My 3 Words for 2023

FARM, FLOW, and FLY are my three words for 2023. These three words will inspire me to create new projects, campaigns, and products. In addition, these words will guide my actions and decisions.

Chris Brogan’s three words in 2010 inspired me to start mine. I did not publish my three words, but I will start doing so this year to inspire others to do the same. I also mentioned this in my New Year’s Resolutions piece, which I hope you’ll read after.

Benefits of 3 Words

I found three benefits in using 3 Words.

  1. Awareness. Each day, I work on something that will benefit me today and my future self. I am aware of my present and how my actions may impact my future.
  2. Mindfulness. It helps me work with intention and attention. It keeps me in the moment, being fully present in whatever I do. Mindfulness is rare in a noisy world that wants to get your attention away from you. 
  3. Action. The three words remind me to keep living and moving.

How I Chose My Previous 3 Words

During the first three years, I used nouns. I once tried three phrases instead of three words. 

In 2014, I chose Gandhi, Tesla, and Lennon. I like the idea of putting the good traits of three people together. But, unfortunately, it did not work for me. I seldom find answers to the question, “What would ___ do?”

After that, I started using action words because they worked for me. 

My 3 Words

I’ve been thinking of the three words for a week. This morning, I wrote some words that resonated with me. 

While writing, I felt attracted to Experience, Express, Execute, Evolve, Extraordinary, and Earn. The E’s sound good.

The words do not need to begin with the same letters. Instead, I chose my three words based on how I want my future self in 2023 to evolve.

You don’t have to explain your three words. 

farm, flow, fly.


People who know me know that I love backyard farming and gardening. Planning trees, vegetables, herbs, and ornamentals reminds me of life, creation, and how easy it is to multiply our value.

Farming involves planning, planting, cultivating, propagating, and harvesting. I first chose EARN because of the economic situation we are in. 

To farm is to expect a harvest.

I can also work as a farmer for my consulting, speaking, and training business. I will devote time to planning, planting, cultivating, propagating, and harvesting. In addition, you will see me making more videos, articles, online courses, and other products that will grow.


To be in the flow is to be in the zone. I want to flow like a river teeming with life.

I will not doubt myself and my ability to create value for others. Doubt brings fear. Fear makes one freeze or panic. Freezing stops movement. Panicking causes errors. Freezing and panicking lead to failure.

I have trained myself. I know more things than I imagine. And that’s true for you too. 

I won’t live a robotic life. I want to flow.

Flow comes with a trusting mindset. Flow comes with the understanding that each moment leads to somewhere more beautiful. Flow is life.


I may not be able to express this fully. But I will reach many places this year in multiple dimensions. 

I can fly low. I can fly high. I can fly like an eagle or a sooty shearwater. 

I will meet many people and discover new things.

Your Three Words

Aside from New Year’s Resolutions or Personal Development Plan, I recommend you come up with your three words.

These words may serve as your compass for your actions. 

Nothing fancy here. You can write your words on a piece of paper. Or you can post your comments where you can see them daily. 

You can use your words to get inspiration for new projects. I place my three words in a Venn diagram and consider projects that will give me a unique experience. 

You can do it now. Find your three words that will give your actions in 2023.

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