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  • 8 Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs
    I will not put successful entrepreneurs in a box. There is no way for me to tell you that everyone goes through the same path in order for them to succeed. But there are known secrets common to them. Those you can learn. Those you can start with.
  • Active Training Techniques
    Let’s say goodbye to excuses. Enabling people is a competence that every manager must master. One of the more effective ways of enabling people is through active training. But not just any kind of classroom training. You can make your learning faster and better by making your classroom training important.
  • Active Training Workshop
    You know that people learn best by doing. And most training programs conducted by managers do not work because they usuall resort to data dumping. The usual excuse is that …

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  • Appreciative Leadership Brings Out the Best in People
    Appreciative leaders inspire hope that the vision will be realized. Without hope, there will be no enthusiasm, no energy, no commitment, and no persistence. An appreciative leader is a dealer of hope.
  • Behavior and Vision
    Make your vision both specific and inspiring so it can guide  your people’s behavior.  Your vision is a pitch for the future. It is an invitation for your employees to …

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