Hire the “best” Motivational Speakers

Sometimes, managers look for miracles. Once they believed they have done everything they need to do, they pray harder. Then, they hire motivational speakers.

Are you expected to sell more and go beyond last year’s performance? Do you want to get the best help?

I will not suggest that you get another motivational speaker. But if your committee outvoted you and decided to get one with explosive platform skills, I like to share with you a million-peso worth of ideas.

This will be useful to you, I promise.

And if you are an aspiring motivational speaker, please think about what I have to say.

Hire with Clear Goals in Mind

You can have many goals, but don’t forget to include the two I will mention below. I realized that some managers try to play safe by hiring the biggest names though their is no problem-solution fit.

Here is the first goal: hire a motivational speaker to make people get excited about your organization’s biggest dream.

He or she must fully understand what you and your people really care about.

The dream must be yours from the very beginning. The speaker does not need to create a new one. You are the leader and the speaker is your communicator.

The motivational speaker tells stories so people can relate to the heroes of his stories.

His stories provide you a vicarious experience.

His stories must persuade people that you are in the position to succeed.

He wants you to become successful for only through your success his words become meaningful.

The second goal is to introduce uncomplicated behaviors which will produce repeatable and scalable success.

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You should have identified these behaviors even before you speak to any motivational speaker.

Pick 2 or 3 new behaviors that will create the future.

He must demonstrate clearly how the heroes in his stories committed themselves to these behaviors.

Motivational speakers, when they are really that good, must be able to influence people to embrace new set of behaviors and create them into habits.

No, he doesn’t have to make people walk on fire. Don’t fall into that trap.

People must learn new behaviors or actions on the job every day.

For example, to achieve 10x better, encourage people to (1) Focus on the One Thing and (2) Act on it, and (3) keep score.

Help him succeed.

Tell him about your goals and the behaviors you want people to practice.

The success of any motivational speaker is not measured by how much he earned for every speech that he has delivered.

The measures of his success are the number of people he pulled from complacency and the number of people he pushed to go beyond their limits.

You get a motivational speaker to push people to the edge.

You don’t make people motivated but give them courage to make the first step to get what they want.

And then the second, third, fourth…100th step.

This is why a motivational speaker must not be full of himself. He must begin empty so he can change the world.

Jef ” give courage” Menguin


I don’t usually entertain organizers who invite me for motivational speaking. Ninety five percent of them are more interested in getting videos for client presentations. They have no clear goals and actions in mind. And they don’t want me to know their audiences until they won the deal.

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I don’t want to waste their time – and mine.

I deliver talks on Achievement Habits. When you want to partner with me, let’s begin with trusting each other and being more open to collaboration.

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