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Seven Leadership Challenges

Many leaders fail in two areas: appreciation and engagement. In many organizations, the blame for inability to get things done almost always falls on the employees.

This is why they get motivational speakers. They hope that motivational speakers can cure the problem in employee productivity and performance.

Companies rise and fall on leadership.

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Let me guess. You are responsible for building and developing leaders in your organization.

And if you are like my clients, you also want to find out how a leadership speaker, coach, or mentor can help you address some of the challenges that leaders face nowadays.

Even the most effective leaders face any of these seven challenges:

Leaders must become effective managers. Leaders are looking for someone who can help them develop skills like time management, prioritization, strategic thinking, systems thinking, decision-making, and getting the jobs done to be more effective at work.

Leaders must inspire the heroes of your organizations. Everywhere I go, leaders look for the simplest and most effective ways to inspire and motivate others.

Leaders are expected to enable every employee to deliver better and smarter. They must also find ways to engage employees and give them overwhelming reasons to stay. They can’t just get another motivational speaker. They must inspire and motivate every working day.

Leaders must build high performing teams. Team building, team development, and team management are crucial roles of leaders. They must learn how to inspire pride in team and clear the path so each member become successful. They must lead small teams effectively. They must lead big teams effectively too.

Leaders must initiate, lead, and sustain changes in the organization. They must be able to communicate the importance of change.

Turn potentials into champions and address the concerns of resisters. They must mitigate change consequence and overcome resistance to change.

Leaders must develop the ability to influence others. Engagement drives results. They must create stories that resonate and communicate inspiring vision.

Leaders must develop the disciplines of execution. To drive results that really matter, leaders must learn must help everyone develop the ability to actualize wildly important goals to daily actions.

Organizations exist in a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous). Leaders need to be adept at managing, mobilizing, leading, and dealing with change.

Like my clients, you are not here to hear just stories on leadership. You want to help your leaders re-write their leadership stories and work every God-given day to ensure that they move your organization to your goals.

You want new strategies and tools so you can help leaders execute your plans and make change happen.

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