When team building objectives are not clear, organizations waste time and money in team building. Because many team-building providers offer team-building games as if all teams are the same, they talk more about team-building packages and seldom about objectives.

I am happy that you are here. We can talk about how to optimize your team-building experience by asking facilitators to design activities based on your objectives.

Bond team members.

The most common objective of team building is team bonding. Companies bring people together to an offsite retreat to build camaraderie. We know it is difficult for people to work together if they don’t know, like, and trust each other. It is easy to make people “like each other” in team building by showing that they are alike each other.

But aside from this common objective, you can consider seven other objectives when you talk to your favorite team-building facilitators.

Build loyalty.

Filipinos value loyalty and commitment. Our first loyalty is to our family. And for this reason, we encourage employees to consider their co-workers as family. Loyalty means we must first consider what’s great for the company.

Loyalty is seldom the focus of many team-building games. Probably because these games are what many facilitators find on Google. Unfortunately, most websites on team building are US-made. The challenge for team leaders and facilitators is to find activities that promote loyalty.

When speakers cannot find appropriate activities, they opt to “lecture” about loyalty. If you can find team-building games and activities that help crystalize the benefits of loyalty, you solve the most common challenge of team leaders.

Clarify shared future.

Many activities can help team leaders highlight the importance of shared vision. One of my favorites is Wouldn’t It Be Great because it allows teams to capture their shared vision through drawings and conversation.

Competitive games do not meet this objective. As you know, team games aim to find one champion among many losers. On the other hand, team-building games aim to encourage collaboration and learning. Therefore, if your team-building facilitator can only offer competitive games, you will miss the opportunity to clarify the shared future.

Strengthen culture.

Team building is an effective tool to strengthen corporate values and beliefs. Your culture explains why people value teamwork, collaboration, communication, accountability, and others. Your culture sets the climate, and team building is the best opportunity to highlight your corporate beliefs.

Align goals.

You can pick activities that will encourage members to align their daily actions to the team’s and the organization’s overall goals. For example, you can use games that will make members more responsive to the organization’s needs.

To highlight the importance of goal alignment, I choose activities that make members realize their capability to improve their performance. They can find ways to do things faster and better.

Encourage communication.

Collaborate games provide opportunities to see the value of team communication. I collected games that help members understand the importance of cooperative, interpersonal, and assertive communication.

Through games, participants discover practical ways to communicate. But, more importantly, they become more intentional in the way they relate with each other.

Mine conflict.

Team building games can help teams understand the importance of resolving and managing conflict. You can also make them realize they can turn conflict into collaboration with the right mindset. But there is an equally important objective. That is mining the conflict. Conflict offers opportunities for innovation.

Build teamwork skills.

Teamwork is a combination of attitude and skills. Team building is a learning experience that may help members develop the skills they need to perform at their best.

You’ve read the eight objectives of team building. Knowing these objectives can help you plan and run a memorable, fun, and high-impact team-building program.

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