Why People Enrolled for One Year Gym Membership

Planet Fitness  has a ten dollar a month promo. It usually charges between $10 and $20 per month. It has, on average, 6,500 members per gym.  That’s not the interesting part.

Here’s the interesting part: most of its gym can hold around 300 people. That’s less than five percent of its paid members. No, Planet Fitness isn’t really overselling. They can do this because less than 300 members actually show up.

I remember, there was a time I purchased a one-year membership in a gym in Makati City. I went to that gym twice. Then, I skipped a week. Then another week. And never came back.

Is it my way of subsidizing those who intend to have gorgeous bodies?

Not really.

Most of us normal human beings have the tendency to overestimate our sustaining power.

I know. There was a time that I kept on paying for subscriptions I failed to get the most benefits. I used to have a one-year subscription for scribd.com believing that I can really read without limits. We make us believe that by paying in advance, we will be motivated to use our membership.

Think about this new lesson today. You can use it.



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