You can choose to be happy. I know it does not sound correct to most people. It is like I am saying that unhappy people decided to be sad. But give me some minutes because you will find this lesson useful.

Happy people know something that unhappy people also know. Happy people aren’t more informed. It is easy to be informed these days. But happiness eludes most of us.

Ask thousands of people on the street what makes them happy, and you’ll get thousands of answers. People think success brings happiness. Wealth, fame, titles, powers, toys, and trifles create illusions of happiness.

But even with success, wealth, fame, and power combined, most people remain unhappy.

There are only two reasons why people are unhappy: they did not get what they desired and got what they avoided.

Most of us are bound to be unhappy. The animals in us are wired to desire and to fear. The problem is that we want and fear things outside of our control.

When we spend on things beyond our control, we become slaves. Harsh, I know, but this is true.

To get a good life is to choose to be happy. To be happy is to know the difference between what we can control and what others control.

We are masters of what we can control. We are slaves to what others control.

For example, you cannot control online trolls on Facebook, but you can control how you respond to them.

You cannot control what your boss thinks about you, but you can control how you speak and how you work.

You cannot control the economy, but you can find a new side hustle.

Did you get that?

Get a good life by choosing to do what you can do with what you have and who you are.

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Living a good life, a life well-lived brings us authentic happiness.

Focus on what you can control. Choose to be happy.

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