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Define team roles to encourage commitment.

Responsibilities will not become clear to me when I do not know my role. You will see a lot of head scratching from your people if you do not take the initiative to clarify their roles and responsibilities. Filipinos are willing to commit to the roles they clearly understand.

There are five basic steps to roles and responsibility clarifications.
1. Analyze the work to be done by your team.
2. Define shared responsibilities.
3. Define individual responsibilities.
4. Learn each other’s roles.
5. Review roles and responsibilities on a regular basis.

Most team building problems are caused by misunderstood roles and unclear responsibilities. It will not take you a half-day to do this role clarification. Do it now.

2 thoughts on “Define team roles to encourage commitment.”

  1. Genesis Villaflores

    A very heplful article indeed. Defining roles in the workplace could make the diffrence between peace and chaos among employees.

    1. Peace in the workplace is one thing.

      One important benefit of defining team role is improved performance. Someone’s role in the team is not the same as job description. It is very much connected to his performance profile.

      A member’s role is defined according to how the member can contribute to the success of the team using his unique talents and abilities.

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