you can too.

You can start with an intention. For example, I want to tell people about the power of a growth mindset in our lives. That we can be born poor and escape from it.

I can start with what I already know. I was born poor but I learned that it was not my destiny. Being poor is not anyone’s destiny. If I stick to my purpose, I can bring my story to a page that teaches and inspire people. A page can have 250 words.

So, if I write 1000 words a day, doing so can produce three to four pages. In 100 days, I can easily have 300 pages. I can cut the pages into 150 for brevity and power. And is still a book.

And I can also write the stories of others. The stories of people will affirm my stories. Their stories will teach and inspire me too. That means I can write a series of books on one topic.

Yes, something like Chicken Soup for the Soul. [mfn] The authors did not even write the book, they just collected stories. [/mfn]

Our book is not just a document that proved that we exist. The book will bring us to the future. Our thoughts, our stories, and our beliefs will live in each person who will read it.

Write your book.

Begin with one sentence. Like this. Then add another one. Keep adding more sentences. Don’t worry if you feel that the sentences don’t make sense at first. There is a time for editing.

You will soon realize that your words and sentences will create meanings that you have not thought of before. The process of writing will bring out the wisdom that you have not known but was always with you.

Write your book because you can and you must.

Yes, write your book before you are written off.

Not writing your book won’t make you useless, of course. At the very most, in the eyes of God, you will always be special.

But you know what I mean. Today is the best time to write your book because you still have the energy and power to write.

Today is the best time to write your book because you can still think clearly and remember.

One day your energy will fade and your memory will become weak. You will remember stories, but you won’t be certain whether they are from dreams or reality.

This is why today is the best time to write your book.

Do not worry about your lack of experience. You will never have enough of it. Writing your book will give you an experience you will never have if you have to wait for other experiences.

Do not worry if you are not an expert. You are not expected to create a better version of the History of Time. You can pick the subject of your interest. Gather your materials. Interview 100 people about it. When you write this book, people will consider you an expert on this one topic.

In short, I do not buy your excuses and neither should you.

Today is the best time for you to write your book. Write it now before you are written off.


You can use the following resources to help you write your book this year.

Best Articles to Help You Start

  • Start Now and Act Before You Are Ready. I do understand the hesitation of people to do something worthwhile. They felt they are not good enough. And they are probably right. But unless they start now, they’ll never be ready.
  • How to Write a Non-Fiction Book. If you are like me, you lean towards writing a nonfiction book. Bonni Wagner-Stafford shares six steps that can help you get started now.
  • 750words.com I have been writing more than 750 words a day for more than ten years. So it is a habit now. But I started with 750words.com, and doing so helped me a lot.

Free Writing Courses

Sha Nacino offers the WRITE steps in writing a book. Here’s a video of Sha explaining how to write your book in 90 days.

This post was first written some years ago. It was less than 250 words. Then I added more today (August 21, 2022) right in the beginning. Both times, I was doing freewriting.

That’s why I wrote a paragraph in one sentence.

Each sentence or paragraph is an idea. I don’t have to add more words when a few would do.

All I want is to remind you that you can write your book today. And that you can write your book every day. One word, one paragraph, and one page at a time.

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