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I work with ambitious good people. I help organizations develop leaders, build teams, and innovate. I pay attention to small things that bring great impact.

I also help schools, NGOs, and local government units as a resource speaker. This is how I contribute to nation-building.

If you are interested to work together, explore the resources and reach out.

Good Life

Jef Menguin

I am an entrepreneur, leadership trainer, course creator, and international public speaker. I am the founder of Business Innovation Talent Development, a Philippine company that offers leadership training and business consulting.

I zag even when almost everyone is zigging. On ordinary days, I write articles, books, and courses -- and work on my small gardens of vegetables, herbs, and ornamentals.

I live in Los Baños, Laguna.

Team Building

Build intact, result-driven, resilient teams.


Build professional skills from anywhere.


Workshops for leaders and employees..


10 training programs for supervisors.

Public Speaking

Speak with impact, clarity, and confidence.

Resource Speaker

Inspire awesome teachers and students.

Drive change and manage it!

Working with Mr. Jef Menguin was a diamond experience. He has a high level understanding of how to add value to people. His approach to leadership and management is unorthodox and creatively fascinating. He can be counted on to drive change and manage it. I love his collaborative spirit, too. He has an expansive worldview that makes him see life’s landscape in a riveting way. We need more Jef to inspire the next brood of leaders!

Maria Bryce Fabro, Ph.D
CEO, BRYCE Inspired Careers

Persuasive Speech

How to Craft Speech That Move People

Delivering and crafting persuasive speeches can be easy and simple if you use some frameworks or formulas. Leaders can use persuasive speeches to help people buy ideas and solutions they need.

Team Building

How to Build Winning Teams

Team building is more than just playing games or participating in fun activities. The purpose of team building is to equip and enable teams to succeed. Introduce ways to upgrade team skills and mindsets.

Supervision Success

15 Ways to Become a Better Supervisor

Supervisors are your frontline leaders. The ability of supervisors to manage activities and lead people influence the speed of the organization. Here are some insights and advice for new supervisors.

Motivational Speakers

How to Start Your Speaking Career

If you aspire to become a successful motivational speaker, I have great news for you. You can succeed. Embrace principles and strategies that create meaningful opportunities and profitable ventures.

Public Speaking

Deliver Your Speech with Confidence

You may consider this as your introductory course to public speaking. I wrote this article for professionals who want to use public speaking to express themselves, sell their ideas, and influence others.


Stop Self-Sabotage and Live a Good Life

Procrastination is the enemy of progress, the killer of dreams. Many people cannot start a project. Some cannot finish what they started. And the common reason is that they tend to procrastinate.

How can I help you?

I try to answer inquiries within 24 hours.

I receive dozens of inquiries each day. So I spend 40 minutes each day reading and responding.

In addition, I invest my time in shooting videos for online courses, writing a new book, and hosting webinars. If I cannot reply to your inquiry at once, please send me a text message (09274292986). Some emails mysteriously end up in the spam box so a text message can help.

How can I help you?

Please fill in this form so you can tell me what you want.

Contact information.

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