50 Articles for Leaders

These articles explore ideas, strategies, and tools that may help ordinary leaders become good and effective leaders. Students and workplace professionals will also benefit from these ideas.

Learn as much as you can to make a difference in your world.

Personal Development

You can achieve many things in life if you pay attention to personal development. These articles explore ideas, concepts, strategies, and tools you can apply to accelerate personal growth.

I discuss various perspectives on personal development. For example, some say it is a lifelong process of reaching and realizing our fullest potential. This thinking is problematic and gives us the excuse to procrastinate.

To me, personal development is both evolution and transformation.

I share simple steps to get started in personal development. Then, I provide dozens of tips on self-improvement, writing individual development plans, goal setting, generating momentum, and how to finish what you start.

You will also find articles on procrastination, productivity, personal excellence, motivation, and stress relief.


Many articles on leadership discuss concepts, theories, and models. Though you may find some of these on the website, I am always looking for actionable ideas and tools to help you get started.

I write with the most common leadership challenges in mind.

We live in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world. There is no guarantee that what worked ten years ago will still be helpful today.

But we also live in a world that believes in partnership and collaboration. So we encourage creativity and innovation. We honor agile leaders. We embrace disruptors.

So, I am not worried. Our problems are our opportunities too.

Find new ways of leading. Discover and develop skills that will help you do great today and thrive in the future.

Read more leadership insights at Good Leadership.


An effective manager is a good leader. A good leader needs to learn effective management to be great. We can be great managers and leaders.

These articles provide new ideas on supervising and managing people during this “best of times.” The VUCA requires us to learn new skills to survive and thrive. And this is good for every manager and supervisor. The urgency will push them to accelerate their learning.

A competent manager will be of great use to people. My mission in writing these articles is to help managers disrupt themselves. Challenging the status quo, improving a process, or innovating a product is easier than most people imagine. There are tools available to us.

We can get the right tools if we know where to find them. So, I share the tools I find. And sometimes, I teach supervisors how to use them.

The articles on supervision and management are mostly taken from the live workshops I conduct all over the Philippines. They are written to help the readers get things done.

I write with the most common leadership challenges in mind.


Teamwork makes the dream work. You must have heard of this quote from some motivational speakers. It is true. But what is teamwork really?

These teamwork articles are for every member of a team. You will discover simple and effective ways to build team trust, resolve conflict, drive performance, increase commitment, and encourage accountability.

I have been facilitating team building since 2007. I have met many teams and understood why some team-build programs work – and others fail. You will find suggestions on how to solve the most common team problems.

I often use team activities to engage participants in team-building workshops. You will read some tips on how to facilitate team building. You will also learn how to use consultants’ tools to help teams solve their problems.

Discover the essential components of teamwork — and share these articles with your team.

Public Speaking

I learned most of what I teach about public speaking from speaking on stage, in boardrooms, in the street, and in many conference rooms nationwide.

These public speaking articles will help you control your fear and gain confidence in public speaking. In addition, I will teach you how to connect with your audience while delivering messages they want to hear.

There are simple, easy, and powerful ways of crafting speeches. You will understand the difference between keynote, motivational, inspirational, and educational speeches. You will discover how to persuade and encourage people to do what’s best for them.

You will find tips on delivering impromptu speeches easy to follow. And if you want to learn how to become a motivational speaker, I offer 24 ways to lead you in the right direction.

Good Citizenship

One day, most Filipino will value good governance. They’ll elect good leaders into office. No more plunderers in office and our politicians will become public servants. It may not happen in my lifetime, but for the sake of my family, my friends, and my countrymen I will do everything in my power to help.

These articles promote Filipino values. I talk about bayanihan, malasakit, kusang-palo, pagdadamayan and other values that we should all celebrate. We have the capacity and opportunities to be and do great.

You will read stories of motivational people. You read insights on how we can promote sustainable development and build communities. We can do great things and small ways.

People all over the world read my articles. My writings on Filipino culture and values get read by more than 60,000 people each month. So, this is an excellent opportunity to celebrate what’s good with the Filipinos.

Good Life

People seek success and happiness. I talk about achievement, making a difference, and creating breakthroughs on this website. Sometimes, I may sound like a corporate warrior. Because I work with people who find these very important for success and happiness.

But if you ask me what kind of life I want, I can say something that I already have, minus a few things. I enjoy a simple, quiet, but meaningful life.

This is my good life.

I no longer dream of becoming a celebrated speaker. I don’t care if I am the best in this and that. I don’t compare myself to anyone. I define what’s my best at this moment. Tomorrow, God willing, I will have opportunities to better my best.

May these articles inspire you to live a good life.

Make a difference. Read articles on business, leadership, and personal development

Why I Give Ideas for Free

I give valuable ideas for almost free, and I charge for implementation.

This concept is counter-intuitive, I know. Many experts will find this ridiculous. Ideas are cheap but not good ones. To get valuable ideas, one has to spend time thinking. 

Time and thinking are precious commodities.

Building your small, mighty business requires that you think differently. 

Many years ago, I discovered the benefits of giving ideas for free or almost free. I did not think about monetizing them. But I learned that doing so is an effective way of running any business.

In 2008, I wrote a short piece on time management. It was just about two hundred words. 

I wrote that a professional who spends his next five minutes decisively could reach further at work or elsewhere. You can do five or ten activities, but one activity is ten times more important than all the others combined. Knowing your one thing gives you freedom.

Three weeks after, I got a text message from an Irishman who introduced himself as an executive of an IT company in Makati City. Then, he phoned me. Here’s a portion of our conversation.

“Jef, do you offer time management training?”

“I plan to offer in a month or two.” I worked on my modules but have yet to conduct any time management training. 

“I want you to train my people. How much would that be?”

“How many people do you have?” I was not charging per person. Teachers get paid by the hour, not by the number of attendees. 

“I have 90 employees. Can you do it next week?”

“I can do it next week.” 

During that time, I was getting many clients. I have all the time in the world. And the training company which hired me on an on-call basis paid only 4000 pesos for an eight-hour training. So, when I said that I was charging 15 thousand pesos, that was a stretch.

“Okay, then. There will be six batches. You will handle 15 people each Saturday. I will pay you 90,000 pesos in total. I will pay 15 thousand pesos after each training.”

Though I was surprised, I managed to say yes.

This experience formed part of my business philosophy. 

I give valuable ideas, and I get paid for execution. 

(Besides, I produce a lot of good ideas each day. Unfortunately, I am not able to catch them all. So, sharing them with people keep them alive.)

This principle is not for everyone, I know. But I am not everyone. 

And I don’t think you are everyone.

Anyone with a brain can give valuable ideas and get paid for turning those ideas into solutions to people’s problems.

Useful Articles

You can make the most of the insights, tools, and techniques I share on this website. The purpose of these articles is to help you multiply your value a thousandfold. 

Yes, the answers I give do not necessarily give you 1000 times the result. You may increase your outcome 2x, 5x, 10x, or 100x. Or none at all. Because what’s more important than the multiplier is what you multiply.

So, you decide how to optimize the use of this website. This is your tool.

I write mainly about personal development, leadership, and business. Though I sometimes write anything that can be helpful to my readers, I keep my attention focused on these things. 

I created separate websites for travel, entrepreneurship, jobs, and governance. I have suggestions.

3M: Monday Morning Motivation

Every Monday morning, before eight, I will send you actionable ideas which you can use as prompts for brainstorming and triggers for doing something new or to help you get motivated for the week.

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