Jef Menguin

2020 can (still) be a big year.

I was looking forward to 2020. This year would be a big year. Then there were earthquakes. Taal Volcano erupted. And now, we are in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic.  2020 is a big and memorable year. But not the kind I expected.

Three big clients canceled training for this year. Two clients postponed their training, indefinitely. In February, I was working on 47 client inquiries — all eager to hold their team building by March, April, and May.

When the government announced the general community quarantine in March, I thought it would last for 15 days. I said that if the government would do it right, it would not last 30 days. I was wrong.

We had a family vacation in Thailand in the middle of January. We saw the preparation of that country against the Covid-19 virus which during that time was not yet a pandemic. The campaign was relentless. The encouragement for people to stay fit and healthy was broadcast on TV and the streets. The government did not panic, but they were not complacent. 

I still don’t understand why we are now at this sorry state. 

As of this writing (July 23, 2020), Laguna is again in General Community Quarantine. The other day, the President told his citizens to clean their face masks with Lysol or gasoline. We are where we are because of the choices we made in 2016 and 2019.

Thirty days after the declaration of Enhanced Community Quarantine, I realized that I stopped working on my businesses. 

My regular readers must have noticed that I was not updating this website. I was waiting for our government to do something.

I busied myself by planting vegetables in my garden.The surest way for me to stay sane was to keep on planting. Something that I am in control. I devoted my time learning about herbs and vegetables.

But I was still anxious about the future. There were nights that I was thinking of my mortality. My child is still very young and I don’t want to leave my wife alone. 

It was difficult to live in uncertainties. 

But Monday became Mondays again without my notice. It was as if some weeks fade away. There was no story. Nothing.

The uncertainties of nothing is a terrible thing to have.

On May 16, I woke up committed to be fully alive again. I cannot wait for the government to do something. 

I must follow my advice: find the seeds of opportunity in every adversity. The Covid-19 pandemic offers the biggest opportunity for us.  

When I was young, I always knew that I can bounce back.

This time I am not bouncing back.

I am bouncing forward.

We can all learn from the lessons of Covid-19. We don’t have to go back to the world that brought us here.

We have to stay fit, healthy, happy, and wise.


Are you looking for something?

If you want my bio, you can download a bio sketch here. I said a few good things about myself.

For the last five years, most visitors of this website were looking for an inspirational speaker, leadership consultant, innovation workshops, and leadership courses. If you are looking for these services, I still deliver them and on better platform.

I want to serve you. We can do it by following government’s safety protocol. Read about my Covid-19 plan before you contact me.

I won’t do the live workshops for the rest of 2020. This is for your sake and mine. 

I am pivoting to platforms that can make me reach millions of people. I should have done this before. But the good times delayed me.

I am bouncing forward. 

We will bounce forward and thrive. This year, I will introduce the following services:

  • virtual summits
  • virtual workshops
  • digital courses
  • onlince coaching
  • home-based corporate training, and
  • podcasting/vlogging

I am also devoting my time building on three special projects. 

Vida Arciaga and I will help bring together academic and corporate experts to help you find and design your dream jobs. We are going to launch Dream Jobs Academy soon.

Masaganang Buhay is the project of my wife. She wants to help stay at home moms, soloprenuers, and freelancers get a platform where they can network and learn from each other. She’ll be launching this in October 2020.

Online Schools is a project to help private schools design their virtual schools. I am using my experiences in the corporate world to bring to schools gamified, focused, and relevant online learning communities.

Life is too important to waste it worrying about Covid-19. We will stay alive. No virus has defeated the human race. We will defeat Covid-19.

Stay fit, healthy, happy, and wise.


I run virtual workshops on team building, leadership, strategic planning, and work strategies. Some workshops are multiple sessions of two-hours each.

You can enroll in online courses on leadership development, supervisory leadership, public speaking and presentations, and small business marketing. I also offer free online courses that help Filipinos bounce forward during these tough times.

Yes, you can invite me as a speaker on topics

  • how to engage employees and increase employee performance,

  • how to create tiny learning experiences to improve work skills and attitude, and
  • how to build teams that thrive.

Vida and the rest of the Dream Jobs team will also host webinars on topics that can help schools better prepare students for jobs and for corporates to build up their employees.

I welcome Philippine schools that want to build their online community where students can access lessons, assignments, take quizzes, discuss topics with each other. The online community can be organized into sections lead by class advisers. Every teacher has the opportunity to create courses and upload learning materials. I can do this in a month with the help of teachers organic to the school. Please send an email to


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