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Take the Initiative

Do you have initiative? You should have. Elbert Hubbard told us why. “The world bestows its big prizes, both in money and honors, for but one thing. And that is initiative. Initiative is doing the right thing without being told. Next to doing it without being told is to do it when you are told …

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salesmanship training

Push Gently: The Sales Technique That Works

If you have the advantage of company-sponsored salesmanship training, you’ve probably learned about the importance of closing.

Unfortunately, most salesmanship training program allocated 90 percent of training on product knowledge…and less than 10 percent on closing.

selling confidence

Sell your confidence.

Your customers buy your confidence first. Your customers won’t buy from you if you are not quite sold on your offer. Watch your attitude about your product or service. You cannot hide it. You will worry about any objection from the prospect if you are not sold on your product or service. Any objection affirms …

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everyone has a story

Tell your story.

Be prepared to tell your story. Make it a good story. A story that will have a happy ending — a story that will make the listener want to be with you. Your story must be well-delivered.Your story must be clear.Your story must be interesting.Your story must be believable.Your story must be persuasive.Your story must …

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Keep yourself sold.

Be sold on your vision. Or people will sell on you their “objections” to your offer. You must deepen your knowledge about the change you want to create and know also the alternatives known to people who wish to enroll to your vision. Arm yourself with knowledge. Understand the advantage of your “change” against the …

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give your gifts

Be a go-giver!

Being a go-giver works better than being a go-getter. It is good to be a go-getter. Go-getters take action. They look for opportunities. They create opportunities. They make things happen. She who has a go-getter mindset will sell more than the others who are simply go-takers. Go-takers sell to you their products because they want …

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spread enthusiasm

Spread enthusiasm.

To make your customers enthusiastic about your product, your must be 101% enthusiastic about your product. When presenting before your customer, forget about everything else.

rolled dice

Make your own luck!

An excellent professional make his own luck. Look around and ahead to the unexpected things you can do without waiting to be told. Opportunity sometimes walk in mini-skirts. Sometimes, it walks in blue jeans. Always look out for opportunities. Many professionals wait for good things to happen to them. Good things happen only to those …

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