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Do you have a passion for excellence?

Mediocrity in the workplace is kept by people who embraced mediocrity.

Yes, you read it right.

They can endure mediocre performance because they want to keep the status quo. Mediocrity is their comfort zone and excellence is alien to their system.

Listen. Whatever you tolerate defines your leadership.

A latecomer has endless alibis. Heavy traffic. Road accidents. Insomnia. Eventually, he’ll reason that it is okay to be late – you deduct a proportionate amount from his salary anyway.

A low performer can find excuses for low performance. Accepting excuses is a risky business for leaders.

The boss is not a good person. The boss does not know how to lead. The boss has favoritism. His efforts are unappreciated. The company gives so little, so why work hard?

Unless people have inspirational dissatisfaction, nothing will inspire them to action.

Unless you, the leader, declare that nothing of the same-old same-old attitude is tolerated in the workplace, the same will remain.

Unless you, the leader, are dissatisfied with waste, with low performance, and with the status quo, no improvement will happen.

Remember, you will always get what you love — those who have passion for excellence will excel.

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