Many organizations are looking for team-building programs that are fun-filled and highly engaging. They want to do it online, of course. That is because when the Covid-19 crisis will end in the Philippines. But I am very sure it will eventually end.

Team building facilitation is my most popular product. Companies are looking for opportunities to engage employees. There are very few opportunities for team members to build camaraderie and trust.

Today, I will be meeting people who are interested in team-building facilitation. I know that some years from now, I won’t be facilitating team-building programs anymore. At least not the kind that will require me to make people play outdoor games.

I am known for designing competency-based team building. I can run highly engaging exercises because I invested years in studying how to make learning active.

But I am eyeing other opportunities as a leadership speaker. I feel that I would be more useful if I could focus my energy on building good leaders. That, of course, is another project.

Project Team Building is a 90-day project that will start on October 1, 2021. I also think of it as a startup project.

As of now, I have three priorities.

First, I will interview prospective customers. As of now, I am waiting for people to inquire. Thanks to my websites, I get more inquiries than I could entertain. The purpose of the interview is to understand what the customers need even before they inquire. The inputs of prospective customers will help me create products that my ideal clients need.

Second, I will come up with a minimum viable product based on the interviews. As of now, the most likely MVP will be via webinars. I will teach people who to run team-building programs that improve team relationships, productivity, and performance.

Third, I will consider trainer the trainer program for leaders and team building facilitators. I may come up with a signature course or masterclass for trainers and managers. They will be able to run high-impact team-building workshops.

If you know someone who aspires to become a team-building facilitator, contact me. We can explore opportunities to collaborate. If you want to deliver a train the trainer program for your training staff, I will help you.

I will update this page. My intention for sharing my projects is to share my goals with my readers and attract those passionate about building leaders.

August 27, 2021

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