Self Improvement and Success

Self-Improvement: 50 Articles and Insights on Personal Success (2023)

Do you want practical and easy steps to self-improvement? People who pursue self-improvement create opportunities and position themselves for success. On the other hand, people who neglect personal development live in a constant loop of acting but never get anywhere.

If you are looking for practical and immediately helpful self-improvement tips, you need to try any of these 50 personal development tips.

What is self-improvement?

Self-improvement is the deliberate effort of an individual to achieve speedy self-growth. Self-improvement requires a growth mindset, a proactive attitude, and the practice of vital behaviors.

It takes a paradigm shift to prioritize oneself. To get what we want in life, you and I need to upgrade our mindset, explore strategies, improve our skills, and take baby steps to become better each day. We all grow old, but we need to choose to grow up.

This piece is a companion to my article that shows how you can turbo-charge your personal development. The secret was revealed a long time ago. We only need to choose to grow consciously. The unique self-development ideas you’ll read are practical and easy to do.

Self-Improvement Ideas

We will explore some self-improvement ideas to help you accelerate self-growth and attain success. You can find some of these tips in a post or articles on this website.

Self-improvement is about finding the piece of a puzzle that makes us whole.
The one thing that completes them all.

1. Focus on one thing.

The One Thing refers to the high-impact action that when accomplish makes all the other available actions easy, if not unnecessary.

Talented people can do so many things. Maybe, you are one of them. But one thing I learned from Vilfredo Pareto is that you don’t have to do many things. If we keep on looking at the 80/20 principle, we’ll find that we only need to do one important thing at a time.

Self-improvement is a lifelong process. However, one must keep in mind that we have no idea how long we will live. It is a mistake to think that one can improve later. It is important to start today. It is important to seek self-improvement every day.

Here’s what you can do.

  1. Consider the various aspect of your life. If everything remains the same, in which are you can make changes that will make a greater impact?
  2. Once you have identified your target self-improvement, list as many goals as possible. You can do it now if you want. Get a ballpen and list down all the goals you can think of.
  3. Narrow down your goals. Identify the one goal that you can do and must be done immediately. That is your one thing.

You will certainly do many things in a day. Some of them are more important than others. But deliberately working on your one thing daily will bring you greater joy and delight.

What’s the most important change you can make in your life today?

2. Do What Is Best for You

The best for you is that which creates the highest and most significant impact in your life.

I am tempted to say that people don’t need any reminders. In an ideal world, they’ll do what’s best for them. I have never been to an ideal world, so please allow me to remind you. Do what’s best for you.

What are the times that we are not doing what’s best for us?

Facebook is a tool to reach out to people and sell your goods. But spending 4 hours a day trying to educate troll armies of plundering politicians or arguing with people about how wrong their beliefs are is a waste of time. Yes, I am also telling those lines to myself.

Some activities bring us away from the most important, most relevant things to do in our life. It can be gossiping. It can be playing games that don’t get us paid. It can be spending an enormous time trying to get laid.

Whatever does not create real and lasting value is not best for you. You and I are in control of what we do. We don’t have to float along with sh*t. We can do what’s best for us.

3. Stay away from overwhelm.

Are you overwhelmed because of many online meetings and learning sessions?  Or are you crushing the people you lead because you want to become more productive during these times? Spend time away from what overwhelms you.

Deep breathing can help you. Walking for 15 minutes can do that for you. Closing your laptop can do that too.

The most effective way is to go to #1. Do one thing, not everything. Focus on the most important.

Here’s another way.

Before you list all the things you need to do today, get another sheet of paper. List down all the things you won’t do today. This single step will free you from all unnecessary burdens.

4. Figure it out. 

Everything is figurable. Give shape to your problems, and you will know how to solve them.

This self-improvement idea is simple yet very significant.

Chaos is everywhere. And many problems that we face today do not seem to have any solution. That is not true, and you know that. We only need to look back a few years to get perspectives. We only need to look forward to a few years to figure out what we need to do today.

I met many professionals who ran away from promotion because they were afraid to speak in public. We can learn public speaking. We can learn how to speak anytime, anywhere, and to anyone. There is no mystery to public speaking.

Most people I meet seek to improve their public speaking skills. But very few do something about it. Their fixed mindset about speaking prevents them. Skills are learned abilities. You can develop public speaking skills through deliberate efforts.

My child learned a lot of Roblox tricks by watching Youtube. A farmer increased his yield by watching Youtube videos too. There are many courses out there for thousands of topics that will help you figure out solutions.

Here’s what you can do.

  • Name what you want to happen.
  • List down all the challenges and obstacles.
  • List all the actions you can take.
  • Identify the skills and support you’ll need.
  • Make your first move.

The first move is important. It kills procrastination. And always doing one more saves you from ningas kugon mentality.

Don’t worry about things. You will find your way.

Read: Everything is Figurable.

We seek to improve ourselves so we can achieve our mission. You can accelerate self-improvement by having a clear mission.
What is your mission?

5. Write Your Mission Statement

Your mission statement is your answer to your Whys in life. Most people have no written mission statements. But there is nothing wrong with having one.

Have you written your mission statement? I wrote mine, and I published it here.  I still need to be more clear about what I want, and I keep writing them. Each time, I find I am getting more clarity. I encourage you to write yours too.

A written mission statement is a constant reminder of your purposes.

Among the self-improvement tips you’ll read today, I suggest that you start with mission and vision. It is amazing what you can do when you know your whys.

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6. Kick-Start Yourself 

Someone who seeks self-improvement start working without being told.

I have one secret to high performance: routine.  Many people hate routines, but remember that routine is the mother of discipline. Find out how you can use pre-routine exercises to help you kick-start yourself.

Most people think that it is the motivation of people that brings success. Motivation helps. But it is your discipline that will keep you going each day.

Filipinos believe in kusang-palo. That means we don’t need anyone to hit us with a stick to move. We aren’t carabaos.

Proactive employees get ahead. They make things happen.

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know what you really want to achieve. In this illustration, I consider the things that I want for my company. This helps me identify the self-improvement skills I want for my self.

7. Know What You Really Want

Most people have their wishes but are unclear about what they want. How about you, what do you want? 

Clarifying your mission in life is not a one-day thing. Of course, people expect to find their mission in my one-day seminars. I do not make such a promise in my personal effectiveness seminars.

One can have an epiphany, but that’s something that happens rarely.

I chose to be a multiplier. I help people multiply results tenfold… a hundredfold… a thousandfold.

In 2006, I left the academe. Not because I got tired of being an employee. I have wanted to become a great employee.

But one day, I realized that I wanted to provide people with more jobs. That I want to become an entrepreneur, someone who employs people and provides others with employment opportunities.

This is why I spend hours interviewing successful managers and supervisors. I want to teach what I learned from them. I want to help those who want to become like them.

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8. Celebrate your uniqueness.

This is my favorite, and I want to share it with you. Many of us have idols and people whom we look up to.

But there is one secret from Dr. Seuss: I am unique. And so are you. Celebrating our uniqueness is one way to get a life and thrive.

I encourage you to study personal development. Personal development is about finding who you are. You will try to trim those things which do not feel right for you.

You will soon realize that you don’t have to be as perfect as those you most admire. None of them is as perfect as you are without their makeup and larger-than-life persona.

I realized that I don’t have to be like others. I have flaws, but most of my flaws make me unique. I have messes, but much of my messes can be my message.

You have something to offer to the world. Find it. Build it.

9. Leave Everyone Smiling

You can make the sun shine wherever you are. One who follows this advice will soon find that it is easier to get a client when you develop the ability to make them smile. People will gravitate toward you.

We seldom hear this self-improvement tip. That’s because it considers what happens to others, not to you. But remember that building relationships with others is an essential goal of any self-improvement effort.

People go to comedy bars because they want to be happy. Motivational speakers try hard to become comedians because they want you to be happy. But there is one thing that is easier to do, and that is to leave everyone smiling. 

Seek self-improvement not only for your sake but for others too.

10. Begin Now

The world is changed by those who have the courage to begin something. Begin something today.

I found that I procrastinated a lot because I expected too much of myself. I wanted to be truly ready to become an international speaker.

I even rejected some of the international invitations because I had impostor syndrome.  But I started becoming better when I started doing what I was capable of doing.

You can start before you are ready too. 

Self-improvement begins now.

11. Do It Now

Personal growth comes with the courage to act. Nothing will change until we get started.

I find that what most people need is a sense of urgency. Not the urgency of a headless chicken, of course. But the urgency of a purposeful person.

Do not delay yourself. You do not play the manana game. You do not entertain shiny objects that will invite you to procrastinate. [mfn] Read this piece on how to overcome procrastination.[/mfn]

We can have the most elegant idea in the world. Or probably the best strategy on how to increase our income ten times. But without action, we will get nothing.

For me, action is the only way to know whether a strategy works. Waiting isn’t safe. We have to act now. We can always change our actions and directions.

Read: Do it now.

12. Steam Up

Do not venture into any activity without warming up yourself. You do not have to force yourself into doing difficult things.

Start with the easy one or two activities.

I write about 1500 words a day. These days, however, I write more than 5000 words each day because of the courses that I am creating.

But I do not start with 5000 words. I often start with 50 words. And my first 50 words do not need to make sense. The warm-up does not need to be perfect.

For the last two years, I could not go out because of Covid. But if I want to become a good speaker that people will remember, I must also warm up every day.

Read: Steam up to succeed.

13. Stop Wishing and Start Winning

You win by doing your wishes. It is a no-brainer, I know. But keep in mind that most people choose not to play the game. They pay to watch the game. They are viewers. They are fans.

To achieve anything in life, we ought to become players.

It does not matter what people think of you as a player. What’s important is that you are in the arena playing to win.

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14. Start Something Today

How I wish I had known 20 years ago what I know today. Much time was wasted waiting for the right time, the right person, and the right opportunity. But I have no time machine. I won’t spend my today on regrets and wishes.

As I mentioned above, you can start even when you are not ready. Whatever you want to do, you can do it today.

Start something today.

Think of those things that you want to do for yourself. Or of those things you want to do for others. You can do one of them today. Tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow does not end, but tomorrow does not come to us. We can only do something today.

15. Learn New Things and Evolve

You can evolve. You can choose the kind of person you want to become. Learn something new today.

It was said that old dogs could not learn new tricks.

Wrong. Old dogs can learn new tricks.

And even if it is true that old dogs don’t learn new things, you have nothing to worry about. You are not a dog. You are Home Sapiens Sapiens.

You are a thinking animal. You are very much capable of learning new things. Pursue personal development; learn new things.

Self-improvement is an art.

16. Do Digital Detox

Trim the time you spend on trivia so you will have more time for yourself, your family, your business, and all things you want to remember.

FOMO is real for most people. They want to know what’s happening around them. Some spend many hours on Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok. Youtube keeps you watching videos.

Until you realize that your day passed by and your day is wasted. Ninety percent of the information you feed yourself will be lost in 24 hours. None of them can help you improve your business. None of them can help you grow.

17. Make Every Minute Count

This is an aspiration. Unless we are prisoners, we have many options for spending our time. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. But some people have a more productive use for their hours and minutes.

Digital detox is an excellent thing. It helps you decide not to do less important things. It also invites you to replace each hour and each minute with more important activities.

I can spend my next hour watching Netflix shows. I was watching Lincoln Lawyer last night. It will surely hook me to watch the next episode. I am sure that I can finish it in two to three days. Or I can spend each hour writing books that can help people succeed.

I can spend each next hour contacting clients who need my services and who can pay me good money.

18. Stick to it

Stick-to-itiveness is one core value that I teach people. I learned that to succeed in life, we must persist. Not only that, we need to be patient and persevering. Whatever is important to do, we must keep doing it until it’s done.

You can overcome procrastination by starting something at once and sticking to it.

19. Cram early

I was a school teacher, so I know why and how students cram.

There are more interesting activities to do than my technical writing reports. So, students tend to do the desirable things first, then the challenging tasks of using their dreams on technical writing assignments next. The difficult ones will be done at the last minute.

Cramming is real in school, at work, in churches — everywhere. It is human nature to procrastinate, and the solution is often to cram. But most people cram when it is already too late.

You can cram early. Set your deadlines. Do the most important task ahead of the trivial but more pleasurable ones.

Pursue personal development; set your deadlines.

20. Start with Big Goals

I will be happy to make this tip #1. But if you are reading this now, I am happy for you. You don’t have to do all your big goals first.

As I have suggested above, I often do small tasks. I also do something different, things that are not on my goals list. This makes each day different from the last.

But visiting my big goals every morning – and looking at them before I retire at night helps me keep my eyes on them. I don’t forget about my big goals because I think of them first.

I have a separate note in Evernote. I called it 80/20 weekly. I placed all my big goals and the leverage activities that must be done in a week.

Self improve requires that you set your goal.
What is your goal?

21. Take the Initiative

Doing something without being told is what initiative is all about. These days, you can also use the word “proactive.” You look at the situation and realize you can do something about it.

In my experience, employers look for people who take the initiative. That’s because initiative shows that the employee has a sense of ownership.

In Filipino, the equivalent of the word initiative is kusang-palo.

Beast of burden is often hit with a stick to move. But a disciplined and reliable person does not need a master to hit him with a stick. He is his own master.

Pursue personal development; take the initiative to improve your life.

22. Be Indispensable

When I was young, I learned that employees are dispensable. You can fire anyone if you don’t need them at all. At least, that’s what I learned when I was living in the slums.

Most people feel they are dispensable.

I learned that some people are more important than others. They make themselves indispensable. You can do that too. Pick your crowd. Do ordinary things extraordinarily, multiply your value, and get things done.

23. Be a go-giver

Most of us praise the go-getter. Go-getters get what they want. But there is another kind of leader who you want to become.

You can evolve from being a good-getter (which is good) to becoming a go-giver (which is great!). Instead of asking how you can get something for yourself, find out how you can give something to others.

Be a solution giver. Help other people achieve their goals. Help more people to become successful. Go-givers do this all the time. What they do is so visible to us, but we don’t know exactly what they do.

Be a go-giver today.

24. Spread enthusiasm

This is a self-improvement tip that you will certainly love. Spread enthusiasm. Become the person that energizes and electrifies people to action.

You know you have it when people become happy with your presence. They know something is missing when you are not around. This does not mean that you are the life of the party. No, not really.

You can spread enthusiasm when you make people shine. They feel important because of how to respect and care for them.

25. Make your own luck.

Successful people are lucky people. So, we better be lucky to be successful, right?

Those who work hard attract luck. The harder you work, the luckier you get. Why not? When you work hard, your eyes are ready to see new opportunities.

Luck is just another word for opportunity. Those who work hard see opportunities because they are hunting them.

How do you create your luck? Work hard and always be open to new opportunities.

self-improvement requires hard work.

26. Learn like a Child

One big obstacle to discovery is the “expert” mind. A person with this mindset believes previous experiences can explain everything. They know much that they criticize every new idea.

A child, on the other hand, has a beginner mindset. They have the third for knowledge. They have a sense of wonder.

Self-development is about unlocking your limitless possibilities. You can do that when you think and learn like a child.

Get started with self-improvement by embracing a beginner’s mind.

27. Say Goodbye to Excuses

You know when a person does not hold himself accountable. He points his fingers at someone else every time things go wrong. They blame others for their misfortunes. They procrastinate, always waiting for the right time.

They have excuses.

If you seek progress and want to accelerate your self-development, you should say goodbye to excuses.

Excuses will not allow us to see new possibilities. Excuses will not help us find solutions to our challenges. Excuses are nothing but unexpressed fear for greatness.

Say goodbye to excuses and take charge of your life.

28. Train Yourself in Public Speaking

One of my superpowers is public speaking. I can connect to many people because I can speak to anyone anytime. You can learn how to become a better public speaker. There are techniques and skills you can develop over time.

I am an introvert. I enjoy being alone. I write. I plant vegetables and herbs while listening to podcasts. But when asked to speak and share my expertise, I am ready. That’s because I trained myself in public speaking.

I wrote many articles that will help you get started. Go with my public speaking tips first. Then, explore ways to persuade and motivate people.

29. Learn impromptu Speaking

Your ability to speak impromptu will help you stand out in the marketplace. It means that even given a very limited time, you can help people understand the issue and help them find solutions.

It seems that some people are natural when it comes to impromptu speaking. But this is not true for most people.

I prepare myself for these impromptu speaking situations.

Before I talk to clients, I research them. I want to know how I can best help them. So, I don’t simply rely on the information they’ve given me.

Good impromptu speakers aren’t glib talkers. They are prepared speakers. You can learn how to do it.

30. Give 10x More

I say that you can 1000x your personal development. The first 29 self-development tips must have shown you that it is possible. You will be improving different aspects of your life. Each self-improvement is a multiplier.

Thousandfold self-improvement, therefore, is not an exaggeration.

Here’s another multiplier: give 10x more.

Every time you serve someone, find out how you can give 10x the value of what people expect. This may not be apparent at first. But you can be deliberate.

This does not mean that you’ll multiply the effort ten times. No, you can even minimize your effort. Your aim isn’t to work more or harder but to give others 10x of what they expect from you.

This mindset has served me well. It will do good for you too.

31. Dream Great Dreams

Nothing inspires me more than a great dream. I stumbled and fell so many times that I no longer count them. But I never stopped dreaming.

I tell people about my great dreams. But not all of them.

Because in the beginning, those dreams were just mine. Telling people about all my great dreams often overwhelms them. But I share some of them in the hope that those dreams become their dreams too.

A purpose is what you do every day. A dream is a destination.

Be clear about your purpose and work daily, believing that all your great dreams will come true.

32. Embrace a Growth Mindset

You can grow like the Acacia tree, strong and tall. People with a growth mindset work hard to get where they want to go. When facing rejections, they persist. They learn from failures.

On the other hand, people with fixed mindsets give too much credit to intelligence and destiny. They believe that whatever we will get is pre-ordained and that we cannot go beyond the limits.

But who says where our limit is? To grow old is nature. To constantly grow up is your choice.

Find out how you can cultivate a growth mindset.

33. Have a beginner’s Mind

If you start believing that you already know what there is to see, you won’t move much. You won’t go beyond what you perceived today.

But you will find new realities if you think there is much to know, discover, and explore. You will be able to solve problems others have not seen before. You will be able to create new solutions and new opportunities.

exemplary leadership

Breakthrough Leadership Workshops

Breakthrough Leadership is a training program for leaders who have the courage to do what they’ve not done before to achieve great results.

34. Choose How you Think

If you choose negative things, you’ll attract negative things. But, on the other hand, if you choose to appreciate the things around you, you will start walking towards things that help you grow.

Self-improvements require a conscious choice of where you want to invest your time. Things don’t just happen to us. We have something to do with what we attract.

35. Teach so you can Learn Twice

I found that the best way to learn something is to teach it. This is because you learn twice faster and much deeper when teaching something.

Right after I graduated from college, I started teaching. That was because I needed to earn. It is a badge of honor because most graduates don’t get a job.

I started teaching World History, Economics, and Filipino. Then three months after Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry. Then, Biology and Physics. I studied all of these when I was in high school.

But I truly understood them only when I started teaching these subjects. Then, I had to study twice as seriously.

So, when I started my speaking career, I began teaching people the topic I must learn the most: public speaking. I offered public seminars on public speaking to know how to do it faster.

Sure, I was already good in this area. But teaching people requires clarity. So when things are clear, I look for ways to explain them in plain and straightforward language.

36. Keep a personal development plan

Improving oneself is a conscious process. You can find many good models to create an excellent plan. For example, I used the Four Disciplines of Execution in my Make It Happen program. Those who join this program can develop a high-impact personal development program.

However, traditional personal development planning still works. Identify areas where you need improvement, zero in on the skills you need, and work on them. It is good to use the equation from X to Y by when for goal setting.

37. Build your Resilience

This is an essential meta-skill. Resilience is not just the ability to bounce back but to bounce forward. That means that every time we fail, we get better. We learn from our experiences.

I found that embracing a growth mindset and emotional skills can help us become more resilient. In addition, becoming more creative and innovative make us ready to solve problems. 

38. Be Calm

Life has many challenges and struggles. But all of these come and go. The world is always in chaos for those who do not understand.

A growth mindset allowed me to see things differently. When there are obstacles, I see opportunities. When there is chaos, I think of what’s in my control. As a result, I am never helpless or hopeless.

But how does one become calm?

The answer is mindfulness. You place yourself in a state of total awareness. You understand where you are, what’s happening around you, and what’s in your control.

My walk every morning and afternoon helps me become mindful. Sometimes, I listen to a podcast. But often, I embrace the silence. I do not need to worry about everything. I don’t need to worry at all.

39. Travel Often

I love to travel. Every year, we go on vacation overseas. Our intention is not just to relax. Travelling, in my case, was never relaxing.

What has travel got to do with self-improvement?

Travels are exciting. Travelling allows me to see places and people. It provides me with new perspectives on life. It helps me become more mindful and opens my mind to many life realities. It is better than reading a book about places and people.

I became a professional speaker because I want to see the world and its beauty. Since I do not have the resources, being a professional speaker will provide me with many opportunities of helping people everywhere. My clients spend on my transportation and accommodation. They also pay every time I speak.

40. Take Classes that Interest You

I will take dance classes this year. It is irrelevant to how I earn money today, but it will surely give me more confidence. I think it is good exercise.

I also consider having classes in singing. People say I have an excellent speaking voice, but I lack confidence in singing. A friend told me that my speaking voice is pleasant. I only need to work on my tune and emotion.

Doing something new always helps us improve. Self-improvement is about growing, and taking classes that interest you will help you grow.

These days, there are classes that we can get online for free. For example, you can go to Coursera, Udemy, or Youtube.

Some municipalities offer face-to-face training in technical, soft, and leadership skills. Joining a class on livelihood provides new perspectives too. Try them.

41. Deliver a speech to a large crowd

I want to deliver a speech to a million people. I realized that when I joined the last rally of the Leni-Kiko campaign. Of course, people went there because of Leni and Kiko, but many people appeared on the stage.

I thought it would be nice to speak to a big crowd like that. It must have been a remarkable experience for those who went there.

A big crowd that does not need to be a million, though. It can just be a hundred for you. But it is a sure way to get out of our comfort zone.

Speaking to a large crowd can be nerve-wracking and freeing for someone afraid to speak in public.

42. Write Every Day

I write every day. I started this habit when I was in high school. The book On Writing Well by William Zinsser inspired me to keep a journal.

These days I write on Evernote. But often, I go directly to Grammarly, like this one. Getting a premium account helps. The suggestions it gives are like a conversation with me to achieve clarity.

To keep yourself engaged in daily writing, sign up for

Writing helps me think. Examine how you think through writing to get clarity and confidence.

43. Brainstorm New Ideas or Solutions

You can brainstorm new ideas every day. Doing so will help you become more creative and innovative, which is what self-improvement is all about.

When brainstorming ideas, I begin with a question before considering ten or more answers. You can keep an idea notebook to keep all these ideas in one place. If you keep doing this, you will be able to produce 3650 ideas every year.

I tell you, that is a significant number. Yet many of us cannot give a single idea when asked how to improve something. That is because few of us have developed idea muscles.

44. Improve things even if they are not broken

It is a good thing to fix things that are broken. The habit will keep us growing too. But a more challenging but impactful self-improvement activity is improving what’s good.

What is about your relationship that is doing well? Then, think about how you can make it better.

How is your financial health doing well? Then, think about how you can make it better.

One creativity tool I use is Crazy Eights.

45. Live Debt-free

I once read the book 4 Laws of Debt-Free Prosperity. I recommend you read the book too.

I know that debt does not spell death for many rich people. They have another name for it. They call it using other people’s money. But this isn’t the kind of debt that you want to be free about.

For many Filipinos, debt means that they are always lacking. Whatever they earn, a portion goes to the payment of interest. They have to work to continue to survive, and debt is always a burden on both shoulders. Loan sharks are everywhere, waiting for the desperate to come their way.

You can make living debt-free as your next personal development plan. The book will tell you four easy steps to make it happen.

46. Participate in a Marathon

I have never participated in a marathon. It has always been a dream. It is on my bucket list, and the chance of making it happen is getting lesser as I get older.

A lot of people told me that a Marathon changes their lives. Participating in one taught them the importance of preparation, persistence, resiliency, and achievement.

One said that though it is an endurance game, it is more about discipline. You don’t have to win the race. Finishing a marathon is itself an achievement.

47. Sleep More

I sleep about 4 hours (sometimes less) every day. My mind keeps working. I have never slept for eight hours, but getting six hours energizes me more.

Our laptops and celfones don’t get charged by putting them to sleep. We have to charge them often to be useful.

We recharge ourselves by getting a night of good sleep.

If you are like me, who cannot sleep longer, I recommend you sleep more by taking power naps often.

48. Increase motivation to study

I said that we ought to learn like a child. I am talking about children who thirst for learning. They have so many questions about life. They want to get answers.

On the other hand, I must say that not all children are motivated to study. If they don’t see the relevance of attending school to learn, you cannot force them to spend hours reading and putting numbers together.

But even professionals have to continue studying. We study reports and cases, and we solve problems at work. And it is often the case that when we get so tired so lose our appetite for studying and learning new things.

You can increase your motivation to study when you need it most. I am writing a series of posts about this. I encourage you to go to Motivation to Study.

49. Self-improvement is a Rehearsal.

To become good at everything, consider each performance your next rehearsal. Every time I rehearse, I look for better ways to express myself. Self-improvement is like that. A small tweak to your last performance may become the biggest difference.

Zig Ziglar is known for documenting his sales techniques. He was always looking for new ways of selling to improve his results. Each selling opportunity, for him, is a rehearsal for the next.

50. Be grateful for Failures

Think about this. If every performance is a rehearsal for the next, then every failure is an opportunity to do better next time. Failures are teaching tools. The earlier and the faster they come, the better it is for us.

Therefore, be thankful for failures, too, for we learn more from our failures than our successes. Think like Edison, who believes every failure is a stepping stone to great success.

Self-improvement In Action

I will continue to provide you with more self-development ideas. I recommend that you bookmark this page so you can revisit this.

A more effective way is to experiment with one or two self-improvement steps each week. Experiencing these ideas will provide you with new perspectives.

One idea that works for me every time is #35. Teach your experience, and you’ll be able to find clarity. This may amuse others, but most of the “brilliant ideas” come to me while I am on the stage.

Because I was trying to simplify a complex idea for my audience, my brain worked wonders. And the more I think about personal development ideas, the more eager I become to apply them.


The first step to self-improvement is to seek your purpose. Once your purpose becomes clear to you, all the other steps will become visible.

You will find many gurus who can show the paths to enlightenment. They will teach you principles, rituals, and self-affirmations. All of these are useful later in your journey. But it is essential to know why you have a journey first.

Your purpose, values, strengths, passions, and behaviors are essential to personal development. You will find fifty self-improvement tips on this page. Use them too.

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