Commit to living a good life daily. Life is sacred. Waste not a minute on toys and trifles.

You cannot buy a good life over the counter. There is not enough money you can earn to pay for a good life.

A good life is a life well-lived. Whatever the life you desire, please pay attention to it here and now.

It will not come tomorrow, for tomorrow is always ahead of us.

To me, the good life is the celebration of that which is true, good, beautiful, and meaningful.

Watching porn, thinking ill about “bad” people, being jealous of others’ success, taking my chances on pitch and toss, regurgitating other people’s ideas, or cursing the President (no matter how justifiable) are not celebrations of a good life. These make me a slave.

Yes, I spent a good amount of my time on slavish activities. Being young and stupid is no excuse. But I won’t be too harsh on myself.

Don’t be too harsh on yourself also. Past is past. A life well-lived happens here and now.

The pandemic makes people anxious over so many things. We tend to worry about things beyond our control. We spend our time on matters that don’t matter.

I am writing this piece for you. That’s all I want to do at this moment. I am aware of the many obligations I have.

I want to write dozens of books, shoot videos, create courses, and plant vegetables. I have millions of ideas to share.

But I am writing now because this is important to me and this is important to you. Writhing this post won’t pay for my house rent, but I get to give something I value to you, my reader.

Get a good life. We only have to define it for ourselves and commit to living it daily.

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What is a good life for you? Please write your thoughts in the comment section.

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