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Call me Jef.

These days, I spend most of my time conducting leadership workshops, training trainers, writing books, and delivering speeches. I also serve as the CEO of Strategic Learning Consultants.

Here, I offer actionable ideas and solutions to professionals aspiring to become better leaders and make a difference in the world.

While I receive dozens of inquiries for my services each week, I’m not swamped with work. I choose to work with only a select few clients. This approach ensures that I deliver maximum value.

It wasn’t always this way.

Allow me to share a snippet of my journey. Later, at the bottom of this page, I’ll unveil some insights that could help you amplify your results by choosing to do less.

I felt I was not good enough.

In 1996, two months before finishing college, I applied for a teaching job to earn some money.

My professor, Mr. Baraceros, told me about a high school teaching position. He asked me to make a resume and show him, so I did.

I had never taught before, but I liked the idea of getting paid for a job.

Once I started teaching, I saw my weaknesses. I had to teach subjects I didn’t like in high school. Teaching English was especially hard. In college, I mostly spoke in Filipino. Some people thought I avoided English because I was an activist. But the real reason was simple: I could read a lot of English words, but I didn’t know how to say many of them.

In just five months, they asked me to teach seven different subjects. I felt confident in only two: world history and economics. For the rest, I had to study hard, harder than I ever had in my 16 years of school.

I’m telling you this because my first job caught me off guard. I felt out of place teaching for the next three years. But I started to enjoy it in my fourth year, and I thought I would be teaching forever.

After ten years, I left teaching and chose to be a professional speaker.

I was confident. After reading Les Brown’s book, I believed I could be a successful professional speaker.

“I won’t give up until I succeed,” I told myself.

Yet, for the first six months, not a single client came my way. Many tried to tell me I’d made a mistake.

Starting something new is hard, especially when you’re the only one who believes in your dream.

I felt like an impostor in my first three teaching years. But with speaking, the self-doubt was even stronger. Even with Les Brown’s motivating words in mind, I knew I wasn’t at my best.

The initial three years were tough. I struggled to pay rent and couldn’t support my family. When my father passed away from cancer, I blamed myself. I thought that if I had a successful business, maybe he could have had better care.

But things turned around in my fifth year. That’s when I began making real money. While I did motivational speaking, most of my income came from leadership training.

Around that time, I also began to challenge my own beliefs about what I could achieve. There’s more to that story, which I’ll share later. But let’s just say, I realized I was trying to think outside a box that didn’t even exist.

Jef Menguin, Filipino Motivational Speaker

First, break free.

It took time, but I realized I was my own biggest obstacle. When I told people to dream big, I was also speaking to myself.

What I mean is, I needed to dream even bigger. My “big” wasn’t big enough.

I may not know you personally, but I’m glad you’re here.

I won’t label myself as highly successful. I’m still a success in progress. I have many dreams yet to achieve. My Evernote is brimming with brilliant ideas I’ve yet to pursue.

However, I have stories, experiences, and tools to share. My past failures don’t bother me. My main goal is to assist as many people as I can.

Who is my audience?

I know I can’t help everyone.

A lot of what I write helps workplace professionals. Those who aspire for success, who’ve tried various strategies, worked tirelessly, but still feel stuck.

I also aim to uplift those doubting their abilities. During my training sessions, I’ve encountered many with the potential for greatness, but they’re held back by their fear of failure. They don’t believe they’re capable.

In my writings, training, and talks, I aim to remind people of their dreams.

We can all break free from our self-imposed barriers and we can tenfold our results.

If my message resonates with you, know I’m here for you.

I crafted every training program you will find on this website with you in mind.

By browsing my blog, you’ll uncover my techniques and strategies. I’ll show you that aiming for 10x results is actually simpler than settling for 2x. Yes, 2x might already seem ambitious, but don’t let that limit you.

Dive into my leadership training programs. Each one is structured to boost both your skills and your self-belief.

Tenfold results, less effort.

I get it. Some might think my claim is outlandish. How can aiming for 10x be simpler than 2x? I totally get the skepticism.

In seminary, I stumbled upon “The Greatest Salesman in the World” by Og Mandino. He didn’t mention 10x. Instead, he talked about magnifying my value by a hundredfold. I committed to his method, reading his scroll three times daily. But I wasn’t progressing. As I said before, I often felt defeated. Perhaps it was because my mindset wasn’t in sync with Og’s.

I thought I was more in tune with Tony Robbins, who preached the need for massive action to accomplish greatness. Most people think that to 10x your outcome, you need to 10x your effort. You don’t expect to work an impossible 400 hours a week. Like most people, I misunderstood Tony.

I am not going to teach you massive action. But like Steven Pressfield, I will encourage you to work like a pro. You might find Tim Ferriss’s “4-Hour Work Week” more enticing too. I will write about their ideas someday.

Around seven years back, I read a book by Zig Ziglar, though the title escapes me. He narrated his journey from a door-to-door salesman to a global speaker. His rise wasn’t linear; it had its phases.

Reading his story, I realized that 10x is not a pipe dream. Zig began earning in a single day what he once did in a month. Later on, he amplified his value by a mind-boggling thousand times.

It was a revelation.

We can boost our results tenfold with less effort.

Sometimes, I shy away from discussing this. I don’t want to come off like those motivational speakers who claim themselves uber-success, despite barely getting by. They project an image of having “made it,” even as they scramble for their next move.

But I also know that staying silent means hiding what I’ve learned.

The speeches I crafted are not my own. They belong to my audience.

The training programs I’ve designed? They’re meant for those seeking to make a positive mark on the world and transform themselves along the way.

And I’ll keep writing. I will help you enlarge your opportunities and multiply your results tenfold.

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