Why Team Members Must Collaborate and Communicate

Working with others is never easy. In fact, working with others is usually frustrating, time-consuming, and stressful.

Ask me why.

Because teamwork isn’t natural to us, Filipinos are competitive that there is a tendency not to cooperate with others — most especially with people whom we deem as competition for promotion.

Dito kami, Doon Kayo. Walang pakialaman.

Company meetings are usually longer than necessary. There are team members who speak too much but do not know how to listen. There are those who dare not speak, baka kasi mapag-initan.

No wonder, most meetings are wasted opportunities to solve problems.

How about those who think that team building is all about playing games? Or those who simply want to play games and nothing more?

One reason why many Filipinos choose to play games, no matter how artificial, than engage in courageous conversations is that they are not ready to confront others. They do not know-how. They are afraid of the consequences.

This is why a team-building experience that provides your team members problem-solving tools that encourages communication and collaboration is highly beneficial to the health of any team.

Learning a few conflict resolution tactics is of high practical value.

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