6-D Approach to Team Building

Instead of a series of games, regard team building as a process of improving your team.

The 6-D Approach can help you get started right.

Define. Be clear about your goals for your team building efforts. Align your team building efforts with your strategic direction.

Discover. Find out where your team is now. Your inquiry must focus on the strengths of your teams. Listen to you what your team members say so you can maximize their strengths and give more attention to what you can do now.

Design. Having identified opportunities, look for combination of solutions. There are many solutions to specific challenges.

Do rapid design to ensure that you meet your objectives on time.

Consider other interventions aside from team building exercsies. You have to use as many engagement strategies to ensure that your team practice new behaviors that will produce your desired results.

Team building programs anchored only on games usually waste time, money, energy, and opportunities.

When you need help in searching for team solutions to help you improve your team, consult me. I have done hundreds of team building exercises. Surely, I can send you some.

(Most facilitators skip these first three stages of the process. Why? I think because they have ready products for you to buy. Their main goal is to push their products.)

Develop. Create team building exercises that fits the designed solutions. Tailor-fit handouts, certificates, props, and training materials to achieve the best results.

Deliver. Pick the best team building speakers and facilitators who can help you. Facilitators may come from your organizations. I highly recommend that you pick a facilitator first before you find a venue. Some venues have “facilitators” but they are more of game masters. The chance is 1 of 10 that you’ll find those who can help you.

My group at Philippine Team Building Facilitators can help you from the first D (Define phase) to the last D (Destiny phase). We facilitate games and activities that you will enjoy and learn from the most. We have facilitated team building workshops all over the Philippines — in beaches and resorts, in forest and mountains, in cities (Amazing Race in Manila), and corporate training rooms. Participants always come out smiling. You ought to know why. You will get well-delivered team building experiences facilitated by cool but quite intelligent guys.

Destiny. Ensure that your programs are sustained, your followthrough sessions must help you achieve your goals.

Consult me about what can be done to ensure that positive impact is scalable and sustainable.

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