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The Cost of Unmotivated Employees

Motivation is the spark that lights the fire of success. When employees are motivated, they go above and beyond. They are eager, creative, and driven to achieve their goals. But what happens when motivation is missing?

Unmotivated employees are like cars without fuel. They struggle to get through the day and do only the bare minimum. This lack of energy spreads quickly, affecting the whole team. Productivity drops, and the quality of work suffers.

The impact doesn’t stop there. Customers feel the difference. They notice when employees lack enthusiasm and care. Service becomes poor, and clients become unhappy. This leads to lost sales and damaged reputations. Unmotivated employees can cost a company dearly.

But there’s hope.

A motivational speaker can reignite that lost spark. They bring fresh energy and new perspectives. Through inspiring stories and practical tips, they show employees the value of their work and how to find joy in it again.

A great speaker doesn’t just talk; they connect. They understand the struggles of the audience and offer real solutions. Employees leave feeling inspired and ready to tackle challenges with renewed vigor.

Investing in a motivational speaker is investing in your team’s success. It boosts morale, improves performance, and leads to happier customers.

Don’t let your team run on empty. Bring in a motivational speaker and watch them win again and again.

The Value of Motivational Speakers

This may sound like selling myself. But I will be doing a great disservice if I don’t tell you how a motivational speaker like me can help.

I started my motivational speaking career in 2004. Since then, I’ve delivered hundreds of speeches to thousands of leaders around the country.

Motivational speakers are everywhere. They are those people who tell you stories of how they became successful. They share their struggles, resilience, persistence, and hard work. All of those are inspirational and great.

Most motivational speakers in the Philippines talk about financial freedom. Perhaps, because money is a big deal for most people.

Thanks to these motivational speakers, who also call themselves coaches, people dream bigger. But the hype doesn’t necessarily make people move and act. It’s because even though they were entertained and inspired, they didn’t really learn how to do it.

Many motivational speakers speak with the assumption that your employees understand. They don’t.

They talk about financial freedom in the way they lure people to MLM. They don’t discuss how people can be of great service to your organization, become competent and confident, and make a meaningful difference.

People need to recognize that their results are products of their mindsets and behaviors.

People want to know what it takes to learn a new mindset and behavior. Speakers who speak in grand terms, not in tiny steps, are less of a help. For example, they need to know precisely how they can get promoted at work. They need to know what actions they can take to add value.

This is why every speech is a solution, or at least a door to a solution.

Choosing the right motivational speaker, therefore, is important. A good speaker will not only inspire but also equip your team with practical steps they can apply immediately.

They will help your employees see how they can make a difference, both for themselves and your company. That’s where I come in. My goal is to help your team win again and again.

Motivational Speeches

What follows are descriptions of the six most requested motivational speeches I have delivered since 2004. These speeches have been designed to address common challenges, inspire growth, and drive success.

I invite you to read through them. Reflect on their messages and consider which ones may resonate with your goals or the goals of those you aim to inspire and motivate.

These speeches are tools of empowerment. Bring them to your organization to ignite passion, encourage resilience, and spark transformation. Enjoy exploring them!

100% Accountable

We all yearn for complete success. We chase health, happiness, wisdom, wealth, and the freedom to live life on our terms. Yet, often, we find that the things we desire remain just out of reach.

We encounter naysayers and barriers, luck seems fleeting, and opportunities slip through our fingers. The reality is, things outside our control can negatively affect our path to success. That’s the unfortunate truth.

But don’t lose heart. There’s good news: that’s not the whole story.

In my motivational talk, 100% Accountable, I will unfold a simpler, more empowering route to success. This journey involves embracing complete accountability for both our victories and our setbacks.

Being 100% accountable puts you back in the driver’s seat of your life.

We will dive into how you can harness this powerful principle of accountability, using it as a tool to steer your life toward the success you crave.

By accepting full responsibility, you can turn your setbacks into stepping stones, and your dreams into realities.

Remember, your journey to success starts with you. Let’s take this step towards accountability together, and unlock the success that awaits.

Simplify to Multiply

In our pursuit of success, we often measure our worth by how much we can produce. We’re led to believe that the volume of our output is a direct reflection of our value. Despite our best efforts, it always seems like we’re falling short, like we’re constantly struggling to meet this self-imposed, unattainable standard. This leaves us feeling overwhelmed, stuck in a relentless cycle of trying to do more, and be more.

The advice we often receive further fuels this hustle mentality. We’re told by experts to put in a massive effort, to push ourselves to the brink, to work harder and longer. In this process, we end up sacrificing our health and happiness, assuming this is the necessary cost of success. But is it? Is working yourself to the bone the only way to achieve your dreams?

This is where ‘Simplify to Multiply’ offers a transformative perspective. The cycle of overworking isn’t the best solution – in fact, it’s the problem. The real secret to multiplication isn’t addition, it’s subtraction. By simplifying our work, removing the unnecessary, and focusing on the essential, we can truly multiply our results. The key is to work smarter, not harder.

In this motivational talk, I’ll guide you through this process, teaching you how to break free from the hustle mentality and harness the power of simplicity for success.

Mindset Matters

Everyone dreams of achieving success, gaining wealth, and being at the pinnacle of their respective fields. We devote time and energy to learning new skills, discovering strategies, and employing techniques and tools to keep us ahead.

The mantra is straightforward: with persistence comes progress.

Yet, we sometimes find ourselves in moments of doubt, questioning why others seem to stumble upon success effortlessly and grow at a faster pace, while we feel stuck.

The answer lies not in the outer world, but within our own minds. Most of us are oblivious to the existence of limiting beliefs that act as invisible roadblocks, hindering us from reaching our desired destinations.

We need to acknowledge that unless we transform the way we see things, we are destined to repeat our usual patterns. Mindset truly matters. To become the person we aim to be, we need to adopt the vision of that person first.

‘Mindset Matters’ is more than just a motivational speech. It’s an awakening, a guide that will steer you toward embracing a growth mindset.

This new mindset won’t see obstacles as deterrents but as stepping stones toward your goals.

Together, we’ll tackle these limiting beliefs, shift our behaviors, and in doing so, change our destinies. Changing our mindset is the first step in this exciting journey toward unparalleled success.

Extraordinary Teamwork

We all aspire to be in champion teams, surrounded by the best mates capable of making things happen. There’s no doubt about it – teamwork is powerful. It’s the force that can drive ordinary teams to achieve extraordinary results. It’s synergy in action.

But how can we make teamwork a constant in everything we do? How do we unlock this powerful synergy consistently?

‘Extraordinary Teamwork’ is your guide to finding these answers. This isn’t just a motivational speech; it’s a roadmap to creating exceptional teamwork.

It’s about understanding our unique strengths and how we can contribute to our team. Instead of just being a member, we can be multipliers, amplifying the power of our teams.

We’ll explore ways to ensure that teamwork is ever-present in your team. We’ll uncover how each of us can find our place, not just to fit in, but to drive our teams forward.

Together, we’ll learn to build extraordinary teamwork, transforming ordinary teams into champions. It’s not just about being part of a team; it’s about making the team part of us. Let’s unlock the power of extraordinary teamwork together.

Expand Your Opportunities

In our work life, success is a trio of motivation, ability, and opportunities. Sometimes, we stumble, and it’s often because one of these pieces is missing.

We bring in motivational speakers to boost our spirits. We seek trainers to sharpen our skills. But when it comes to opportunities, where do we look?

There’s a saying: “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” That’s true. But let’s remember – opportunities are all around us. Rather than always building new doors, it’s often easier, and just as rewarding, to open the ones already there.

My talk, ‘Expand Opportunities’, shines a light on this often-overlooked truth. I’ll share with you simple, effective ways to make the most of the opportunities you already have. I’ll show you how to not just find opportunities, but to expand them.

Understanding how to expand opportunities can skyrocket your results, even up to ten times over. Let’s stop focusing on creating new doors all the time. Instead, let’s learn how to see the doors already in front of us, open them wide, and walk through toward greater success.


Momentum By Momentum

Motivation, ability, and opportunities – these are the keys that can unlock the door to our dreams. Yet, staying motivated can be a challenging feat. When motivation wanes, progress stalls, frustration builds, and self-doubt can seep in. 

This pattern of losing steam, what we call “Ningas Kugon” in Filipino, is all too common, but there’s a potent antidote – momentum.

In Momentum Builders we’ll confront the issue head-on. This motivational talk isn’t just about identifying the roadblocks that impede momentum; it’s about learning how to ignite that initial spark and, most importantly, keep it going.

When we build unstoppable momentum, we become unstoppable too, turning our dreams into realities. Together, we’ll learn how to break free from the Ningas Kugon trap and embrace the transformative power of momentum. 

We’ll learn not just how to start moving, but how to keep moving, pushing forward even when the going gets tough. Let’s build momentum together and ride it all the way to success.

Motivational Speakers and Leaders

A Quick Guide for CEOs and Decision Makers

Motivational Speakers

A motivational speaker is a professional speaker who inspires and encourages audiences, often focusing on personal development, positive thinking, and overcoming challenges.

They are vital for companies seeking to boost morale, productivity, and team spirit, as the right speaker can resonate with employees, imparting relevant insights and actionable strategies.

However, not everyone can be a motivational speaker; it requires a unique blend of charisma, expertise, emotional intelligence, and the ability to connect deeply with diverse audiences.

Authenticity and a compelling personal story or professional experience greatly enhance a speaker’s effectiveness.

So, if you are here because you want to become an effective speaker, allow me to help you make the most of your time.

I will explore who motivational speakers are, why companies often hire them, the characteristics of the best ones, and how to select the ideal speaker for your next event.

I hope the information I will share will help you choose the best motivational speaker for your company.

motivational speaker

What makes me a motivational speaker?

People call me a motivational speaker. That’s because I deliver speeches with the intent to motivate, inspire, and uplift the audience. I make people pay attention to their dreams and the problems that prevent them from achieving their dreams. Then, I help them make a mind shift so they can find new solutions and use them.

A motivational speaker’s job is to bring out the best in people and help them make the best better.

So, even when I am training leaders, you can say that I do motivational speaking.

The messages of motivational speakers are often packed with powerful stories and insightful wisdom designed to provoke thought and stimulate action.

I love telling stories.

But the motivational speaking role doesn’t stop at mere storytelling; it involves strategically crafting messages to resonate deeply, igniting the passion and ambition within individuals and groups.

For this reason, many companies in the Philippines hire motivational speakers during sales rallies and team-building events.

Motivational speakers can be found in many different arenas, ranging from business environments to educational settings and everything in between. Their speeches often revolve around overcoming personal or professional obstacles, pushing limits, or unlocking potential.

In a nutshell, motivational speakers act as catalysts for change, encouraging their audience to break free from their constraints and chase their aspirations with renewed vigor.

Interestingly, many motivational speakers share personal experiences marked by adversity and triumph. These stories contribute to their authenticity and enable them to connect with their audience on an intimate level.

They use these experiences to inspire others, demonstrating that overcoming adversity is possible, and personal or professional goals can indeed be achieved.

Why do companies hire motivational speakers?

Companies hire motivational speakers to infuse enthusiasm, drive innovation, and inspire their workforce.

Employees can easily fall into a cycle of stress and monotony, leading to decreased productivity and low morale. Motivational speakers provide fresh perspectives and reignite the spark of enthusiasm and dedication within the workforce.

Companies often leverage motivational speakers when undergoing significant transitions, like cultural shifts or the adoption of new business strategies.

A good motivational speaker can ease this transition by effectively communicating the benefits of the change, thereby increasing the employees’ receptivity to the new way of doing things.

They are instrumental in getting the entire workforce aligned and focused on a common goal.

Employees who are used to the old model tend to resist change. A motivational speaker can help the organization enable employees to see things in a new way. Unless there is a mindset change, people will stick to the old ways.

Additionally, motivational speakers play a pivotal role in nurturing leadership within an organization. They impart valuable insights and skills that enable budding leaders to understand their roles better, take on challenges, and lead with confidence.

Their speeches are often packed with lessons on resilience, decision-making, and effective communication – critical attributes for any successful leader.

elbi motivational speaker

What are the characteristics of excellent motivational speakers?

An excellent motivational speaker is marked by an uncanny understanding of human psychology and emotional triggers. They know how to weave a compelling narrative that grips the audience’s attention, stirs emotions, and incites action.

The ability to connect with their listeners on an emotional level allows them to deliver their message effectively.

Authenticity and empathy are also critical characteristics of top-notch motivational speakers. Their personal stories are shared not for the sake of storytelling but to create a bond with their audience.

These stories often resonate with the listener’s experiences, making the message more powerful.

This authenticity breeds trust and makes the speaker’s words more impactful.

Exceptional public speaking skills are another key trait of a successful motivational speaker. They demonstrate excellent command over language, voice modulation, and body language. Their stage presence is commanding yet inviting.

They are resilient individuals who have navigated their adversities. This resilience not only adds credibility to their speeches but also serves as a testament to their message.

In recent years, I observed that many Filipino motivational speakers try hard to become comedians. Perhaps, it is because don’t want to be boring, so some started to speak like stand-up comedians. Though comedians can be inspiring at times, the objectives are not the same.

Good motivational speakers have a healthy dose of humor, but people don’t pay them for entertainment.

Good motivational speakers provide solutions and they share stories that resonate with their crowd. Their stories keep people engaged, entertained, and served.

How to pick the best motivational speaker for your next event?

Choosing the right motivational speaker begins with a clear understanding of the event’s objectives. You need to identify the key messages or changes you wish to convey to your audience.

This clarity allows you to shortlist speakers whose philosophies and experiences align with your objectives, ensuring a coherent and impactful message.

The next step involves understanding your audience. A motivational speaker should be able to relate to their audience’s experiences, challenges, and aspirations. Thus, knowing your audience’s demographics, interests, and professional background can guide you in selecting a speaker who will best resonate with them.

Once you have established your objectives and know your audience, it’s time to delve into detailed research. Look into potential speakers’ past engagements, observe their style, and review audience feedback.

Some motivational speakers deliver only one or two signature speeches. One particular speaker delivered Acres of Diamond more than five thousand times. Other speakers like to customize their speeches to specific audiences. And some speakers will accept any topic that will make them earn good money.

I chose to talk about leadership, growth mindset, teamwork, and thinking big. Though I write about financial intelligence, I do not talk about it since more than half of Filipino motivational speakers talk about financial freedom.

The availability of online platforms today makes it easier than ever to access recordings of previous talks, interviews, and reviews. This research will give you a clearer picture of the speaker’s expertise, delivery style, and audience engagement.

Finally, initiating a direct conversation with potential speakers is a beneficial step. Discuss your event specifics, the audience, and your goals.

The most common mistake is to ask a motivational speaker to send a proposal, their rates, and the topics they deliver. Interview the speaker before you ask for a proposal.

This interaction can help gauge if the speaker understands your requirements and can deliver the desired impact. Remember, the right motivational speaker can elevate your event from good to unforgettable.

Jef Menguin, Filipino Motivational Speaker

Why get a Filipino motivational speaker?

There are compelling reasons to consider a Filipino motivational speaker for your next event. Firstly, Filipino speakers bring a unique cultural perspective that can enrich the content of their speeches. Their experiences, shaped by the cultural and societal context of the Philippines, can offer fresh insights and solutions.

Secondly, if your audience includes a significant Filipino demographic, a speaker who shares their cultural background will resonate more powerfully. They can communicate in a way that is culturally relevant and meaningful, thus fostering a stronger connection with the audience.

Lastly, Filipinos are known for their resilience, optimism, and strong community ties. A Filipino motivational speaker can embody these values, providing inspiring real-life examples of overcoming adversities and building strong relationships. These elements make for compelling speeches that can motivate and unite diverse audiences.

Filipino Speakers You Ought to Hear

As an audience, I am fascinated by motivational speakers who have stories that solve problems. The stories aren’t the answers, but each allows you to see things in a new way.

Sure, many of the speakers I heard regurgitate the ideas of John Maxwell, Tony Robbins, and Les Brown. But there are those who make their ideas more palatable to Filipinos.

And of course, I met speakers who have the courage to speak of what is uniquely Filipino.

The following are speakers I believe you ought to hear. I make a short description of each. Yes, I included my name in the list.

Francis Kong

Francis Kong, one of the Philippines’ most respected business speakers, has carved a niche for himself in the realm of motivational speaking. With years of experience in business management and entrepreneurship, Kong captivates audiences with his unique blend of practical business wisdom and life lessons.

Kong’s speeches are not just business-centered. He also emphasizes personal growth and the importance of values in shaping one’s life and career. His ability to link professional success with personal development makes his approach holistic and his talks an enriching experience.

Bo Sanchez

Bo Sanchez is a multifaceted personality – a preacher, entrepreneur, author, and lay minister. His teachings have touched millions, providing them with spiritual guidance that transcends the boundaries of religion.

Sanchez uses simple, relatable language to convey profound spiritual insights, helping individuals find inner peace and purpose.

Sanchez’s ability to convey complex spiritual concepts in simple, relatable terms makes his talks accessible to a broad audience. His emphasis on the practical application of spirituality in daily life helps individuals find balance and purpose.

With his warmth and genuine concern for people’s spiritual well-being, Sanchez truly is a motivational speaker you ought to hear.

Jef Menguin

Jef Menguin is a trusted and sought-after motivational speaker in the Philippines. He is famous for developing leaders and helping them bring out the best in people.

Recognized for advising CEOs and HR executives, Jef Menguin focuses on empowering leaders, transforming organizational culture, and enhancing customer experiences.

His innovative approach to learning design eschews traditional, often dull, and expensive training methods, favoring instead engaging and cost-effective solutions.

Jef Menguin is not only a leadership consultant but also an engaging storyteller and dynamic keynote speaker.

He is sought after by corporate executives for his ability to provide practical wisdom, actionable strategies, and easy-to-use frameworks. Jef Menguin boosts confidence and spurs action without resorting to clichéd motivational tactics or self-aggrandizing rhetoric.

His speeches are characterized by their practicality and relevance, addressing real-world corporate challenges with intelligence and creativity. His unique blend of leadership consulting and motivational speaking provides his audience with the tools and inspiration necessary to effect meaningful change in their organizations.

His contributions to corporate leadership and organizational development make him a speaker well worth your time.

Chinkee Tan

Chinkee Tan is a motivational speaker specializing in financial management and wealth creation. His presentations offer valuable insights into personal finance, inspiring and guiding individuals toward financial freedom.

Tan’s practical advice and straightforward approach make complex financial concepts accessible to everyone.

Apart from his role as a motivational speaker, Tan is also a successful author and a well-known media personality. His diverse platforms allow him to reach out to a wide audience, providing them with strategies to build wealth and achieve financial stability.

His unique blend of financial expertise and motivational speaking makes him an invaluable resource.

Miriam Quiambao

Miriam Quiambao’s journey from beauty queen to motivational speaker is as inspiring as her speeches. Quiambao uses her experiences, both triumphant and challenging, to inspire her audience. Her messages of resilience, faith, and personal growth resonate with many.

Apart from speaking engagements, Quiambao is an entrepreneur and an advocate for women’s and children’s rights. Her advocacy work enriches her speeches, providing real-life contexts that make her messages more relatable and impactful. Her genuine passion for uplifting others shines through her words, making her speeches a transformative experience.

Anthony Pangilinan

Anthony Pangilinan is a renowned business consultant, host, and motivational speaker specializing in leadership and personal effectiveness. With his impressive expertise, he provides his audience with practical strategies to improve their leadership skills and personal productivity.

Pangilinan’s method is interactive and engaging, fostering an environment conducive to learning and development. He draws from his experiences in business consulting, offering real-world examples that make his advice relatable and actionable. His speeches serve as a valuable resource for those aspiring to grow as leaders.

Rex Mendoza

Rex Mendoza is a well-known figure in the field of finance and management in the Philippines. As a former president of a leading life insurance company and a seasoned executive, he brings a wealth of business and leadership experience to his talks. Mendoza is particularly well-regarded for his expertise in financial management and wealth-building.

In his speeches, Mendoza delves into strategies for personal finance, investment, and wealth accumulation. However, his talks go beyond merely financial advice. He also shares lessons on leadership, professional development, and the importance of values in business. Mendoza’s multifaceted expertise and engaging delivery make him an essential voice in the world of motivational speaking.

Sha Nacino

Sha Nacino is a renowned author, global speaker, and personal development guru in the Philippines. Known for her inspiring and relatable writing, Nacino has penned numerous books on personal finance, goal-setting, and happiness, establishing herself as a leading voice in these domains.

As a speaker, Nacino brings the same passion and clarity that characterize her writing. She communicates complex ideas simply and effectively, empowering her audience to make positive changes in their lives. Nacino’s talks often focus on personal finance and goal-setting, providing practical tools and insights that her audience can immediately apply.

Beyond her speaking and writing engagements, Nacino is also known for her work in facilitating workshops and seminars. Her interactive, participant-centered approach ensures that her attendees don’t just learn new concepts but also develop the skills and mindsets necessary to implement them.

Nacino’s commitment to helping others achieve financial freedom, set and reach ambitious goals, and live joyful, fulfilling lives makes her a motivational speaker you ought to hear. Her unique blend of expertise, practicality, and genuine concern for her audience’s wellbeing make her an inspiring and influential figure in personal development.

Jessica Cox

Jessica Cox is an international motivational speaker known for her inspiring life story. Born without arms, Cox has defied all odds to achieve remarkable feats, including becoming the world’s first licensed armless pilot. Her message of resilience, self-belief, and courage has touched audiences worldwide.

Cox’s speeches are a testament to her indomitable spirit and determination. She shares her experiences and the lessons she’s learned, inspiring her audience to overcome their own challenges and reach their full potential. Cox’s story is a powerful reminder of human potential and the power of a positive mindset.

Motivate Employees

Employee motivation is a critical ingredient for a thriving workplace. It fuels productivity, drives innovation, and fosters a positive work culture. In a bid to boost this motivation, organizations often turn to motivational speakers.

But what exactly is employee motivation? How does it contribute to organizational success? Can motivational speakers really enhance employee motivation? And, is motivation alone enough to drive success?

I will delve into these questions, exploring the intricate dynamics of employee motivation, its role in success, and how motivational speakers and organizations can play a part in fostering it. Join us as we unravel the power of motivation in the workplace.

What is employee motivation?

Employee motivation refers to the level of energy, commitment, and creativity that a company’s workers bring to their jobs. It’s a fundamental internal drive that prompts individuals to take action and strive for their goals.

It can vary from intrinsic motivations, which come from the personal joy and fulfillment a job provides to extrinsic motivations like pay, benefits, and company perks.

Motivation is dynamic and multifaceted. It changes as per the individual’s personal and professional circumstances and is influenced by factors such as the work environment, job satisfaction, and perceived value of the job.

It’s not a one-size-fits-all concept; what motivates one employee might not necessarily motivate another.

This is why understanding and fostering employee motivation is critical.

It demands an insightful approach that considers individual needs, aspirations, and perspectives, along with organizational goals.

Why is employee motivation important to organizational success?

Employee motivation is an essential ingredient for organizational success. Motivated employees are more likely to be productive, quality-oriented, and dedicated. They’re willing to go the extra mile to achieve organizational objectives and meet customer needs.

A high level of motivation also contributes to employee retention. When employees feel valued and motivated, they’re less likely to seek opportunities elsewhere.

This is important as high turnover rates can lead to increased costs in hiring and training, not to mention a potential drop in morale among remaining staff.

Moreover, motivated employees often foster a positive work culture. They spread their enthusiasm and commitment, inspiring their colleagues to do the same.

This cascading effect can transform an entire organization, leading to improved teamwork, innovation, and resilience.

motivated employees

How can motivational speakers boost employee motivation?

Motivational speakers have the power to ignite a spark within employees. They do this by sharing inspiring stories, providing fresh perspectives, and offering actionable strategies for personal and professional growth.

They help employees see beyond their daily tasks and understand the larger purpose of their roles.

A good motivational speaker can stir up emotions and make employees feel valued and understood. This emotional connection can reignite the intrinsic motivation within employees, giving them a renewed sense of purpose and drive.

Furthermore, motivational speakers often challenge existing beliefs and encourage creative thinking. This can help employees break out of their comfort zones, embrace new ways of working, and gain the confidence to take on challenges.

This renewed vigor and resilience can significantly boost employee motivation and productivity.

Is motivation enough to make a person successful?

Motivation is undoubtedly a powerful driving force that can push individuals toward their goals. However, while motivation is necessary, it’s not always sufficient to guarantee success.

Alongside motivation, other elements play vital roles in personal success.

Skills, knowledge, discipline, resilience, and a positive mindset are among these factors.

While motivation can kick-start the journey towards achieving a goal, it’s the consistent effort, continued learning, and ability to bounce back from failures that ultimately lead to success.

Also, motivation can fluctuate based on circumstances and emotions. This is where discipline steps in.

Regardless of how one feels, staying committed to one’s responsibilities and goals is essential. Therefore, while motivation is a crucial starting point, it needs to be complemented by discipline, resilience, and continuous self-improvement.

motivate people to act

What must organizations do after getting the help of a motivational speaker?

Securing the services of a motivational speaker can be a significant investment for an organization. However, the work doesn’t end when the speaker’s presentation is over.

To reap the full benefits, organizations must take follow-up actions to ensure that the inspiration and lessons from the talk are implemented.

Firstly, organizations should facilitate open discussions about the speech among employees.

This could involve group sessions where employees share their takeaways, insights, and how they plan to apply them in their roles. Such discussions can reinforce the key messages from the speech and help employees view their work from a new perspective.

Secondly, the management should incorporate the valuable insights from the speech into their business strategies and processes.

This may involve adjusting goals, revising practices, or implementing new initiatives that align with the motivational message.

Lastly, it’s crucial for organizations to provide ongoing support and resources that enable employees to put what they’ve learned into action.

This might be in the form of training programs, mentorship, or providing the necessary tools and environment that encourage continuous growth and development.

A motivational speech is just the starting point. The real change comes when the organization takes active steps to foster a motivational work environment and provides continuous support to its employees. This ensures that the inspiration from the speech translates into sustained motivation and productivity.

Become A Motivational Leader

Are you seeking a way to bolster your team’s spirit, boost their drive, and stimulate their productivity?

Are you aiming to enhance your leadership style and make a tangible difference?

Then consider this – instead of solely relying on external sources of inspiration, like motivational speakers, how about you cultivate your ability to inspire, becoming a motivational leader yourself?

Becoming a motivational leader is more accessible than you may assume, and the benefits are extensive.

It’s not about grand speeches or magnetic charisma; it’s about acknowledging where your people are right now, recognizing their fears and aspirations, and enabling them to reach their potential.

Many leaders bring in motivational speakers to uplift their employees.

Indeed, these professionals do a fantastic job of firing up a team, providing inspiration and motivation to keep them moving forward.

But as valuable as these one-off sessions can be, they cannot compete with the continuous, everyday impact of a leader who embodies these motivational attributes.

So, where do you begin? Start by knowing your people, understanding their dreams, and empathizing with their fears.

Recognize the obstacles they face and help them see the opportunities within the challenges. Encourage them to take risks, support them when they falter, and celebrate their victories, no matter how small.

But being a motivational leader isn’t just about understanding and empathy. It’s about creating an environment that nurtures growth.

Provide opportunities for your employees to learn, to experiment, and to innovate. Foster a culture where mistakes are viewed as learning experiences rather than failures. This encourages employees to keep pushing, keep striving, and importantly, keep growing.

And lastly, ensure that motivation remains at the forefront. Even when the going gets tough, when deadlines loom, or when targets seem unreachable, a motivational leader keeps the flame of motivation alive. Inspire your team to stay committed to their tasks, their roles, and their contribution to the organization. Convince them that consistent effort is the key and that if they keep doing what they ought to do, they’ll eventually get there.

Becoming a motivational leader is more than a strategic move; it’s a transformative journey that changes not just you but also your team, creating a ripple effect throughout your entire organization.

When your team sees that their leader is not just leading but also inspiring and motivating, they will feel empowered, confident, and driven to succeed.

So why wait for the next motivational speaker?

Embrace the role of the motivational leader. Start today, and watch the magic unfold as your team transforms, reaching new heights of success, growth, and fulfillment.

Remember, the greatest leaders are those who not only lead but also inspire, motivate, and make a difference. That leader could be you.


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Jef Menguin brings out the best in people.

Jef Menguin is a motivational speaker from the Philippines. He inspires the best in people. He simplifies complex challenges and delivers clear solutions. His topics include adaptive leadership, the multiplier mindset, personal excellence, and teamwork.

Jef has guided leaders in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, and Indonesia, helping them reach new heights. His approachable style, relatable stories, and actionable ideas have connected with diverse audiences.

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