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Build teams because you need to tap the talents and skills of others to be successful.

You need to enlist others to your vision and mission. Teams will multiply your results for minimum of efforts.

In this website, I will contribute to your knowledge on how to solve common team problems.

Do you have nonteam players?

You will learn practical ways to influence them to value teamwork.

One good advice is to accept that nonplayers aren’t necessarily bad people.

Oftentimes, they have good intentions. You will learn how to speak to them — and leave them okay as a person after your conversation.

Do you have team members who are too busy for teamwork?

This is true for many organizations.

The closest they have for “team building” is an outing done once a year — of every three years — where they compete against each other.

Of course, this is typically an ineffective way of building a team, but this is one that many employees experience.

Of course, we all have the same number of hours everyday.

Team building isn’t an interruption to daily work. I will show you how to make your team members understand that team building is a strategy to make your work faster for less time.

That team building should give us more time for ourselves and our families.

Do you have team members who are laggards and deadwoods?

It is disheartening to work hard while others are not, especially if they enjoy the same rewards as the rest of the team.

You will learn how to align their actions to the motivations of the team.

You will also find simple suggestions on how to manage performance.

Do personality conflicts hinder productivity and high performance among team members?

You can manage conflict effectively — and turn conflict into growth opportunities.

You will learn how to give feedback and become assertive when communicating with your teammates.

Do you have knowledge hogs?

I suggest that you examine your rewards system.

In many organizations, rewards systems encourage cheating and in-fighting.

I will help you audit your reward system through articles I will write in this website. You watch out for them.

Do you have team members who do not demonstrate a sense to personal accountability?

You know that each person is accountable for results.

However, in most team building programs I have conducted, the main problems of members are “other members” who do not have sense to personal accountability.

The “other members” are always the source of team problems. You will discover here various ways that promote accountability.

Not only that, subscribers to my newsletter will get a copy of the book I am presently writing about personal accountability.

Here you will find more ideas, tools and techniques that will help you build teams.

Let me give you some examples and decide for yourself if any of these can help you.

  • How to Give and Receive Team Feedback
  • How to Break Old Habits & Create Desirable Habits for the Team
  • How to Engage Quiet Team Members
  • How to Solve Unclear Roles By Clarifying Team Focus and Purpose
  • Five Steps to Creating a Team Charter
  • 3 Basic Plans Every Team Should Have
  • Solve Confusion Between Team Members and Leaders
  • Simple Steps to Create Team Guidelines
  • Five Step Team-Planning Process
  • What to Do with Those Who Violate Your Team Guidelines
  • How to Resolve Unmet Goals
  • Innovative Ways for Members to Improve Performance
  • How Get Your Team Unstuck from Traditional Thinking
  • How to Develop People Skills
  • Practice Team Communication Basics
  • The Art of Rumor Control
  • What to Do with Unresolved Issues
  • How to Handle Conflict and Confrontations
  • Why Celebrate Diversity
  • How to Handle Dishonest People
  • How to Move Team Members from Compliance to Commitment
  • What to Do When You Have New Team Members
  • What to Do When Your Leader Changes
  • How to Increase Team Energy
  • How to Create Team Trust
  • How to Lead Magical Meetings
  • How to Avoid Having Too Many Meetings
  • Why Celebrate Team Success
  • How to Keep Teamwork Fun
  • Introduce Quick Team Building Activities Every Meeting
  • How to Hire Professional Team Building Facilitators
  • How to Facilitate Team Building to Solve Team Problems
  • How to Facilitate Team Building to Bring Out Team Potentials
  • How to Start a Team Development Program
  • What to Do With Members Who Abdicate Responsibility
  • How to Facilitate Management Teams
  • and many more

Are you still reading?

There are many things we need to consider when building a team.

You cannot accomplish all of them in one day.

And you cannot accomplish any of them when all you do every year is hold three-hour team building, divide your team into color groups, and have them compete for mysterious prizes.


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