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Stand out!

Everyone wants you to fit in.

Everyone wants you to mold yourself into a desired image. The fastest way to please everyone, the easiest way to connect with everyone, is to follow what everyone desires.

You must fit it.

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Everyone in your church does not think like everyone in your workplace. Everyone of your fellow managers does not think like everyone of your staff. Everyone of your friends does not think like everyone in the family.

To please everyone is not to please everyone. When you try to fit in to one group, you are casting yourself out of another group.

Trying to fit in is an endless and useless struggle.

Here is the good news.

You are not in this world to live everyone’s definition of the best you. You are meant to express you and you are the only person who can discover your meaning and mold.

You do not have to strive to be like everyone, because believe me, you are more alike than different to everyone.

Our being alike is obvious. To fully enjoy life, we must celebrate both our commonality and our individual uniqueness.

You have that seed of uniqueness. Grow that seed and you will be visible in a crowd.

Why spend your time in an endless attempt to fit in when you can stand out?

Stand out! Muster the courage to show the world your true beauty and worth. The only way you can truly add value is to show above the commonplace.

Stand out and show the world what they have not heard, felt, seen, and experienced.

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