How did I start as a motivational speaker in the Philippines?

My career as a motivational speaker in the Philippines started in 2004. Since then, I have delivered thousands of speeches at conferences and events.

I am known for delivering motivational speeches that teach excellent and proven ways to equip better leaders, build teams, wow customers, cultivate corporate values, and achieve personal success. I don’t believe in regurgitating ideas. By listening to my customers, I craft and deliver solutions that they need.

I prefer evidence-based examples rather than tear-jerker and cute stories. I am a mentor. I do not attempt to be a comedian on stage because when everyone is having fun while being equipped and inspired, no one is looking for someone to joke about them.

I write books, create courses, record videos, and blog. You will find me enjoying my adventure with my vegetables, herbs, and plants during ordinary days.

The extraordinary days are the times when I am inspiring leaders and motivating people.

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