I ask lots of questions. I choose to begin with you and I empty my cup.

I avoid giving you 120-slides of presentations to showcase how great our company is or why hundreds of company trust us.

Business Innovation is a tiny company. You need to know the truth. We get the job done for our clients.

To get our job done, we ask relevant questions.


Because you are the star of the show. You are the hero.

It is your challenge (your company’s challenge) that we are trying to solve together. To find your challenge, we need to ask questions.

We don’t always get asked by our training providers because they are too focused on selling canned programs.

This is why traditional training fails.

So, you can begin with one question – and this question will make a great difference.

If we were having this discussion three years from today, and you were looking back over those three years, what was to have happened in your life (and in your organization), for you to feel happy with your progress?

A follow up to that question would be:

Specifically, what dangers (or fears) do you have now that need to be eliminated, what opportunities need to be captured, and what strengths need to be maximized?

Your answers to these questions will help you get started.

Framing your challenge will help us know what you need.

You can find solutions when you are clear about your challenges.

I will not make you believe that you’ll get big results unless I know how BIG the results you want. And I am not a miracle worker.

It is very possible that I will not be of help. This is why it is very important to ask the challenge question.

My company (Business Innovation) cannot help everyone. And I am very clear on that. This is why we don’t peddle all seminars and workshops that you can find on the internet.

Sometimes, the best help we can do for you is to guide you into answering the right question.

Jef “Question-Giver” Menguin

P.S. You can make your leadership learning a real difference maker. Please go to How I Do Workshops) to find out.

When you need to contact me, free free to call 09274292986.

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