Growth mindset

Growth Mindset versus Fixed Mindset

Breakthrough leaders embraced a growth mindset. Because of a growth mindset, they are not afraid to initiate change, take risks, experiment, and make mistakes. They find ways.

Carol Dweck

Carol Dweck introduced the terms growth mindset and fixed mindset. Before her evidence-based definitions, people have been talking about the same thing for centuries. But her research affirmed what is known and this knowledge created breakthroughs in education, business, technology, and many areas of our lives. I am grateful.

I recommend that we embrace a growth mindset and re-examine the beliefs that limit us. My mission is to define each term and provide you with examples of how to adopt a growth mindset and break through the walls of a fixed mindset. May this article help you discover many leadership opportunities.

growth mindset versus fixed mindset
Your mindset shapes your world.

Examine Your Mindset

Your mindset can be your prison. But, it can also be your superpower. Your mindset shapes how you make sense of the world and your leadership. Your mindset influence how you think, feel, and behave in specific situations.

For example, someone who believes he is born to hold the power of leadership because of his race can become a Hitler or a Donald Trump. These two leaders are not alike, but they somewhat think alike.

Both Gandhi and Mandela believed that we are equal and we should all care for each other. They have strong wills. Politicians mocked them because they were like Don Quixote, who fought windmills. Their mindset shapes their leadership. They were the paragons of leaders who made breakthroughs.

Growth Mindset

One mindset I encourage Filipinos to keep is that of a growth mindset. This mindset is not new to us.

My Lolo Pedro explains it very well.

Kapag gusto may paraaan. Kapag ayaw may dahilan.

Lolo Pedro

Either you find ways or your make excuses.

Someone with a growth mindset believes that we can grow our intelligence. We can learn new strategies and skills to become breakthrough leaders.

Though not all of us can become President of the Philippines in our lifetime, we all have the opportunity to make a significant difference.

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