Team building refers to the process of developing a team’s ability to achieve its purposes and goals. This process may include acquiring new knowledge, shaping values, and building the competencies of each team member. In addition, there are effective steps and practical tools managers can use to build teams.

The term team building may also refer to all the interventions used to strengthen the team. These include activities, games, learning sessions, retreats, and off-site team-building workshops.

The strength of a team is its weakest link.

A team does not rely on the ability of one high-performing individual. Instead, a team that values a culture of commitment and excellence build on each other’s strength.

In the Philippines, it is common to think of team building as one-day series of outdoor games. This is an important part of team building, but this is not enough.  

Effective managers follow a team-building process. They promote team learning at work. And they turn everyday workplace experiences into learning moments.

Team building begins before you put the team together. And it ends when the team is disbanded.

If you need help in building a team, please read the New Manager’s Guide to Team Building. This article will help you build teams with confidence.

You should learn the team-building objectives. New leaders often forget the team’s objectives in their attempts to prove themselves as good leaders. 

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