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You can build your 10x team (without the bruises).

Many managers have this mistaken belief that team building means an offsite once a year playing game packages. It is not all their fault. Many team-building providers sold the idea that play works.

Wrong. You have been short-changed.

Having fun is great. Playing like kids once again brings happy memories. Playing makes us learn more about people at work.

But purchasing team building packages only makes you do same-same. It is an easy thing to do for lazy managers. There is no mindset of growth. There is no behavior change. There is no goal. They are like headless chickens told to move as fast as they can until they find their heads and breathe again.

The fault is not in the games. In the hands of professionals who care for your growth, games can be fun, intensive, result-oriented, and engaging.

In truth, whatever you do with your teams must be done to help them GROW. For without growth, you are not building. Without growth, you are disintegrating. Without growth, you are dying.

Grow your teams. Make your team play bigger without the bruises.

This job belongs to you, the leader of the team. You don’t allow any team building provider to offer a mindless and aimless activity for them. Why? Because whatever your team members experience must advance your team and business goals. Team building doesn’t have to be painful.

You can grow your team You can encourage, enable, and engage champions each day.

You can put into action play bigger principles that really work. This means that you will build a strong and trusting relationship with customers. That you will inspire and show your sales team how to bring in the money they have not imagined before. This means that you make your people champions in what they do.

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