Personal Excellence: The Journey to Super-duper Life

I am passionate about personal excellence. And I share this passion with people.

If you are here because you are looking for a speaker on personal excellence, you are in the right place. I will be more than happy to assist you develop a culture of personal excellence in your organization.

Personal excellence is a currency more important than the dollar. With personal excellence, you can multiply your value ten-fold. When you pursue personal excellence, YOU will develop mindsets that bring your imagination out of the box and adapt to new behaviors that create breakthroughs.

The first step every aspiring leader must take is to pursue personal excellence. It goes beyond the so-called “basic” leadership training for personal excellence is a journey. You must continue learning and experiencing excellence in your life.

Personal excellence is a choice. Everyday, we are presented with the opportunity to choose between mediocrity and excellence. When we don’t choose excellence, we choose mediocrity.

This is easy to understand. It makes sense. Yes, until you make the first step to a journey of thousands of miles.

The Journey Isn’t Always Easy

That’s what I found out.

It is not easy to choose personal excellence. It is not just a journey to a thousand miles. I found out that it is easier to make the first step than the 100th step. Most people, at the start of every year, have the courage to make the first step towards the road that leads to personal excellence. After a month or two, they go back to the place so familiar to them: the road to mediocrity.

Because many don’t hold a map to personal excellence.

Because we don’t have mentors. No one is with us in this journey. It is often a lonesome and lonely endeavor.

The sign posts to personal excellence are many but they are invisible to most of us.

When you don’t know where you are on your journey and you don’t have anyone to talk to, it is but human to go back where everyone is. The comfort zone gets more attractive because almost everyone is there.

Mediocrity Is a Habit

We have mastered the habits of mediocrity.

If only all habits are as easy to develop as brushing your teeth, (I know of many people who have not developed that habit), excellence will be easy too.

Absenteeism, tardiness, and procrastination are habits. Blaming people, self-pity, and indifference are habits. Stress, financial, and time mismanagement are habits too. No one imposed these habits on us.

Mediocrity is a choice. When we don’t choose excellence, we choose mediocrity.

It is a fact: mediocrity and excellence cannot co-exist.

The only way to get rid of mediocrity is to replace it with excellence.

This is why we need to help each other.

Let’s make excellence awesome

Help the leaders in your organization see the sign posts. Let them create their own maps. Provide them mentors and show them how they can make the journey together.

It will be my joy to share with you what I know. You need to design new learning experiences for your leaders. You need to make them more competent. You need to show them the promise of personal excellence to their career and personal lives.

Let me be of assistance to you. Let’s make excellence awesome.

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