What is a motivational speaker?

A motivational speaker is a person who delivers speeches before an audience to teach, inspire, and encourage people to make their dreams happen. Motivational speakers challenge audiences to let go of excuses brought about by failures and a fixed mindset. 

Motivational speakers tell stories of those who achieved greatness against all odds, and they provide steps or formulas to success and move people to action.

People from all walks of life, who have messages that may motivate others, may become motivational speakers.

When I started my motivational speaking career in 2007, I realized that the phrase “motivational speaker” has become an umbrella term for speakers who inspire others to reach their fullest potential, serve others, and make a difference. 

However, not all speakers are motivational speakers. 

Some are keynote speakers, inspirational speakers, leadership speakers, and subject-matter experts. They have purposes beyond motivating their audiences. I do keynote speaking. I train leaders. I am a resource speaker on leadership, innovation, and marketing. 

I teach, encourage, and train leaders — and I motivate them too. 

The first two jobs of motivational speakers are to encourage you to dream big and show you how to make things happen. Motivational speakers fulfill these two jobs to 1000x your value.

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