10 Practical Ways to Foster Malasakit Among Team Members

Fostering a culture of malasakit—empathy, care, and genuine concern for others—has become increasingly important. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us the dangers of feeling helpless, of being left alone. People need to know that others care for them.

As a leader, one of the most generous actions you can do is to encourage malasakit among team members.

Malasakit is one of Filipinos’ enduring values. Malasakit is a valuable concept that can strengthen workplace relationships, improve teamwork, and enhance employee satisfaction. 

In today’s Teamwork Tips, I will share ten practical ways to foster malasakit.

Lead by Example

Leaders are crucial in setting the tone for a team’s culture. Demonstrate malasakit through actions and interactions to inspire team members to follow suit. 

Show genuine care and concern for employees’ well-being, offering support in times of need and being approachable and understanding.

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Foster a Culture of Empathy

A culture that values empathy encourages team members to put themselves in others’ shoes and better understand their feelings and perspectives. 

You may cultivate a culture of empathy through team-building activities, training sessions, or workshops focused on empathy and emotional intelligence. 

Creating an environment that encourages active listening and compassionate communication is also vital to fostering empathy within the team.

Recognize and Reward Malasakit

Acknowledge and celebrate instances where team members exhibit malasakit. This recognition can be in verbal praise, written messages, or tangible rewards such as bonuses or promotions. 

When you recognize and reward malasakit, leaders can motivate employees to continue caring for and supporting one another.

Open Communication

Encourage open communication and create a safe space for team members to share their thoughts, feelings, and concerns without fear of judgment or retaliation. 

Regular check-ins, team meetings, or anonymous feedback channels facilitate open dialogue and help address concerns in a timely and supportive manner.

Provide Support

Offer resources and assistance to team members struggling with personal or professional challenges. 

You may consider flexible work arrangements, mental health support, or access to professional counseling. By providing support, leaders demonstrate their commitment to employees’ well-being and encourage a culture of care and understanding.

Encourage Collaboration

Promote collaboration and teamwork by assigning tasks and projects that require team members to work together. 

Collaboration will help foster trust, camaraderie, and malasakit within the group. 

Encourage employees to collaborate across departments or functions to broaden their understanding of different perspectives and challenges faced by others within the organization.

Address Conflicts Promptly

Address any conflicts or issues that arise among team members promptly and respectfully. Encourage open dialogue and help team members find a resolution that demonstrates malasakit for all parties involved. 

This approach resolves conflicts effectively and reinforces the importance of empathy and understanding within the team.

Set Expectations

Communicate expectations regarding the importance of malasakit within the team. You can do this during team meetings, performance reviews, or written communication. 

By setting expectations, you will establish a shared understanding of the values and behaviors essential for fostering workplace malasakit.

Share Stories

Share stories and examples of malasakit within the team or from other organizations. These anecdotes can inspire and help team members better understand the concept of malasakit. 

By sharing experiences, leaders can encourage employees to incorporate malasakit into their interactions with colleagues and stakeholders.

Be Patient and Persistent

Encouraging malasakit within a team takes time and effort. Be patient, provide support, and continue reinforcing the importance of empathy, care, and genuine concern for others. 

Over time, these efforts will help cultivate a team culture centered around malasakit and contribute to a more positive,

These are easy and powerful ways to encourage malasakit at work. When you have suggestions, feel free to share your thoughts.

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