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Life Goes On

Life goes on. Viruses may limit our movements. Governments may lock us down, but we have to keep moving. Humans decided to leave the caves to see the light of day every morning. We farm. We hunt. We live life to the fullest.

Life goes on. We cannot stop time. There is no time out in the game we are in. Either we play, or we don’t. Time will not stop for us.

Our greatest enemy today is not Covid-19. Our greatest enemies are governments that want people to live in cages so they can control them. If they can control people, then they can control the wealth of the nation. They get richer while their people are afraid.

We are not watching Hunger Games, but it feels like we are in it. A few are happy where they are. They still live comfortable lives while all others are trying to stay alive.

Other diseases have killed more people this year than this virus. In some countries, governments prevent the spread of the virus.

People stay safe and watch for themselves. But they refused to turn their homes into cages because human beings have to move.

We can open the cages. But first, we have to open our minds. As long as we control how we think, how we live our days, we can say that life goes on.

Speak your mind on issues. Tell the world what we all need to hear. Sure, there are paid trolls who think that they are “peacekeepers”. Please don’t allow them to silence you. Speak your truth.

Move your body. Though you can watch movies eight hours a day, you don’t have to. If you can walk and work outside of your house, do so. Plant herbs, vegetables, and trees. You will find it difficult to free yourself if your body gets used to living in cages.

Expand your repertoire of skills. You have more time to learn. Read books. Join webinars. Interview people. Learn as much as you can, for you cannot live in freedom if your mind does not know how to be free.

Keep in mind: life goes on.

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