Jef Menguin

Jef Menguin is a Filipino author, business consultant, leadership trainer, and motivational speaker. He writes about leadership, career development, teamwork, and productivity. He is known for advising CEOs and HR executives on how to develop leaders and build teams. He designs learning experiences for high-potential employees, supervisors, and managers.

team building activities for companies

Project Team Building

Many organizations are looking for team-building programs that are fun-filled and highly engaging. They want to do it online, of course. That is because when the Covid-19 crisis will end in the Philippines. But I am very sure it will eventually end. Team building facilitation is my most popular product. Companies are looking for opportunities …

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motivational speakers in the philippines

Filipino Professional Speakers (Project)

The Filipino Professional Speakers is a long-time project. In 2011, I contacted speakers associations to understand how to build a professional speakers association in the Philippines. I got good guidance. I reached out to other professional speakers to share with them the vision. Unfortunately, when I applied at the SEC, the name Professional Speakers Association …

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Impact Speakers Workshop by Jef Menguin

Filipino Resource Speakers

Find Filipino resource speakers who can share insights and solutions. I will find opportunities to help them become more visible so they can help more people. We need to hear from experts whose ideas are worth spreading. Most Filipino experts do not go beyond their small circle of influence. They have not yet seen how …

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taal evacuees lining up for food

Everyday Heroes

Today, we celebrate National Heroes Day in the Philippines. We honor those who offered their lives so our nation might be free. We call them pambansang bayani. Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio are famous national heroes. Ninoy Aquino is also widely held as a national hero. We have many national heroes. Maybe, one day, our …

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Instead of Complaining

If you are not happy the way things are, do not just complain. Complaining is our right, even a duty. But it is not enough. Go out and make things happen. Yesterday, Koko Pimentel replaced Rodrigo Duterte as chairman of PDP Laban. Koko was one of those who believed that Duterte was serious about change. …

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how to motivate yourself to work

How to Motivate Yourself to Work

You will get things done if you know how to motivate yourself to work. You will not procrastinate. You won’t have to invent excuses. Instead, you will be a person determined to live a good and fulfilled life.

advantages of online classes

5 Advantages of Online Classes

The advantages of online classes are not always apparent.  For many Filipino students, online classes are a poor alternative to face-to-face classes.  Online classes cause mental health struggles for students. The medium is not the problem. Schools were not ready to offer online classes. Before the pandemic, almost all of our colleges offer only classroom-based …

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speeches for leaders on leadership

Is leadership a skill?

Students often ask this question: is leadership a skill? The answer is important. Because if the answer is affirmative, then everyone can become a good leader. Skills are learned abilities to get a job done. If leadership is a skill, then leadership can be learned.

professionals too busy to manage time

What is more effective than a to-do list to manage your time?

Do you keep a to-do list?  I started using a to-do list more than two decades ago. I was still a seminarian. We practiced listing down everything we had to do because people expected us to serve them all.  Our day starts at four o’clock in the morning and ends at around eleven o’clock in …

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