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3 Steps to Develop Good Leadership Qualities

You can grow good leadership qualities. Anyone who desires to become a leader that people love to follow makes it happen. Leadership isn’t a title or a position; it is a disposition.

If you can dream to change the world and pay for it with everything you have, you are a leader.

There is a seed of leadership in each of us.  We can choose to germinate that seed and plant it in fertile soil where it gets enough sunlight and water.

We don’t have to wait for someone to promote us to leadership. We don’t have to wait for our organizations to build us. We can do it ourselves.

Of course, we ought to find that organization or community that will support us and make us thrive. Choose your company. Pick one that will make you grow and be too happy to stay.

I am saying this because every organization has a leadership development program.

Yes, everyone.

Even those organizations that do not provide leadership training for employees.  They develop leaders through everyday practice.  And if the environment is unfavorable, it might become difficult for you to bear fruit.

You, the individual leader, can define for yourself the kind of change you want. You can grow your leadership. And you can put yourself in a position where you can thrive.

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3 Steps to Develop Good Leadership Qualities 4

How to Develop Leadership Qualities

Developing leadership qualities is like developing leadership skills. You do it on purpose and cultivate it with practice. Your new leadership quality must be helpful to you.

Let us say that you want to have the quality of being a visionary.

Visionary leaders strive to create a future that they care about. They are the “possible” people. Most people see things as they are, but visionary leaders see the world as what it ought to be.

Visionary leaders think big. They dream big. This is why they act big too. Visionaries challenge the status quo.

Begin with why.

Why do you want to become a visionary leader?

It might be because you are a politician in a sleepy town, and you desire for change to happen. You don’t want to waste the potentials of your town. Its current leaders are not capable of change. Because you have seen other places and met other leaders, you believe your town needs a visionary leader.

It might be because you got a leadership job in your company. Your boss needs managers who can articulate the vision of the organization. She wants you to lead your people.

Be clear about your reason why you want to develop specific leadership qualities. Being visionary, for example, is not just about dreaming big.

Set your standards.

Martin Luther King Jr, Gandhi, Andres Bonifacio, Ninoy Aquino, and Obama are visionary leaders. They all dreamt of a better future.

Hitler is a visionary too.

Each of them embraces different principles of leadership. Each possesses a unique combination of leadership qualities. One thing they have in common is that they were all visionaries.

Study the lives of great leaders, find your models, and set your standards. You will gravitate to some of them. You will realize that your values are similar to them.

My method is to identify three persons that I admire. Then, I describe why I admire each. Then, I create a three-circle Venn diagram. The sweet spot is where I want to be.


Every leadership quality must be experienced if you want to learn them. You don’t become a visionary leader by reading a book. Instead, you have to identify the skills and behaviors of leaders who have changed the world.

Visionary leaders can articulate their vision. They use words to paint a new tomorrow. In contrast, leaders who lack vision tend to blame others for their failure to lead.

Visionary leaders talk about your vision too. What they do is to make you understand that you have a shared vision. These leaders consistently remind you why you continue doing what you are doing.

They also know how to communicate based on the level of understanding and interest of their listeners. They speak from the gut.

Visionary leaders start small. They keep rolling until to gain momentum. That is because most people find it challenging to leave their comfort zone.

Identify the skills and behaviors of the visionary leader that you want to be. Then, keep small steps until everyone is ready.

Keep Learning

Leadership qualities are like muscles. You ought to keep learning until you become the person that you really want to be.

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