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Train Team Leaders to Build Stronger Teams

Most team leaders are promoted to temporary incompetence.

Being a good team member does not necessarily prepare one to become a good team leader.

It is prudent for organizations to install a team development program to ensure that team members and team leaders are equipped to handle their roles.

Nothing demotivates a person more than a perceive incompetence.

Promotion to team leadership requires different mindset and skills. An individual peak performer is responsible for his own growth.

A team leader is responsible for the growth and productivity of his team members and accountable to the organization for results.

I encourage you to include in your team development program a two-day team leadership workshop and a follow-through coaching session.

You expect the team leader to be responsible in building his team and be accountable to your organization for result.

Equip and empower team leaders. Rethink your team building.

Jef Menguin

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