Deliver Awesome Impromptu Speeches

What is your most meaningful message, your irresistible offer to your audience?

Remember this: when people ask you questions, they are not after your speed. Impromptu speaking is not a quick-draw competition.

They are after a meaningful message. A meaningful message inspires them, equips them, enables them — it helps them solve their problems.

When asked to comment on something, assigned to give a talk, or requested to teach others, embrace a message. The message must have a force they cannot resist. Your message must pull and push.

leaders deliver meaningful impromptu speeches
Leaders deliver meaningful impromptu speeches.

Public speaking will not and cannot kill you. Public speaking is an opportunity to increase your value and a chance to change the world.

Every time, remember that your purpose is to advance your message. You have to connect first, then move people.

Begin with your message, develop it, and conclude your speech with your it. Your message is your target. Everything you say must illustrate to your message.

Illustrate your message. Personalize your message using stories. Use stories to make your message easily digestible. Move them from idea to action.

Make your message visible by using statistics, wisdom of other people, and use whatever means so you can connect your message to the heart, mind, and soul of your listeners.

Create an attention-arousing introduction. Your introduction has three purposes: establish rapport with your audience, provide your audience the direction of your speech, and provide them the first glance to your compelling message.

Learn public speaking like the way you learn how to walk. When you were a baby, even crawling is difficult. But one day, you stood, you walked, you jumped, you run, and you danced.

Okay, not everyone can dance well but dance is dance.

When is the best time to practice your impromptu speech?

In your next interaction with a human being. Use whatever you have learned from me in your next conversation.

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