Always remember the first follower principle.

Professionals understand this principle. Teachers, trainers, speakers, and anyone who intend to make change will benefit from following the first follower principle.

A salesperson must be sold to his ability to sell. No matter how good the product is, if he does not have any confidence, he will just drive a prospect away.

The same is true for an everyday leader. Your leadership begins with the first follower.

Your success in making change in your organization — or in your bigger community — depends on how sold you are on yourself and on your “inspiring vision”. Any doubt you entertain is a doubt you sell.

You are your own first customer… the toughest and the most complaining customer. Your doubts and misgivings will persuade you against selling yourself. I have met salespeople who have excellent presentation skills who can’t sell. Their eyes betray their doubts.

When you truly believe in yourself and in the products or services (or change) you offer to others, you can can sell to one, tens, hundreds, and thousands even if you were deaf, dumb, or blind.

The sheer power of conviction will do the conversion.

Be your first follower. Think about this, and little by little, you can change the world.

Jef Menguin

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