Inspire a Shared Vision to Co-Create the Future

Breakthrough leaders inspire a shared vision. They have the ability to paint of picture of tomorrow in a way that people understand. They are good storytellers – and allow others to tell their stories too.

It was said that a nation without a vision would perish. I believe that a leader without a vision is blind. And a blind leader cannot bring us to the light.

Inspire a Shared Vision

One of the differences between leadership and management is vision. Management is about ensuring that present tasks and activities are done. On the other hand, leadership is about inspiring a shared vision and preparing people to get there.

I often see posts like leadership versus management. And I see that the intention is put leadership in a good light. That’s a common mistake. One needs to become an excellent manager to become an effective leader.

You can become an effective leader by inspiring people to a shared vision.

A leader’s job is to look into the future and see the organization not as it is but as it should be.

Jack Welch

Envision a future.

You’ve got to dream big dreams. So people gravitate toward someone who can paint a more desirable future for them.

Imagine limitless possibilities. Einstein believes that your limit is only your imagination. He is probably right. Someone who cares for his people will explore ways to make things better.

But that’s not all. It is not enough that you can dream big dreams. You need to help others dream too. If the dream is yours alone and you are trying to sell your dream to others, you are just a salesman.

Find out the dreams of others too. Understand what they want. Identify a common purpose. Doing this will ensure that you are going in the same direction.

Enlist others.

It is vital to appeal to common ideals. So, first, find out what people want to accomplish. Then, help them see the beauty of helping each other.

Good leaders are excellent storytellers. They animate a vision by helping people imagine possibilities too.

I am a visual learner. And I know of people who get more excited with vision boards and other visual aids.

Remember, the vision is not yours alone. Your job as a leader is to paint a vivid picture of the future and constantly inspire people to create the future with you.


Good leaders are often misunderstood. That’s because they see something which most people don’t see. This is why it is important for them to learn how to communicate and tell stories too.

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