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Electrify Employee Engagement

Employee engagement can help you get the BIG RESULTS you desire for your organization. It will increase your revenue and win your ideal customers. It will accelerate and multiply your growth.

Employment is a gift. I am an entrepreneur and manage my own business. I value the contribution of employees. They are assets. And I know that engaged employees can deliver BIG RESULTS.

Motivation is necessary for engagement.  You, the manager, can get them engaged – and highly motivated — as long as they are in your organization.

You only need to understand the benefits of employee engagement so you can change your results. Start looking for strategies and tools you can use to get employees motivated.

What does “employee engagement” mean for employees?

An engaged employee wakes in the morning thinking, “I’ve got to go to work early today. I’ve got two areas to focus on that can help our bosses deliver on time. I’ve got some great ideas I will share with my manager today. Mary, Joe, John, and I will start a Design Sprint so we can win and wow our customers”.

An engaged employee fully understands one’s role in the organization. A vision of a better future inspires her. She performs beyond your expectations. That’s because she has high standards for herself.

Employee engagement ensures that every team member fulfills the team’s purposes and objectives. On a personal level, employees learn how to love their jobs. They find ways to achieve the objectives of the organization faster. They are free to be creative and innovative. Their voices are heard.

It makes employees feel like they belong to a family. They are trusted. They received constructive feedback and weren’t afraid to give feedback to others. They are supported in developing new skills. They are mentored. And they are cultivated in an environment where everyone recognizes their efforts.

Why organizations must electrify employee engagement?

Employee engagement ensures that your organization develops employees with certain abilities and attitudes. Employee engagement helps you transform your organization day by day.

This means that, as an organization, you are giving your employees reasons to be happy about their jobs. They take pride in every assignment given to them. They are too happy to tell clients, customers, and the community how great your organization is. They go the extra mile and look for something more they can offer. They know precisely how these assignments will help them grow as individuals.

This also means that you enable them to act. As an organization, you provide an environment for learning. You invest in training and development. You ensure that your employees can achieve whatever challenges you’ll give them. Every employee develops and masters new skills regularly.

Employee engagement ensures you make every employee helps each other. You make each employee accountable to their teams. Every manager is accountable to their direct reports. As a result, employee engagement draws out a deeper commitment from your employees, so few leave, sick leave reduces, accident rates decline, conflicts are resolved, and productivity increases.

Employee engagement isn’t what you do to your employees.

Employee engagement happens when you encourage and enable employees to be at their best.

Lastly, employee engagement is about creating a desirable environment to grow and flourish. Your place of work inspires everyone to excel.

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