A Team Building Facilitator Can Help Build Teams in Crisis

(Virtual Workshops and Webinars Bring Fast Results for Less)

Get the help of professional facilitators in the Philippines to design team building experiences that work. Innovative companies use strategic work sessions to improve execution, shape culture, equip leaders, and build high-impact teams.

Team building workshops, when done right, may build high impact teams and turbo-charge business growth!

Professional team building facilitators may help you grow great teams. They will guide you so you will go beyond playing silly games offered by clueless team building providers who sell “team-building packages” and team building venues to those organizations that have bushels of money to burn.

If you are playing games that make 20 percent of your team members show that the other 80 percent are losers, you are limiting your teams. Unwittingly, you are justifying silos, underperformance, and unhealthy competition.

My name is Jef Menguin. I am the President of BITD. Together with a team of professional team building facilitators in the Philippines, I design and facilitate team-building experiences to help organizations grow great teams.

Team Building Programs

We design team building as solutions to team challenges. We provide relevant team exercises to enrich your team-building experiences.

We have designed dozens of team building programs for clients all over the Philippines. If you have no idea how to get started in team building, you may consider three programs below for inspiration.

Five Star Teamwork

Five Star Teamwork is a two-day team-building experience. When you need to strengthen the commitments of team members, this program is most excellent.

You will help your team develop the following:

  • Commitment to each other.
  • Commitment to the mission.
  • Commitment to the customer.
  • Commitment to resolving conflict.
  • Commitment to excellence.

You can learn more about it here.

Executive Teams

Executive Team Leadership is for your first team. It is not uncommon for organizations that have executives who don’t see eye to eye.

This is a one-day team-building experience. This is fun and designed with fewer physical activities so executives get more opportunities to courageous conversations and collaboration.

When you need a team-building facilitator who can design and handle your bosses, you can get us.

For us, this is your most important team building program. When you have a cohesive executive team, all the other teams will surely follow.

Learn more about Executive Team Leadership.

Purpose-Driven Teams

The Purpose-Driven Team is for an organization that needs to bring together team members to the common direction.

People don’t deliver results because they don’t know what’s expected of them. At times, they work on a day-to-day basis without a full understanding of what makes their team a success.

This can also be good for organizations with new leadership or for one that is changing.

Many team members cannot cope with change.

The Purpose-Driven Team experience can help you.

Team Building Approach

Instead of a series of games, I regard team building as a process of improving your team.

I share this approach in Team Facilitators Boot Camp. I train corporate trainers who want to learn how to facilitate team building.

The 6-D Approach can help you get started right.

Define. Be clear about your goals for your team-building efforts. Align your team-building efforts with your strategic direction.

Discover. Find out where your team is now. Your inquiry must focus on the strengths of your teams.

Listen to you what your team members say so you can maximize their strengths and give more attention to what you can do now.

Design. Having identified opportunities, look for a combination of solutions. There are many solutions to specific challenges.

Do rapid design to ensure that you meet your objectives on time.

Consider other interventions aside from team-building exercises. You have to use as many engagement strategies to ensure that your team practices new behaviors that will produce your desired results.

Team building programs anchored only on games usually waste time, money, energy, and opportunities.

When you need help in searching for team solutions to help you improve your team, consult me.

I have led hundreds of team-building exercises.

(Most facilitators skip these first three stages of the process. Why? I think because they have ready products for you to buy. Their main goal is to push their products.)

Develop. Create team-building exercises that fit the designed solutions. Tailor-fit handouts, certificates, props, and training materials to achieve the best results.

Deliver. Pick the best team building speakers and facilitators who can help you. Facilitators may come from your organizations.

I highly recommend that you pick a team building facilitator first before you find a venue.

Some venues have “facilitators” but they are more of game masters. The chance is 1 of 50 that you’ll find those who can help you.

My team of professional team building facilitators in the Philippines can help you from the first D (Define phase) to the last D (Destiny phase).

We facilitate games and activities that you will enjoy and learn from the most.

We have facilitated team building workshops all over the Philippines — in beaches and resorts, in forest and mountains, in cities (Amazing Race in Manila), and corporate training rooms.

Participants always come out smiling. You ought to know why. You will get well-delivered team-building experiences facilitated by cool but quite intelligent guys.

Destiny. Ensure that your programs are sustained, your followthrough sessions must help you achieve your goals.

Consult me about what can be done to ensure that a positive impact is scalable and sustainable.

Tailored-Fit Team Building

Based on our approach, you will know that we are great at customizing team building programs.

At times, we use the same games for different teams. But the target competencies and attitude are never the same.

No two teams will play the same games the same way.

The way we structure these games and arrange them impacts the mindsets of participants. It is akin to people creating their own stories as they experience.

Since we look at team building as an intervention, our facilitators are always mindful of your objectives, the team behavior we need to address, and the engagement opportunities we can share with you.

The teams with the biggest problems are typically those who opt to play more physical games. Because playing physical games don’t resolve team problems. And many team members are afraid to solve their problems.

This is just one indication.

This is why a poorly-designed team-building experience oftentimes destroys teams. As I have mentioned above, it is not correct to say that play works.

You need to understand the mindset of players.

Contact us. We will help you.

8 Ways Professional Team Building Facilitators in the Philippines Can Help You

  1. Team facilitators help bring team members together
  2. Team facilitator helps you boost team productivity
  3. Team building facilitators help you engage teams to perform
  4. Team building facilitators help you build personal and team accountability
  5. Team building facilitators encourage team creativity and innovation
  6. Team building facilitator help you improve team communication
  7. Team facilitator help you increase team sales
  8. Team facilitator help you create customer-driven teams

Result-oriented managers do not waste time, energy and opportunities to playing same-old, same-old games that people thought to be team building.

They know that some games destroy teams even more for they promote unhealthy competition instead of positive collaboration.

Wise managers hire professional team building facilitators who can design team experiences as solutions.

They expect to see measurable results, change mindsets, and learning of new behaviors vital to team success.

Consider the following benefits when you get professional team building facilitators.

Facilitators can help bring the team members together.

Businesses are moving away from competitive work environments to cooperative and collaborative workplaces.

Undertaking regular collaborative (instead of combative) team building activities can bring people to creatively solve problems together.

While some people see team building as a “nice break” from work, team-building exercises have more important purposes for the organization: it develops the team knowledge and skills of your employees.

Professional team building facilitators design experiences that bring the team members together.

Build rapport and camaraderie. Give team members the opportunity to learn more about each other.

Contact us.

Facilitators can help boost team productivity.

Hold team-building exercises to improve the productivity of individuals and teams. Team building exercises can be used to create the opportunity to identify ways to improve three Ps ((policies, processes, and procedures) that can affect productivity.

Using games and design thinking tools, I design team-building exercises that encourage employees to learn to work together more effectively, reduce duplication of effort so they can work more efficiently, and focus on activities that really matter.

Do you know that you can use team-building exercises so your teams can learn how to handle workplace stress and improve time management? I have team building games that highlight the value of focusing on things that matter, the delegation of tasks, increasing the speed of work, and other time management practices.

Teams with disengaged and unproductive members don’t get the job done.

Our professional team building facilitators use games so your team members understand the principles of productivity in fun and engaging ways. Facilitators may also use tools that you can let your members use after the exercises.

Contact us to learn more.

Facilitators may help you energize employee engagement.

The team-building experiences we design for clients help improve team skills and team motivation.

The experiential activities we provide increase mutual accountability.

We use positive behavioral psychology and gamification so your team becomes more involved in their personal and professional growth.

Facilitators may help you strengthen a sense of personal accountability.

Many professionals shun accountability because the word appears in the conversation mostly when people are looking for someone to blame.

Properly designed team building workshops can change mindset and behavior.

Through fun, safe, and engaging team building games, employees experience how to move from indifference to a sense of ownership, finding solutions, and making things happen. It is my aim to help companies cultivate the culture of intrapreneurship.

Accountability can be learned through games. Accountability is a skill that can be acquired in a team through able facilitation and mentorship.

Through group dynamics, The team building facilitators can help discover how people can change their questions so they can find the best answers, and then 10X their results.

Reach out and I will help you.

Facilitators may help you encourage creativity, innovation, and design thinking.

I personally picked facilitators who have the passion to encourage people to re-discover their inner creative person.

During team activities, you will see your team members smiling and growing in confidence.

Your organization needs creative and innovative members of the team. You need teams with diverse perspectives and expertise in order to “cross-pollinate” the organization with ideas.

Our team building facilitators in the Philippines use exercises that encourage team members to use their imagination so they can come up with creative solutions — and cultivate that creativity in the workplace.

I encourage you to conduct your next team building in the Philippines. This is a beautiful country.

Facilitators may help you build open and honest communication.

The most obvious result of our team-building exercises is improved communication.

Enjoyable, fun activities enable employees to know each other, create a better understanding of each other’s values and break down walls of mistrust.

Team-building exercises let them appreciate their similarities and respect their differences.

To improve team performance, team members must learn how to celebrate diversity.

Team building facilitators of Business Innovation have conducted team building programs, through games, that show team members how to navigate across cultures and promote honest to goodness communication.

Facilitators help you enable champion sales teams.

Every year, sales organizations aim to motivate people through team building. Smart managers know that team building can go beyond motivation.

Team building experiences can dramatically help your team members learn how to sell, negotiate, and keep clients. You only need to design the right team experiences.

Your team can gain new knowledge on how to sell through sales training. But team-building experiences designed by our facilitators develop champion selling skills.

Enjoy the benefits of hiring professional team building facilitators to accelerate performance improvement. Contact us.

Facilitators can help you build customer-driven teams.

Yes. Customer experience is a team effort.

Most customer service training fails because they are based on individual efforts to serve the customers’ needs.

Teams who care enough about customers plan and execute experiences that delight customers. You can increase customer loyalty through fun and creative team-building exercises.

Of course, I will suggest that aside from team-building exercises, you explore customer experience management and teach your people how to create magical moments through customer journey mapping.

Our team building facilitators use gamification and design thinking to help your team develop common vocabulary in creating customer experiences.

Build customer-driven teams. Inquire now.

FAQs About Team Building

What is a successful team building?

Successful team building in the workplace has more to do with ensuring the success of the team that has been given to you. Though managers or team leaders may desire a dream team, no one really begins from scratch and get the best people.

Team building is both a journey and a process. You don’t build a team in a day. In the Philippines, what most people call “team-building” is nothing but fun events usually held offsite.

These are wasted opportunities to build a team.

Team building is an intervention meant to equip team members with the ability and attitude to deliver goals.

Contact us to ensure that your next team building is successful.

Why get professional team building facilitators?

Because you want to build a high performing team. I have trained many facilitators in the Philippines who initially thought that team building is making people play games.

The purpose of team building is to help team members to think differently and play bigger. Team building is improving team performance.

Without improvement, team-building efforts are wasted opportunities. Amateur facilitators can’t give you these.

Reach out and I will help you.

Does play work in building teams?

Playing games has a role in any learning experience. Play provides us an emotional experience. Emotional experiences make learning stick. But you’ve got to know when play helps and when it is not.

In this sense, it is wrong to claim that play works.

You’ve got to be very clear about your business objectives and the most effective ways of learning.

Do you design competency-based team building?

Yes, we can help you design team building programs based on your competency model. The competency model is based on your high team performance strategy. If you have not come up with the model yet, we can also help you.

What team building facilitators can do?

Team building facilitators can help you design and deliver result-oriented team experiences. Of course, not everyone can do this. Some team building facilitators can help you to run team games and nothing more. This is why you need to understand the process of facilitators you plan to hire.

Please contact us so we can help you.

Can team building help us grow our business?

Yes and no. ( Go to Ways Team Building Facilitators Can Help).

Let me first explain why many team building programs do not lead to the improvement of your business. It begins with some wrong beliefs.

There are those who believe that by having your teams compete in outdoor team building, they will make teams more competitive — and this will result in improved performance.

This is not true. Many organizations have very competitive employees who refuse to collaborate. In organizations where silos are a big issue, workplace competition can only be made worst by competition-based activities that produce few winners and many losers.

Playing games, without thinking, cannot make you get more business.
Many managers hope that team building can change the attitude and behavior of their employees. But they don’t know how – and they don’t know when. They don’t have anything that will measure success. Hope isn’t a strategy.

Our organization is here for you to be able to innovate and make more business. Business Innovation, our companies name, is also our promise.

It is no secret that engaged and empowered team members reflect positively on your business. They stay with the organization. They delight customers. People want to do business with them.

Our secret is in our process. We begin with your business objectives, not in selling your games or team building facilities.

We help you frame your challenges (including business challenges!). We design solutions. We help you execute your solutions.

Inquire now.

May I join your group as a team-building facilitator?

We continue to build our pool of team building facilitators. You can audition. You may contact me through inspire@jefmenguin.com

Do you train team building facilitators in the Philippines?

Yes, I do train team building facilitators. We need to develop more professional facilitators so we can correct the misconception that team building is just games. Team building must enable teams. It must deliberate. It must accelerate learning and multiply the impact of teams. Learn more about Team Facilitators Boot Camp.

Do you offer team building packages?

Based on how team building packages are sold in the Philippines, my answer is no. Team building packages are like tour packages. They are offered as a combo of team facilities, game masters, accommodation, and food. You need to choose your team building facilitators.

Work with professionals who know precisely how to help you achieve your team objectives.

If you consider your facilitators like an add-on to your venue rental, you get those who offer you same-same programs that will make you play without purpose.

Contact us for a result-oriented team building.

Do you have accredited team building venues?

We do not accredit team building venues. Most of those who “accredit” venues are travel advisors or agents. They earn from selling to you these venues. We’ve been to many team building venues and we recommend to clients places that best serve their objectives. Our loyalty is to our clients.

What must we look for a team building venue?

Ask your team facilitators. You’ve got to identify your objectives, design your activities, and pick the right games for your participants before you look for team building venues.

Be prudent. However, when you need some tips, you may send an email to inspire@jefmenguin.com and use the subject “Team Building Venue Tips”. I will send you my thoughts.

I have a team building venue, can we be your partner?

Send an invitation. Show us how your venue can best serve the interest of our facilitators. If I find that you have something great to offer, I may also help you market your place. Customer service, function rooms, empty playing field, function rooms, and safety are my considerations.

Inquire for Result-Oriented Team Building