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Plan Your Day to Enjoy A Good Life

Plan your good life; plan your day. Do not let the day pass without notice. Choose how, where, and for whom you’ll spend your minutes.

Most of us do not have 24 hours in a day to spend on things that matter to us. Some have to go through two, three, or four hours of commute each day to render eight hours of work. Some of us have families to care for and friends to share our day. Our bosses expected us to do eight hours of work, and we must give what eight hours of productive, uninterrupted work.

Living a good life is a decision we make each day.

In 24 hours, there are unproductive times. Find ways to be productive.

In 24 hours, there are meetings and routine work, find enjoyment.

In 24 hours, we have little time for our family, friends, and people we care about, be present with them.

In 24 hours, there is almost nothing left for us. Don’t forget that little time for that’s where the good life originates. Plan your day. Plan your good life.

Where I am today, I have so much time to worry and to fret. My wife tells me about a co-worker who uses her borrowed authority to power trip others. The pandemic is still here. Client calls are scarce.

I got more hours than most Filipinos these days, hours filled with worries for people who matter to me.

But I have to choose. I have to choose well if I want to live a good life. I never had 24 hours in a day to spend, and I bet it is the same for you.

But don’t plan during what’s left in a day. There is almost nothing left for most of us.

Put a pin on those minutes or hours you have to spend for yourself. Make it sacred, don’t allow anyone to touch it.

I pin mine every five in the morning since I do not have to travel for work these days. There are days that I am not able to do it. I don’t have to worry about it. All I need is to go back to the habit the next day.

Life is too precious not to plan your day today.

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