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Best Articles

Articles offer you opportunities to learn new things, confirm what you already know, and get your beliefs challenged. Most of these articles are short enough so you can read and digest the ideas quickly. Others are long articles to provide you comprehensive and complete ideas about a subject; they are written as guides.

I write about entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation, leadership, personal development, influence, and motivation because I need them to find solutions to my challenges. I share these articles with you, for free, because I believe that each has value worth spreading.

Articles about Leadership

articles about leadership

It is challenging to write about leadership because there is no one way of defining it. People define leaders differently. Even the most obnoxious and arrogant leaders have followers who do not seem to see what’s obvious.

In my writing, I tried to avoid talking about politics. I failed. That’s because the kind of leadership we must avoid is best demonstrated by traditional politicians.
I tried to write inspiring, encouraging and empowering leadership articles. Please examine the ideas I present and make your conclusions.

17 Principles for Leadership Success. Your leadership principles are your foundational beliefs about leading people. Early in your leadership journey, you define your principles to make small and big decisions.

How to Become an Effective Leader. If you want to know how to become an effective leader, you will find many ways to achieve your goals. 

Why Good Leaders Are Good Followers. Some leaders believe that they don’t answer to anyone. But, just like many megalomaniacs, they die hated. Good leaders are good followers. Understand what it means and find out how you can spread this principle in your organization.

When Leadership Lack Malasakit. We need leaders who have creativity, courage, and compassion in times of crisis. You will know the character of your leadership by the amount of your malasakit.

Leaders Create Value. A leader is both a creator and a multiplier. Good leaders find opportunities to transform people from zero to heroes. The good news is that no one is really a zero. Leaders look around and find ways to make a difference.

Give 10x More. Leaders are multipliers. First, they try to increase their value tenfold, a hundredfold, and a thousandfold. One person cannot change a nation. But one person who can inspire millions can make people embrace their power. So, never underestimate yourself. Multiply your value tenfold.

Be a Creative Leader. In the olden days, leaders wage war against its others because they are victims of scarcity. There is not enough land, not enough food, not enough power, not enough money for everyone. Unfortunately, many leaders until now live in that paradigm. But some find ways to multiply our resources and results for minimal efforts. Those are the creative leaders.

Develop Competencies. Good leaders are competent people. They were never complacent. They are always on the lookout for better ways to lead. Competencies are performance enablers. Find out what will make you perform at your best.

Be the first version of yourself.
Always be the first-rate version of yourself instead of being a second-rate version of someone else. Imitating someone will take a lot of effort, time, and emotional investment.

Appreciative Leadership.  There are leaders whose excuse for failure is scarcity. They lack people, resources, time, and others. And some pay more attention to what they have.

The Relentless Leadership of Leni Robredo. The supporters of the President mock her at every turn. She was accused of saying things she never said and of doing things she never did. All of these are done to make people doubt her leadership skills and sincerity to serve. However, she continues to get the support of people who see what she’s been doing to help Filipinos bounce forward during these tough times. She’s relentless.

Grow Your Leadership.  Leadership is both an art and a science. That means you can harness your talents, acquire skills, and apply tools that can help you become a better leader.

Articles about Teamwork

articles about teamwork
Teamwork makes the dream work.

These articles will help you promote teamwork at work. Team building is a process of inspiring, equipping, and enabling team members to work well together and deliver results. Team building is a means to improve team performance so your company will achieve its objectives.

Those who fail to build teams ended up with dozens of problems, including mistrust, blaming, indifference, low productivity, and sabotage.

Team Building: 24 Awesome Ways to Build Champion Teams. Build teams that drive results. You can do that by building teams the right way. Here are proven, real-world solutions to building champion teams.

Begin with a Team Charter. Your team charter can help build team commitments. It is like you are creating your Team Rules, only visual. In your team charter, you will showcase your team’s roles, responsibilities, goals, values, and purposes.

Encourage Team Accountability. Most people think of accountability when they look for someone to blame for bad results. That’s not accountability. It shows a lack of accountability. Find out what team accountability means.

7 Questions to Clarify Team Purpose. Begin by asking tough questions. The kind of questions you ask will lead you to the answers you need. Here are seven questions every team leader can ask to clarify team purpose.

Clarify Team Roles. Individual members cannot commit to team goals they do not know. They cannot perform a role they are clueless about. Therefore, people need to understand their role in the scheme of things.

Raise Team Awareness. Many professionals fail to work as one because they lack team awareness. Find out how you can promote team awareness in your organization.

Intentional Communication Build Teams. You pay attention to your intention to build a harmonious team relationship. Communicate concisely and convincingly. Every team member must fully understand your purposes when you communicate with them.

Inspire Shared Team Purpose. Team build is not just about the bottom line. It is also an opportunity for members to find meaning in what they do. You can inspire your people and encourage them to commit to each other, to your customers, ad the future they care about.

Build Trusting Relationships, It is a common mistake that work is impersonal. Given that more than one-half of your waking life is dedicated to working, it is not sensible to say that there is nothing personal about work. Team building is personal. You have to build a trusting environment if you want to succeed.

Get team commitment. Team building is like a renewal of vows. It is not just a day to chill out and relax. Instead, it is an excellent opportunity to remind your team members of the reasons for your existence.  

Plan for Success. Most team-building programs fail because there is no plan. You don’t know the lag measure, and there is no lead measure. And you have team-building facilitators who are clueless about your team. You ought to plan for success if you want to build champion teams.

Promote I in Teams. It is common to believe that members sacrifice their individual goals once they become part of the team. This thinking is dangerous. It has destroyed many groups. You have to honor personal goals if you want the team to succeed.

Set Team Guidelines. A team guideline your agreement. You make every role and responsibility clear. Most team leaders fail to do this because they assume everyone knows. They have their job descriptions anyway. Job descriptions will suffice if they have to work individually. But when you put people together, you need to define how everyone must work to achieve common goals.

Communicate and Collaborate. Team building isn’t just about competition. Team building is more of enabling teams to communicate and collaborate effectively.

Build 10x Team without the Bruises. Playing outdoors is an excellent opportunity for team members to learn together. But for them to develop skills and competencies, they don’t have to prove their physical ability to get things done. You intend to clarify mindsets and build skills, not to find one winner.

Train Team Leaders. Your team cannot go beyond the team leader’s reach. Often, it is the team leader that models the way. Ineffective team leaders need your support. Train them because you want them to become competent and confident.

Pick the Right Team Games. Team games help in creating experiences that promote effective communication, collaboration, conflict management. But not all games build teams. So it is essential that you know which ones can help your team.

Why Team Building Programs Often Fail? The quick answer is that some managers pay more attention to purchasing team building packages THAN consulting experts on result-oriented team building.

8 New Ways Team Building Facilitators Can Help Your Business. Team building facilitators don’t just make you play games. Getting professionals facilitators has many advantages. Here are 8 of those advantages.

3 Purposes of Team Building. You can set many goals for a team-building initiative. Essentially, every team-building supports three purposes. If you can hit those purposes in every activity, you are purpose-driven.

Build a Team of Innovators. You can bring creative and innovative professionals together. Like other teams, you have to help them build relationships and ensure that each achieves personal goals. Your team of innovators will ensure the future of your organization.

Promote the I in Teams.  Remember that the individual does not disappear in a team. On the contrary, individual growth is one of the given benefits of becoming a member of a team.

Articles about Public Speaking

woman speaking before a crowd.
Begin speaking now.

Make noise. Express yourself.

These public speaking articles can help you stand with confidence in a crowd and deliver world-changing messages.

I have been coaching leaders on how to deliver world-changing presentations and persuasive speeches. I also offer courses that help people gain more confidence in public speaking.

I learned much from experience. I was a student leader, retreat master, debater, teacher, and trainer. If you want to get started fast, I encourage you to explore the following articles.

Public Speaking for Smart People. One of the most brilliant steps good leaders do is to improve their speaking skills. Here are excellent ideas you can use to become better public speakers.

Public Speaking for Beginners. I share actionable ideas and techniques on how you can manage fears in public speaking, increase your confidence, and get connected with your audience.

Learn How to Speak and Make a Difference. You can make a positive change in the world by sharing your expertise and experiences. One effective way I know is through public speaking.

Public Speaking Fear. Our fear of public speaking is natural. I won’t tell you that it is made up or that you can eliminate it. To say that one can eliminate public speaking fear is a disservice. But what can you really do about it?

Epic Persuasive Speeches. You can deliver a speech that can move people to action. The most important lesson you will get from this article is that you ought to rehearse. If a speech is important, then spend time rehearsing it. If the speech is not important, don’t bother delivering it.

How to Become a Motivational Speaker. You can be a paid professional speaker. The entry point is that of becoming a motivational speaker. There are, of course, other ways to earn money while making meaning. Whatever path you want to take, the 24 lessons you will get from this article will help you.

Practice Humility in Public Speaking. Excellent public speakers are never too full of themselves. Worse than fearing that you are doing poorly is self-promotion that you are doing well. The first sign of greatness is when a man does not attempt to look and act great.

One Secret of Effective Speakers. They pay more attention to their audience than to their performance. So they won’t steal the show from you.

Speak to Honor People. Here’s excellent advice to those who get invited to deliver commencement speeches.

Seven Strategies of Master Presenters
This is an introduction to anyone who wants to practice presentation skills. Strategy #6 is about being memorable. Discover these seven strategies today.

Make It a Habit to Rehearse. All professionals rehearse. They do not need a new show to get started. They practice every day. Professional speakers do it too.

How Public Speaking Turned My Life Around. Here’s a story of how public speaking turned my life around. Like many public speakers, I did not start with the confidence I have. I was afraid. But then, one day, I found out why I must speak with confidence.

Speaking is Heart to Heart. Public speaking is more than your ability to throw words. There are a thousand ways of inspiring people. Find out how you can touch the heart of those who listen to you.

30 Straightforward Answers to Public Speaking Questions. Here are straightforward and honest answers to the most common public speaking questions.

Impromptu Speech. The ability to deliver an impromptu speech is a meta-skill. It will help you get your message across any time and anywhere. The impromptu speaker gets ahead. 

Articles about Motivation

Falling stacko. Try again.
Try again.

To succeed at work, we need three essential things: motivation, ability, and opportunities. Unfortunately, I have seen many professionals who fail to thrive for lack of motivation.

Good leaders know how to keep themselves motivated. They also pay attention to the motivation of people around them.

How to Motivate Yourself to Work. You will get things done if you know how to motivate yourself to work. You will not procrastinate. You won’t have to invent excuses. Instead, you will be a person determined to live a good and fulfilled life.

You are your choice. Most people find it challenging to decide. However, you will know who you are by the choices you make every day.

Commit to Living a Good Life. Do you want to live a good life? To get a good life, commit to living it daily. Life is sacred. Waste not a minute on toys and trifles. You cannot buy a good life over the counter.

Overestimating Motivation is Counterproductive. Lack of motivation is the safest alibi of leaders who fail to motivate. It is safer to say that people lack motivation than that the leader lacks the skill to lead.

Bahala Na Attitude. Bahala na is often associate with Filipinos cultural flaws. But when you consider what it meant, you’ll realize that it represents Filipinos unwavering faith and the willingness to take action.

On Positive Attitude. A positive attitude will help you see possibilities in many situations. In this post, I discuss Pat Riley’s take on a positive attitude.

Choose Your Attitude. Listen to the conversations of people around you. Some cry out against our society. Everything is terrible about Filipinos. They have chosen their attitude. You can also choose yours.

Live This Day As If It Is Your Last. I have always kept this in mind. Yes, there are days when I felt life had been wasted for nothing. And this is why I am sharing this with you. Maybe, you are more intelligent than I am. But there will be days when you need to remind yourself of how valuable each day is.

Are you willing to pay the price of changing the world? If you were to change the world, would you be willing to live in that world? Would you still push for it if you were the follower and not the leader? 

Take the initiative. Do you have initiative? You should have. Elbert Hubbard told us why. “The world bestows its big prizes, both in money and honors, for but one thing.

Articles for Motivational Speakers

audience reacting positively to a motivational speaker.
Keep them motivated.

These articles are for those who desire to learn how to become high-impact motivational speakers. I’ve been delivering motivational speeches since 2004. What you’ll read are reflections and good practices I learned along the way.

24 Proven ways to Be Successful Motivational Speakers. This article is an extensive guide for aspiring motivational speakers. You will explore principles, practices, and business strategies for a successful career. Yes, you will discover how to monetize your expertise.

Jobs of a Motivational Speaker. Motivational speakers do a lot of things. They educate, inspire, and entertain people. But there are two primary jobs that you have to keep in mind to succeed.

The Motivational Speech. You ought to learn what motivates people and how to craft your speeches to achieve your purpose. 

Motivational Speaking Isn’t a Comedy Show. Filipinos love entertainment. Some speakers, unfortunately, because they fear to sound boring spend try hard to be comedians. Comedians are intelligent people. But motivational speakers do not have to be stand-up comedians. Don’t forget your primary job.

Find the Best Inspirational Speaker. Inspiration speakers bring out the best in people. They put a spotlight on the positive in the world. So how do you find them?

Be an Inspirational Speaker. Yes, you can be an inspirational speaker. He can give people the courage to create a future they care about.

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