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A personal development speaker shares simple and effective self-improvement strategies and tips.

Plan your day.

Put a pin on those minutes or hours you have to spend for yourself. Make it sacred, don’t allow anyone to touch it.

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Choose to be happy.

Most of us are bound to be unhappy. The animals in us are wired to desire and to fear. The problem is that we want and fear things outside of our control.

Choose to be happy

What do you really want?

A crisis like Covid-19 hits all of us. Most stumbled and many fell. But there are those who are thriving even in the worst of times. Find out.

Information Obesity

Information obesity is the enemy. It gets deadlier everyday. Our brains get fed with garbage. Or information that kills thinking. But we fear missing out. They read the news on Facebook. They watch the documentary on Youtube. Now, they speak like Covid-19 experts. Garbage in, garbage out. What to do then? Choose your feeds. Be …

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Time passed us by without our notice. We were waiting for the unknown. Most of us spent time on nothing. Not really on nothing. Many spent countless hours on Netflix. I caught myself spending more than two hundred hours watching TV series. Mondays became Mondays again without a trace. Then, it made sense to many …

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Steam Up

I will not venture into speaking performance before a hungry audience cold. Athletes spend an hour or two getting warmed up before the game begins. Singers get themselves warmed up before a performance. Every selling opportunity is performance. Before you is an audience who is willing to exchange his hard-earned money for your offer. If …

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Everything is figurable.

Everything is figurable. You can start before you are ready. I don’t debate with people who say that they are waiting for the right time. Waiting must have worked for them. Waiting for the right time does not work for me. This is why I work on something even if I don’t have the confidence …

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Start before you are ready.

For me to write that book that I finished in 14 days meant that I had to sit down and write for six hours.

I decided that the researching part was over. All I need is to go all in and help people.

The best step to write a book is not trying to write but to write. Daily. In the number of hours you want. Until you get done.

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Amateurish Branding

Be careful about how you promote yourself. You can fool search engines, but you cannot fool intelligent people. You can claim one thing and they will see another. Okay, let me become more specific. I was at the UPLB yesterday to fetch my wife. I learned that some employees are looking for someone who can …

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You are just one talk away.

You are just one talk away to change the world. You have stories to tell that only you can give. Don’t let your story die in you. Don’t let your story die with you.

You may be thinking that people won’t be interested to hear from you. You tell yourself that you have a regular life. That like others you still struggle every day. That you have not achieved anything of worth.

Stop Wishing and Start Winning

Motivation and ability fail people. Not only that they need to develop skills of achievement, but they must also develop achievement habits. Stop wishing and start winning.

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