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Elevate your leadership skills with our targeted workshop series designed to unlock creative leadership.

Develop exemplary leadership skills to inspire and motivate your team. Enhance your influence to drive immediate results and navigate complex situations with confidence.

Master essential supervisory abilities to foster a productive work environment. Build high-performing teams through trust and collaboration, and ignite your entrepreneurial spirit to drive innovation and create lasting impact.

Bring these new leadership training opportunities to your organization today.


Leadership Training

Leadership training refers to the process of developing and enhancing the skills, knowledge, and abilities necessary for leaders to effectively lead, guide, and influence others within an organization or group.

It is a deliberate and structured approach to cultivating leadership skills such as effective communication, strategic thinking, decision-making, problem-solving, emotional intelligence, and team building.

Leadership training programs can be provided through workshops, seminars, online courses, or coaching sessions, and are often tailored to specific industries, organizations, or leadership levels.

The objective of leadership training is to empower individuals to become effective leaders, capable of inspiring and motivating others, driving organizational success, and fostering a positive work environment.

When you participate in leadership training, you can acquire the tools and strategies needed to navigate complex situations, manage diverse teams, and adapt to evolving challenges and opportunities.

Ultimately, leadership training aims to create effective leaders who can contribute positively to their organizations and communities.

leadership training

Leadership Excellence

Leadership Excellence Workshops empower current and aspiring leaders to master exemplary leadership practices.

These workshops focus on the crucial elements that enable exemplary leaders. Participants will learn how to lead by example, inspire their teams, encourage an innovative culture, engage employees, and drive organizational success.

These workshops pave the way for heightened leadership effectiveness, transforming leaders into catalysts for growth and positive change within their organizations.

Leadership Influence

Leadership Influence Workshops equip managers and supervisors with the necessary tools and effective strategies to amplify their influence and generate immediate, tangible results. 

By understanding how to make change happen through influence, leaders will initiate, make, and sustain transformation in the organization. 

The training programs are based on the best practices in behavioral psychology, inquiry, and learning experience design. Each workshop is tailor-fit to the needs of the organization. 

Participants produce unique solutions.

These Leadership Influence workshops foster a profound impact on organizational performance, ensuring leaders can make meaningful contributions to their teams and organizations.

Leadership Is Influence

Leadership as influence is a universally accepted principle in leadership development. But very few training programs teach leaders the scientific way of increasing their influence.

Exceptional Teams Bootcamp

Exceptional Teams is a bootcamp designed to equip leaders with the skills and strategies necessary to inspire and guide their teams toward high performance.

The one-day workshop benefits leaders by enhancing their ability to foster team unity and effectiveness, ultimately contributing to the organization’s overall performance and growth.

Supervisory Training

Supervisory Training Workshops provide supervisors and team leaders with the essential skills to excel in their roles.

Supervisors need to develop their ability to set clear expectations, provide constructive feedback, delegate tasks effectively, and resolve conflicts.

In this workshop series, supervisors have the opportunity to enhance their supervisory skills.

Organizations must provide supervisors with leadership and soft skills training programs. These are the essential skills that supervisors must learn and master.


Manage Conflict

Learn to navigate and resolve workplace conflicts with this interactive workshop.

Supervisors will develop skills to foster a harmonious work environment, boosting team morale and productivity.


Motivate Employees

Unleash the potential of your team by mastering motivation techniques.

This workshop teaches supervisors to inspire employees, increasing engagement and overall performance.


Delegate Effectively

Maximize team efficiency by learning effective delegation techniques.

Supervisors will develop the ability to delegate tasks, allowing them to focus on critical responsibilities and optimize team productivity.


Become Resilient

Develop resilience to better handle workplace challenges.

This workshop teaches supervisors to adapt and bounce back, fostering a strong, resilient team that contributes to organizational success.


Make Good Decisions

Learn to make informed, strategic decisions in this interactive workshop.

Supervisors will enhance their decision-making abilities, leading to improved outcomes and a more successful organization.


Lead Effective Meetings

Master the art of conducting efficient, productive meetings.

Participants will learn to structure meetings that lead to clear outcomes, saving time and boosting team effectiveness


Be A Great Coach

Learn to mentor and support your employees’ growth.

This workshop teaches supervisors effective coaching techniques, enhancing employee performance and retention.


Be An Active Trainer

Discover how to effectively train and develop your team.

Supervisors will learn interactive training techniques to engage employees, improve skills and contribute to organizational success.

Training for Team Leaders

.Team Mastery Experiences are designed to help team leaders and managers create exceptional teams that achieve outstanding results.

By focusing on collaboration, communication, trust, and effective problem-solving, participants will learn how to develop the building blocks of high-performing teams.

These workshops instill a sense of unity and purpose, equipping leaders with the skills to inspire their teams and drive them toward unparalleled success.

Build team leaders.

In many team-building programs, the focus is on building the relationships of members. Unfortunately, most teams fail because of the inability of team leaders to build exceptional teams.

Team Focus

In this one-day workshop, participants will explore strategies to help their teams work together more effectively.

They will learn how to clarify roles and responsibilities, set achievable goals, and communicate effectively to ensure everyone is on the same page.


Team Synergy

We facilitate this one-day workshop to help teams leverage diversity and collaboration to enhance team synergy.

Learn to recognize and embrace different perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences, and work collaboratively towards common goals. Leverage each other’s strengths and skills to achieve better outcomes.


Team Audacity

We facilitate this workshop to help teams communicate effectively and make better decisions.

Learn how to engage in courageous conversations, speak candidly and authentically, and provide constructive feedback to your colleagues.


Team Accountability

This workshop helps teams cultivate a culture of ownership and accountability.

They’ll see themselves as value-added contributors to their teams and will do everything in their power to make things happen.


Team Harmony

In this workshop, our process facilitators help teams cultivate a positive and harmonious work culture while navigating conflicts effectively.

Learn how to recognize and address conflicts early on, communicate with empathy and respect, and work collaboratively towards resolutions.


Intrapreneurship Workshop Series empowers intrapreneurs and other workplace professionals to multiply their value within their organizations.

By cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit and harnessing creative problem-solving skills, employees will learn how to drive innovation and implement impactful solutions to address organizational challenges.

These workshops ignite a passion for positive change and equip intrapreneurs with the tools to make a lasting difference in their workplace.


Design Thinking

This one-day workshop introduces participants to the principles of design thinking, a human-centered approach to problem-solving.

Through hands-on activities and case studies, participants will learn how to empathize with users, define problems, generate ideas, prototype solutions, and test assumptions.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have a deeper understanding of the design thinking process and how to apply it to their own work.


Pitch Your Ideas

This one-day workshop is designed to help participants improve their ability to pitch their ideas effectively.

Participants will learn how to create compelling presentations that capture the attention of their audience, and how to communicate their vision in a way that is clear and concise.

Through practice sessions and feedback, participants will hone their pitching skills and gain confidence in their ability to persuade others.


Entrepreneurial Mindset

This one-day workshop is designed to help participants develop an entrepreneurial mindset, which is essential for success in today’s rapidly changing business landscape.

Through interactive exercises and discussions, participants will learn how to think creatively, take calculated risks, and adapt to new challenges.

They will also explore the key traits and habits of successful entrepreneurs and how to apply them in their own careers.


Generate Business Models

In this one-day workshop, participants will learn how to use the Business Model Canvas, a strategic tool for designing, testing, and refining a business model.

Through a combination of lectures, group work, and case studies, participants will gain a deep understanding of the key elements of a successful business model, and how to develop a business model that is both innovative and sustainable.


Innovation Culture

This one-day workshop focuses on creating an innovation culture within an organization.

Participants will learn how to foster a culture that encourages risk-taking, experimentation, and creativity. They will explore strategies for overcoming resistance to change, and how to create an environment that supports continuous learning and improvement.

Through case studies and practical exercises, participants will leave with concrete ideas for implementing an innovation culture in their own organizations.

Your Leadership Trainer

Jef Menguin is known for advising CEOs and HR executives on how to inspire, equip, and engage leaders.

He is also famous for designing learning experiences that build a disciplined culture, support innovative intrapreneurs, and transform customer experiences. He does all these without you having to do the same-old-same-old boring and expensive training again.

He is distinguished for sharing practical wisdom, actionable ideas, and easy-to-use frameworks that also turbo-charge confidence and move people to action.

He has served thousands of leaders in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, and Taiwan.

Knowledge Base

I want to provide you with valuable resources in training and development. May this information help you design the best training for leaders.

You will find links to articles and tools. Use them. Share whatever you will learn with others. If you have questions, feel free to contact me.

Training and Development

Training and development refer to the processes by which individuals acquire new skills and knowledge to enhance their job performance or personal growth.

Training is a process that aims to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to perform their job responsibilities effectively.

It involves teaching specific skills, procedures, and processes that are directly relevant to the job. The primary objective of training is to improve the job-related skills and competencies of employees.

Development, on the other hand, is a process that focuses on enhancing the overall growth of an individual. It is a long-term process that aims to prepare employees for future responsibilities and challenges.

Development involves activities such as coaching, mentoring, job rotations, and self-directed learning. The primary objective of development is to enhance an individual’s potential and facilitate career growth.

Both training and development are essential for the growth and success of an organization.

Effective training and development programs can improve employee engagement, job satisfaction, and retention rates.

Additionally, organizations that invest in training and development can improve their competitiveness, innovation, and adaptability in a rapidly changing business environment.

The workshops you found above are not courses that will train you about leadership. No. These workshops are meant to help you become an effective and influential leader.

They should become essential components of your training and development programs.


Design Process

When you decide to work with me, I will recommend that we use simple steps in designing your leadership training programs. We will target specific competencies to save time and optimize our results.

When designing learning experiences, I used proven frameworks. Training for leaders needs to be transformational.

The Influencer Change Framework ensures that all training programs you bring to your company are focused, intensive, relevant, and engaging. You will trim it and take out all the BS in training.

Step 1: Clarify Measurable Results

You can create change if you are clear about what you want, why you want it, and when. The formula X to Y by When helps.

An effective result is specific and measurable. It is quantitative, not qualitative. In the past, success measures for leadership training are primarily descriptive. But we can certainly measure increased revenue, improvement of net promoter score, and others.

Step 2: Find Vital Behaviors

Vital behaviors bring extraordinary results. We will find high-leverage behaviors. Leaders will find out what to do and how to do it. They will identify crucial moments that bring the most significant impact.

And we will stick with what works for your people and your organization.

Step 3: Apply Multiple Sources of Influence

The Influencer Change Framework offers six sources of influence. Then, you will apply what works for you. Each source of influence multiplies the others.

That means you’ll go beyond the carrot and stick form of motivation. Instead, you will support leaders achieve their goals while achieving corporate goals.

When it comes to developing leadership skills, experience is a multiplier. Experience is always available. However, not all experiences are great teachers and not everyone learns well from experiences.

This is why you don’t just leave leadership learning to any kind of experience. You will design the experience.

The so-called 70-20-10 notion of learning, though helpful for emphasizing learning by doing, is misleading. Because the 10% for classroom training is also an experience. And we can turn that 10% into 10x. You can make separate experiences multiply each other.

This is why I use Learning Experience Design (LXD). I bring together the best of what I’ve learned from Instructional System Design and User Experience to make training an extraordinary learning experience and an essential tool for business innovation.

Anyone can become a better leader. We only need to choose leadership training programs that fit the leaders we are helping to grow. When leaders improve, everyone around them improves too. This is one of the secrets of 10xed results.

Engaged employees are willing to go above and beyond. They are less like to leave their jobs, as well as the less likely reasons for others to leave their jobs. Practicing inspiring leadership increases engagement among team members.

These leadership training programs are investments in yourself and your development as a leader. They multiply the value of every centavo you’ll invest.

In designing leadership programs, I used many sources. I do not have to reinvent the wheel.

I use the Leadership Challenge as a framework for the signature course. I believe that the results of the research of Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner will remain relevant for years to come. If used as a framework, I can help organizations personalize leadership training.

The Influencer Model is a syringe. The key is not in teaching the model itself, but in using the model to inject solutions that will increase the ability and motivation of leaders. You can use it too in designing personalized leadership training solutions.

The 4 Disciplines of Execution is useful in executing development programs. The 4DX is a product, and I do not have the license to sell the product. And I do not intend to sell it the way it is packaged precisely because of what I have learned in practice and in research. I use what I learned from the book to help organizations execute their leadership development programs.

I use tools from Design Thinking and User Experience Design. I do not have to be creative from scratch. There are easy-to-use tools that allow me to move from problem space to solution space.

Aside from these sources, I interview practitioners inside the organization. There are times that I needed to interview their customers too. Designing a reliable program requires work.

I consulted dozens of leaders. Many leadership principles will remain, but our practices change.

As a leadership trainer, I do not see myself as the only source of knowledge. I am a curator of knowledge. I design solutions based on available information.

Effective leadership training programs must be simple and effective. Each program must target high-impact goals and a few vital behaviors. We also need to create opportunities for leaders to practice new behaviors.

Jef Menguin

There is no doubt that leadership skills training is essential to organizational success. The world is changing fast, and those who can stay ahead are the leaders we need.

Make Training Work

All these leadership training programs are transformational courses. The aim of each is to provide a good foundation and to help you develop leadership skills and vital behaviors that bring better results.

To help you design an effective leadership development program, I will:

  • Share an overview of the methods and frameworks that I use,
  • identify the crucial leadership skills for 2022 and beyond,
  • answer the common questions about leadership training, and
  • recommend the next steps for leaders.

I design seminars for leaders. When you have 10 or more employees who need to develop foundational knowledge about leadership or acquire leadership skills, I will help you. Use the contact form to reach me.

I also encourage you to explore the 21 Benefits of Leadership Training and the 7 Crucial Topics for Leadership Training.

leadership training

Design Successful Training for Leaders

The way people learn is evolving fast. The way we train must be one step ahead.

It is very obvious that the methods used in many training programs do not belong to our age. They are the methods used for instructions during the 20th century. Many of these methods will still work for labor-intensive organizations.

But they are less effective in developing leaders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Articles to Build Leadership Skills

  • What Leadership Is. Discover the simple first steps you can make to become a breakthrough leader. Embracing a growth mindset is one of them.
  • 17 Qualities of Good Leaders. What kind of leader are you? I listed some leadership characteristics demonstrated by good leaders. Which one is yours?
  • Build A Team. Discover practical ways to help your team succeed.
  • Enable Others to Act. This is one of the five vital behaviors of a breakthrough leader. Leaders who can coach, train, and mentor are enablers.
  • Vital BehaviorsThis article explains the meaning of vital behaviors. You can also find examples and steps to identify the vital few.

To improve your leadership skills and bring the training programs to your company, use the contact form.

Leadership Training in the Philippines

Are you ready to take your leadership skills to the next level and drive success in your organization?

Invest in leadership training today and see the benefits it can bring to you and your team!

As a leadership trainer in the Philippines, I specialize in empowering creative leaders to become effective problem-solvers and decision-makers.

I tailor-fit the training to the needs of the learners, ensuring that the training is relevant, engaging, and impactful.

One of the key benefits of leadership training is the development of essential skills such as communication, decision-making, problem-solving, and strategic thinking. These skills are crucial for effective leadership and can help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

Another benefit is the opportunity to network with other aspiring leaders and learn from their experiences. Leadership training provides a platform to connect with like-minded individuals, share best practices, and collaborate on projects.

In my training, I use creative learning experience design to ensure that leaders not only learn skills but also come up with practical and immediate solutions to their challenges. This approach enables learners to apply what they have learned in real-life situations and make a positive impact in their organization.

Investing in leadership training is an investment in yourself, your team, and your organization. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your leadership skills and drive success in your organization.

Contact me today to learn more about my tailored-fit leadership training program.

Experience world-class training in the Philippines.

The best training programs we can give to leaders help them get started, build momentum, and make breakthroughs.

Schedule a free Zoom consultation.

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