At first, I set out to craft a speech about life. But as I delved deeper into the topic, I realized that summing up the vast tapestry of life in a single speech is a tall order. Life is not just one color or a single note; it’s a vibrant spectrum, a rainbow of experiences, moments, highs, lows, lessons, and memories. Each hue represents a different chapter, emotion, or milestone that contributes to our unique stories.

I also recognize that high school students might come across these words. I fondly recall my own school days when teachers would challenge us to pen down our thoughts on life. Such assignments, seemingly simple on the surface, often pushed us to self-reflection and growth.

With these memories and audiences in mind, I present to you not just one, but multiple speeches on life. Through these, I aim to touch upon the myriad facets of our existence, hoping that each reader, regardless of their age or journey, finds a sliver of resonance, a hint of inspiration, or a moment of reflection.

Speeches About Life

Speeches about life resonate with all of us because life, in its vastness and complexity, is the shared journey we all navigate. It’s filled with rainbows of experiences, highs and lows, and tales of courage, fear, triumphs, and setbacks.

Through these speeches, we get a window into the varied perspectives, learnings, and stories of others. They offer a mirror to our own experiences, sometimes teaching us, sometimes validating our feelings, and often inspiring us to see our path in a new light.

Moreover, life speeches bridge the gap between generations.

From a teenager in high school to a professional in their prime, everyone can find a piece of wisdom or an echo of their own story in these words.

By discussing life, we unite in our shared human experience, finding solace in the thought that we’re not alone in our struggles or joys. This universality, this binding thread, is what makes speeches about life timeless and impactful.

I have delivered these speeches in Toastmasters. I share these speeches when I teach about life and leadership. I have written them in the hope that you too will be inspired to write your speech about life and be an inspiration to others.

life is an adventure

1. Life Is An Adventure

Everyone has their own way of living life. Some people crave simplicity, while others yearn for grandeur and complexity.

And then there are those who, worn out by the sameness, feel like every tomorrow is just a repeat of yesterday.

It’s not uncommon for people to wish for a predictable life. I know a person who planned out the next 20 years of his life, down to the smallest detail. It’s quite impressive, really.

They remind me of certain entrepreneurs who envision their small businesses as the giants they hope they’ll be two decades down the line, assuming everything goes as planned.

A memory from my seminary days comes to mind.

I was tasked with traveling to a distant place, a journey that would take me 17 long hours by bus and boat. As I looked around during that trip, I noticed most of my fellow travelers were asleep, likely dreaming away the hours until they reached their destination.

But not me.

I was wide awake, eagerly peering out the windows of the bus and boat. The world outside was just too breathtaking, too full of life and color for me to consider missing it by closing my eyes.

That’s how I see life: every day brings something fresh, something unseen. I’ve lived where I am for four years now, but each day is distinct. No two days are carbon copies of each other.

To me, life is an adventure. It has its highs and lows, twists and turns. It’s brimming with surprises and moments of discovery. And while I might not have the power to foresee what’s ahead, I’m grateful for that.

The unpredictability, the adventure of it all, has given me countless moments of joy and growth.

On that long journey, I came to realize that reaching my “destination” wasn’t the conclusion of my trip. It was merely a chapter.

Wherever we find ourselves in life, that spot can be both a destination and the starting point of another grand adventure.

So, here’s what I believe: You’re right where you’re supposed to be at this very moment. Embrace it. Learn from it. Savor every second of it. Life is an adventure – never stop exploring.

happy person

2. On Happiness

I’m in my fifties now, which might mean I’m halfway through my life if I’m lucky enough to live beyond a hundred. But no one knows what tomorrow will bring, right?

All we have is today.

I won’t lie, my childhood wasn’t always happy. But it gave me many experiences that made me grow up fast. I remember back in grade 2, a teacher told us we should always try to find ways to be happy. I didn’t really get it back then. But as I got older, I saw that people do all kinds of things hoping they’ll be happy.

Because I grew up without much money, I used to think happiness was about having a big house or being able to buy anything I wanted. And I wasn’t alone. Lots of people think money will make them happy. Others want to be recognized, to feel important. And then there are some who want power.

But here’s the thing: getting what we want doesn’t always make us happy. In fact, I’ve seen rich people who feel empty inside. And those with power? They’re often scared of losing it.

People who keep looking for happiness outside of themselves usually miss out. Because real happiness? It’s about who we are, not what we have. When we tie our worth to money, power, or being popular, we lose sight of what truly matters. Happiness isn’t about getting to a special place or having things; it’s about how we see and feel about ourselves and the world around us.

And for me, happiness comes in many forms.

I find joy in using my talent in public speaking to make a difference in others’ lives.

I cherish living in the beautiful province of Laguna with my wife and son, where I don’t have to worry about the stresses of traffic and pollution.

Even without millions in the bank, I’m blessed with opportunities to help and make an impact.

The company of good friends, the sight of the sun rising and setting, the refreshing touch of rain – these moments bring me happiness.

Above all, I am happy because I am fully alive, embracing each moment of this journey.

never give up

3. Never Give Up

Many of us abandon our dreams before even taking the first step. There are countless reasons behind this, and I won’t pretend to know them all. However, I’d like to share a piece of my journey, in hopes that it might inspire you to chase your own dreams.

One evening, around 10 PM, I found myself conversing with a young man cleaning a training room at a university. He mentioned that it was being prepared for a group of teachers the next day. I was curious to know if he was a student there, having heard of the university’s scholarship programs. To my surprise, he had been a student assistant, availing free tuition and a modest stipend. However, he had halted his studies in Hotel and Restaurant Management.

When I inquired further, he shared, “It was strenuous, juggling my studies and my job. So, I paused. Now, I work here just to earn.” When I asked about his future plans, he replied, “No sir, continuing isn’t in the cards for me. Studying while working is just too hard. Besides, nobody in my family even graduated high school. We’ve always been poor, and that’s just how it is. But if fate has better plans, I’d be grateful.”

It’s heartbreaking to see individuals limit themselves based on their circumstances or beliefs about their own worth. Phrases like “I’m not good enough” or “I wasn’t born for greatness” have been echoed far too many times. Yet, I’ve encountered countless souls who, despite dire situations, never ceased to push forward, achieving dreams they hadn’t even dared to visualize.

Giving up denies you the chance to witness the brighter horizons that could await you. You may never uncover the paths leading to unimaginable possibilities if you stop halfway.

I urge you: Never give up.

Each new day is an opportunity. Find the courage to progress, even if it’s just by an inch. Your journey might be challenging and fear might cloud your way, but remember, with time, those fears fade, making way for beauty, opportunities, newfound abilities, and a transformed you.

Believe in yourself and remember: the best version of you is realized only when you persist and never give up.


4. From Fear to Free

One of the deepest lessons I’ve learned from freediving is this: I fear because I want to stay alive. But to truly witness the beauty of the deep blue sea, I must find the courage to go further. Courage, as I’ve come to understand, isn’t the absence of fear; it’s the power that grows when we pursue our passions.

I’m aware this metaphor might not resonate with everyone. But, perhaps, there’s something in your own life that feels similar. Maybe there’s a moment you can pull from, one where you faced fear head-on.

And if you can, maybe you can draw strength from my story.

With my wife by my side, I first tried freediving. For nearly fifty years, my instinct was simply to float, to swim, to stay afloat.

When I wanted to see fish, I was usually on a boat, watching them from a safe distance.

And yes, I’ve seen them in those grand aquariums in the theme parks around Asia. But being right there among them, that’s an experience I want to have again and again.

Initially, I struggled. It struck me then: my fear was trying to help me.

My fear pushed me to the surface, told me to paddle harder, to swim faster. It was fear’s way of keeping me safe. But because of fear, I missed out on the heart of the experience.

After reflecting on my day, I knew I needed a change. And this is what I did.

I decided to commit. I aimed for five or six meters deep. I learned how to breathe properly, where to position my head, and how to calm myself—all in pursuit of that depth.

I remembered my younger self in Camotes, Cebu, swimming freely, confident knowing that my Lolo would save me. And I thought of many others, some who couldn’t even swim, diving deeper than I dared.

Pushing past my apprehension, I dived. When the pressure weighed heavily, I gazed upwards, and the sea did something magical—it gently pushed me back up.

Through practice, I realized courage alone wasn’t enough. It had to be paired with competence. My coach guided me, showing me videos of my dives, and pointing out my moves. Each time I went down, I emerged a bit more confident.

And so, my friends, this is how I transitioned from fear to freedom. I’m sure you have your own tales of overcoming fear. Let them be your lessons.

Remember this: It’s okay to feel fear. Fear is our protector. But we mustn’t let it dominate our choices. Instead, manage it. Commit to your passion, take the initial steps, gain competence, and embrace life with all the confidence you’ve earned.


5. On Choices

“Choices. They matter,” I found myself telling a group of employees. “So, why are you here?” I asked. They all seemed to echo a similar sentiment: “We didn’t really have a choice.”

They painted the picture of Metro Manila being miles away. Working there would mean having to rent a place, battling the daily commute – extra stress and expenses they currently don’t have. By the end of the month, they confessed, working in Metro Manila wouldn’t leave them much for savings.

“But isn’t working here, with all that in mind, the better choice?” I asked.

They mulled it over, and after a bit, they nodded together.

See, life is like a puzzle, pieced together by the choices we make.

When you start owning your choices, you’ll notice there’s no room left for excuses. You stop pointing fingers at others for stuff that happens in your life. Always remember, nobody can force you into anything. It’s your call.

So to all the young ones reading this, grasp the power of your choices. They’re like the steering wheel of your life, driving you toward fulfillment.

You’ve got choices when it comes to how and where you spend your time. You can kill hours on social media, get caught up in Netflix, or you can choose to feed your mind with books, writing, and learning.

You’ve got a choice in how you respond to what’s happening around you. It’s easy to get angry; there’s a whole lot around us that can spark that fire. But hey, being happy, that’s a choice too. I’m not saying turn a blind eye to the bad stuff; they’re real. But, our choices have the power to amplify the good.

You can choose to fight poverty, or you can choose to teach people how to make wealth. Do you get my point?

Choices, they’re at the heart of life. So, summon up the courage to own your decisions, because they’re what shape your life.

6. Life Is What You Make of It

Years back, our club had this memorable getaway at Maricel’s place in Bataan. She had this quaint beach house, a perfect backdrop for deep conversations and building bonds.

Fred was among us. The man had an air of wisdom, being a lawyer and all. He often reminisced about his time during the Marcos regime, holding a prestigious post. The tales he spun, they weren’t the ones you’d find in textbooks. He was right there in the thick of it, recalling events as his mind painted them.

Then, there was Michelle, brimming with the exuberance of youth at 21. Fresh out of college, she was like a storm of positivity. “Anything’s possible if you believe,” she declared. “We’re boundless in our potential.” I could swear, at that moment, her eyes held a galaxy of dreams.

To truly embrace life, you have to savor its essence.

Imagine life as a journey between our first breath and our last. There are the highs, the lows, and then, there are the countless in-betweens.

Some folks just keep daydreaming about an elusive tomorrow, while others seem stuck in a loop, repeating yesterday.

In my eyes, our purpose is to make every single day, every fleeting moment, every interaction matter.

You’re not just a product of your birthplace, not defined by the shade of your skin, nor chained by past grades or accolades. The canvas of life is in your hands. You have the power to elevate your worth, be it tenfold or a thousand times over.

Life, my friend, is what you make of it.

positive attitude

7. Positive Attitude

Often, I find people proposing ‘positive thinking’ as a panacea for life’s problems. But that’s not what I stand for. Choosing your attitude doesn’t equate to denying reality. It means acknowledging your circumstances fully.

Positive thinking alone won’t transform a grim reality into a fairy tale.

We all face tragedies.

Poverty lurks in our society’s corners.

Corruption in the government feels like a persistent, unbeatable foe.

None of us wish for these.

Despite being unable to view the above scenarios in a positive light, I know I can dictate my attitude toward them.

I have the power to see myself as a victim, a survivor, or a problem-solver. The attitude I choose will steer my actions.

I refuse to wear the victim label. Just surviving isn’t my end game either. I choose to be a change-maker.

This choice motivates me to learn.

As a speaker, my mission is to incite people to rise and act.

In my role as a trainer, I work towards empowering leaders with the right tools and skills.

As an author, my words aim to inform, educate, and challenge individuals, encouraging them to transition from their current state to their envisioned future.

I am a serial entrepreneur, which means I’ve initiated multiple businesses. Most of them didn’t take off.

One might interpret a serial entrepreneur as a person who endlessly starts but never truly succeeds. That’s one attitude.

But my attitude is different. I perceive myself as an unceasing explorer of business ideas that benefit people. I tirelessly work on start-ups, aiming for growth and scalability.

Simultaneously, I extend my support to other small business owners, helping them market their offerings.

I choose my attitude. And that makes all the difference.

8. Fight for Your Truth

Regardless of your age, always stand up for your truth. Too many people drift aimlessly like dead fish, carried away by the current. They assume it’s safer to think like everyone else. However, the irony is, everyone else isn’t really thinking.

Assess what’s truly significant in the grand scheme of life. Discover your truth and fight for it. If you choose silence over voicing your opinion, the world loses an opportunity to learn a potentially beneficial perspective. Don’t keep your thoughts to yourself. Your truth could bring about a change in the world.

Back in 2022, I chose to step up and fight for what I believed in. I campaigned for Leni Robredo. I was one among the millions who rallied in Makati, fully aware that we were the underdogs against the established power of Governors and mayors.

I am an eternal activist. I don’t just rally behind personalities, but principles. Leni Robredo, in my view, embodied all the qualities we needed in a leader, especially after our experience with Duterte. After many years, I cast my vote for a candidate I truly trusted.

Even when you find yourself standing alone, hold your ground for your truth. Even if victory seems unlikely, continue your fight. Remember, the battle isn’t over until you win.

Our collective voices were raised to keep the movement alive. When the youth rise for their beliefs, we should back them. If they remain aware and concerned about their surroundings, they’ll continue to challenge the status quo.

Refuse to live life like a dead fish.

There will be moments where you must swim against the tide.

Life, after all, is about standing up for your truth.

9. Life Begins Anew

“King of Misfortune” is how Bong saw himself. He felt like he had a unique talent for messing up just when things seemed to be going well. He traced this back to his childhood – a victim of abuse, he felt it had left him irreparably damaged, always doomed to be in the wrong.

Yet yesterday is just that – yesterday. It’s already passed, and we can’t rewind it. All the glorious victories and joyful moments will eventually fade to mere memories. Even many years from now, they might be forgotten. And all the mistakes, all the sorrows of yesterday? They only stay with us if we allow them to creep into today.

Because, you see, we have a choice.

Because, undoubtedly, there are ways.

Because, truly, we have the power to change our lives.

Life is an ever-spinning wheel, continuously presenting us with fresh opportunities to start anew. Keep this thought close, let it shift your perspective.

I recall, four months into the pandemic, feeling like a lifeless fish floating in a boundless ocean. I was waiting for something, anything, to happen. But nothing did. I was so consumed with my waiting that I became blind to the opportunities that were all around me.

Then one day, while I was gardening, I observed the growth of the plants. They lean towards the sun, always seeking its nourishing light. And it dawned on me – I could do the same. Every new day brings with it the chance to start afresh. I hold the power to shape the life that I desire. While I might not have control over my surroundings, I can choose to master them. I am not a lifeless fish adrift on the sea. I am a fisherman.

life happens

10. Life Happens

Life is a journey filled with twists and turns, and the unexpected often greets us at every corner. People yearn for predictability and control, seeking stability in an ever-changing world.

However, it is crucial to recognize that life’s beauty lies in its unpredictability. Embracing unforeseen challenges with flexibility, agility, and a positive mindset can lead us to ultimate success and happiness.

As we dream and set ambitious goals, it is natural to desire a clear path ahead. We envision ourselves moving from point X to Y with unwavering determination.

Yet, life has its own plans, and sometimes, unforeseen circumstances like a powerful typhoon may disrupt our well-laid plans. While we cannot control these events, we can control our response to them.

The key to enjoying life lies in understanding that we cannot control external factors, but we can control our reactions. Flexibility is the cornerstone of adaptability.

Instead of dwelling on what went wrong, we embrace the new situation and explore the opportunities it presents. By remaining agile, we can adjust our strategies and forge a new path forward.

Life’s unpredictability offers us a chance to grow, learn, and discover our inner strengths. When challenges arise, we should view them as stepping stones to success rather than obstacles to happiness.

By accepting that life happens, we free ourselves from the burden of blaming external factors. We take responsibility for our actions and decisions, which empowers us to overcome adversities with grace.

Resilience is a crucial trait to cultivate in our journey through life. When we encounter setbacks, we bounce back with renewed determination. This positive outlook enables us to focus on solutions rather than dwelling on the problem.

By embracing life’s twists and turns, we become more adaptable and open to change.

Furthermore, accepting life’s unpredictability fosters gratitude for the moments of joy and happiness it brings. When we relinquish the need for complete control, we learn to appreciate the little things and find contentment in the present. This newfound sense of gratitude enhances our overall well-being and elevates our outlook on life.

In conclusion, life is a beautiful chaos that unfolds before us. While we may dream big and set ambitious goals, it is essential to remember that life happens, and unpredictability is an integral part of the journey. Rather than resisting the unexpected, we should embrace it with flexibility, agility, and an optimistic attitude.

We cannot control life’s events, only our response to them. So, let us be grateful for the opportunities that arise, even in the face of challenges, and make the most of life’s precious offerings.

11. On Strangers

“Don’t talk to strangers.” This was the first lesson many of us were taught. It was for safety. And yet, my life’s story paints a different picture of strangers.

Picture this: a 6-year-old boy selling Bibingka on the street. Who are his customers? Strangers.

Fast forward three years. That same boy, now selling pandesal and ice candy. Again, to whom? Strangers.

At 12? Newspapers in hand, knocking on doors, making small talk. With strangers.

But of all these tales, one stands out. A cold night when I was 8. Alone on University Avenue in UP Diliman. Francisco (a name I’ve given him) approached. Instead of walking past, he asked if I was okay. Tears welled in my eyes. He didn’t ask more. Instead, he ensured I had a safe corner to rest for the night and a warm blanket. Come morning, he even gave me money for soup. His message was simple: “Go home.” So, I did.

Francisco, a stranger, became my guardian that night.

My experience in South Korea? Lost in a new place, it was strangers who became our guides. Some couldn’t even speak English but used gestures, some even walked us to our destination. We had apps, sure. But those kind hearts? They were the real guides.

So here’s my takeaway: Yes, we need to be cautious. But if we always guard ourselves, always shy away, we might miss out on unexpected kindness. Many faces in the crowd carry stories of compassion waiting to be shared.

If you open your heart, and take that small risk, you just might find that the world, filled with strangers, is kinder than you think. Let’s embrace a world where we can trust a bit more. It’s a risk, but often, it’s worth it.

12. The Wisdom of Solitude

Just the other day, I had a chat with a friend from Toastmasters. I let her in on a little secret: despite standing on stage inspiring others, deep down, I’m an introvert. She laughed and said she was an ambivert. Funny, I’ve often seen a bit of that in me too. It’s quite a gift, being able to dip our toes in both waters.

Yet, if I had to choose, I’d embrace my introverted side.

If you see a bit of an introvert in yourself, I urge you to celebrate it. Wear it proudly; it’s your superpower.

You see, I’ve always found solace in my own company. Alone, but never lonely. In those moments of quiet, I discover corners of myself I never knew existed. I dive deep into my thoughts. Pondering about life, about people, dreams that keep me awake at night, aspirations that drive me, the occasional regrets, and those frustrations that push me to be better. In solitude, my thoughts flow freely, like ink from a pen.

And solitude isn’t limited to quiet rooms or serene forests. It can be in the middle of a bustling coffee shop, with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee in the air. There, amidst the hum of conversations, I can be lost in my own world. With a pen and journal in hand, or just keenly observing the world unfold around me. Faces, they’re like open books, each telling a tale, each echoing a myriad of emotions.

Finding joy in solo moments is an art, a rare one.

For in silence, lies profound wisdom.

13. Life Is A Book of Mistakes

Many people dream of a perfect life. A life where everything goes according to plan. A life brimming with happiness, free from stress, and full of joy. It’s like living in heaven on Earth.

When I was younger, I hated making mistakes. For every exam, I aimed for a perfect score. It felt like the fewer errors I made, the closer I was to true success. Because for me, greatness meant making fewer mistakes.

But, let’s be honest: my life wasn’t like that. You might even call me ‘hari ng sablay’. Yes, I’ve had my fair share of successes. Yet, the memories that stick? The times I messed up.

I’m telling you this because I’ve come to see these mistakes as treasures.

When I stand before an audience, many expect ready-made answers. Some consultants act like their way is gospel. Some motivational speakers? They talk like they’ve got life all figured out. But I’ve noticed their words often don’t resonate with the real world.

That world is full of people, like me, who’ve messed up. I don’t claim to have all the answers. But what do I share? It’s grounded in real experiences, in genuine mistakes.

Think about it. Without mistakes, life would be a straight, flat line. No ups, no downs. No challenges, no growth. Honestly? It’d be pretty boring. And surely not perfect.

A truly rich life is one with its fair share of blunders. And there’s happiness in accepting ourselves, mistakes and all.

14. The Currency of Moments

Life is often a race. Many people chase after freedom. Freedom from long hours at work. Freedom from endless meetings. Freedom from the grind. Freedom from people that drain us. We dream of a far-off place where life is easier, simpler.

I’ve been there. I wished for a ‘someday.’ A someday when life is better than today. A someday without struggles, without the constant push and pull just to survive.

But here’s the twist: that ‘someday’ is elusive. It’s a horizon that keeps moving away. While chasing this mirage, today becomes a blur. The present moment, lost.

The pandemic intensified this feeling. I longed for a ‘new normal.’ I counted days, waiting for life to resume its rhythm. But a thought struck me: I never wanted the old normal. It wasn’t my dream. My heart yearned for something more, something extraordinary.

Then, I stumbled upon the treasure.

Moments. Simple, profound moments. Like the thrill of seeing the first bloom on my orchid. The pride in harvesting my first Okra. The heartbeat-skipping moment I first laid eyes on JC. And then, there’s Romelyn. The moment I saw her, my world changed. Love, pure and profound, in a single glance.

These moments? They’re the gold coins of life. A day can be rich with countless such coins. We don’t need to tread the same path every day. We don’t need to let days blur into each other. Each day can be a canvas painted with memorable moments.

People often chase money. The real secret? Multiply your moments. That’s where true wealth lies.

15. Life Happens in the Present

Life happens in the present. This statement, as obvious as it may seem, is often overlooked by many of us in our daily lives. Are we truly living in the moment?

Let me share with you two stories.

First, meet Sarah.

Sarah has a habit of reminiscing about the past. Every time you meet her, she talks about her adventures from 10, 20, even 30 years ago. It’s almost as if she believes there’s nothing in the present worth discussing, as if today is not as good as yesterday.

Have you met someone like Sarah? If not, you probably will someday.

It’s important to enjoy your time with them but remember, life is happening right now. To truly enjoy life, we must be present in the present.

Now, let’s talk about John.

John is always planning for the future. He spends countless hours at work, striving to ensure a better tomorrow. Have you heard the saying, “While we are busy making plans, life happens”? John is a perfect example.

He invests so much of his present preparing for something that may or may not happen 10 years down the line. And when those dreams don’t materialize, he considers himself a failure.

But he’s missing the point. The real failure is not in the unfulfilled dreams, but in not fully living the last ten years of his life.

Both Sarah and John, in their own ways, are missing out on the beauty of the present moment.

Life happens in the present. It’s important to reflect on the past and plan for the future, but not at the expense of the present. Our past is a memory, our future is uncertain, but our present is happening right now. Let’s not miss it.

write a speech about life

How to Write A Speech About Life

Writing a speech about life might seem vast and daunting, but it’s like stitching together a patchwork quilt of experiences, stories, and lessons.

Begin with your own journey. Think about the moments that made you laugh, cry, or those that taught you something profound. It’s these personal stories and experiences that make your speech unique and relatable. Remember, your life is a book filled with chapters of ups and downs, and each page offers a lesson that others can learn from.

Next, structure your speech. Start with an engaging introduction, something that catches attention. This could be a question, a surprising fact, or a short story.

Then, dive into the main body where you share your personal experiences and the lessons they taught you. Try to weave a common thread or a theme throughout.
Wrap it up with a memorable conclusion, a takeaway message that leaves your audience thinking.

Lastly, use simple and heartfelt language. Speak from the heart. It’s not about using big words, but about connecting with your audience. Imagine you’re sharing your story with a friend. Keep your sentences short and clear. Use examples and anecdotes to illustrate your points.

Remember, the most impactful speeches about life are those that resonate emotionally and are easy to understand. So, write genuinely, and let your own life experiences guide the way.

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