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Have you been looking for the best, easiest, and proven ways to succeed? I do. I keep most of my articles short for quick reading and good digestion. When I write long articles, they serve as do-it-yourself guides. Read these more than 100 essays and asides for daily learning and sheer improvement.

I write about things that matter to me. I write about entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation, leadership, personal development, influence, and motivation because I need them to teach others and find solutions to my clients’ challenges. I share them with you, for free, because I believe that each has value worth spreading.
I also write articles that I need very badly.

For example, I have identified that during Covid-19, most people developed the wait-and-see attitude. People have been procrastinating (I am guilty!), and life passed us by without notice. I want to know what works – and I am experimenting with tools and techniques.

I am an action learner. I write what I am working on.


The first step to leadership is to become a leader of one, two, and three. Then a leader of hundreds or thousands. Most leaders have titles, but one can lead without a title. For leadership is influence. It is more of disposition than position. I wrote Get Started in Leadership to help you begin.
Be a leader. Be a deliverer.
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Team Building

I have conducted hundreds of team building workshops around the country. More than a decade ago, I was like most of those who believe that team building is all about games. It is a package that team building organizers sell. This thinking is wrong and wasteful. So, to help my readers make the most of team building, I wrote Team Building: What It Is, Why It Works & How to Do It to teach managers how to make the most of their team-building efforts. 
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Freshest Posts

Be a creative leader.

In the olden days, people worry about how to divide the economic pie among themselves. People discovered that they don’t have to wage war against each other over a single…

Play bigger.

Leaders who play bigger do not sabotage themselves by trying to succeed in many things. They don’t measure their worth by how many hours they worked in a day, people…

Grow Your Leadership

Leadership isn’t a title or a position; it is a disposition. If you can dream to change the world and pay for it with everything you have, you are a…

Take the lead.

Today is the best time to become a leader. Today is the best time to grow great leaders. The pandemic disrupted our lives. To stay alive, we allowed our governments…

Help people succeed.

The opportunity to help other people is limitless. The secret to becoming truly successful starts when you decide to give the best you have.

Be a bigger leader.

Learn to lead better. If you are working, these steps can easily get you promoted fast. You’ll be irresistible. Companies search for value-added professionals. The following are seven steps you…

Build Loyal Employees

Loyalty is a function of respect and allegiance to you… and it is the glue that ties your people to the jobs.

More and more business owners and organizational leaders contact…

Start with Your Big Goals

Gurus will tell you to start the day with easy tasks. I think this works when your best time of the day is in the afternoon or in the evening….


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