Teamwork makes the dream work. Good leaders are excellent team builders. They bring people together, encourage them to reach their potentials and enable them to act. Find team-building ideas, tools, and strategies to help you build teams and make change happen. Managers, supervisors, team leaders and facilitators will find these ideas super useful.

Useful team building games

4 Reasons Why Team Building Is Important

Team building importance is often misundertood. Many Philippine companies do not go beyond teaching team concepts or playing games. This post can help you change your perspective about the importance of teams and team building.


8 New Ways a Team Building Facilitator Helps Your Business

Wise managers hire professional team building facilitators who can design team experiences as solutions to team challenges. Result-oriented managers do not waste time, energy and opportunities to playing same-old, same-old games that people thought to be team building. They know that some games destroy teams even more for they promote …

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team leaders

Train team leaders.

Being a good team member does not necessarily prepare one to become a good team leader.

It is prudent for organizations to install a team development program to ensure that team members and team leaders are equipped to handle their roles.

man thinking

Clarify team roles.

A role given to a member of the team may not provide a whole meaningful satisfaction.

Sometimes, it feels too small to make a real difference.

Everything will make sense when you consider your team purpose.

Promote the I in Teams.

“There is no I in teamwork.” You must have heard of this hogwash before. The intention is to promote teamwork. Unfortunately, good intention is not enough. In an effort to promote teamwork, some team building facilitators forced the I to disappear. There is I in teamwork. That I is personal …

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team awareness

Raise team awareness.

Help your team make accurate assessments of its actions and structure. Understand that your team is a perfect fit to its current structure and performance of its members. People preoccupied about their daily businesses become blind to what they’re doing. They fail to correct themselves. They ignore the great potentialities …

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Plan for Success!

Observe that in many team-building games, facilitators require you to play one game after another. They give you instructions. Then tell you the time available for you — and the best time ever which you are not likely to beat. They do not bother to tell you why you’ll play …

Plan for Success! Read More »

teamwork builder

Get team commitment.

This is a common mistake. In my eight years of helping organizations build teams, many managers think that team building is a great opportunity to chill and relax.

Build high-impact teams.

You can become a better team leader. You can develop skills that can help you inspire, enable, and empower members of your team.

Beyond your annual team building, there are strategies and techniques you can use to build teams every day.

And working with a team-building facilitator can help you build teams the right way.

24 Easy Ways to Build Champion Teams

This guide introduces vital ideas about team building and explains the common reasons why many managers fail in building high-impact teams. Managers, supervisors, and team leaders can immediately use the 24 tips you can find.

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