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I resolve to make the most of my time.

I look around, and I saw that there are people who live a good life. These people are my best models and not the book authors who give 1001 techniques on time management. I must observe them. I must listen to what they say.

The practitioner is the real expert.

People who live happy and fruitful lives understand the importance of time. They value it more than the others. I see that they do not manage their time. They live their lives.

I will live a fruitful life.

I resolve to live a fruitful life. Living a good life is more important than all “time management” techniques that I have learned in the past. 

From now on, all techniques that do not contribute to my living a good life, I will not entertain.

I must stop complaining that I do not have enough time. I do not need 100 years to change the world. I know of people who confessed that after living for seventy years have not had experienced happiness and have not done anything significant. 

I also know of people half my age who created for themselves the life they have always wanted. I will not complain about not having enough time. I will only make the most of my time.

I will make a conscious choice.

Therefore I will be more conscious about my choices. When I was a college student, my classmates and I regularly complained that we did not have enough time to work on our class projects. 

I realized that I always had the time to talk about how bad our educational system was, the blockbuster movie we watched together the night before, or just about anything or nothing.

We forget about time when we spend it on trivial things. Whatever is left will be spent on the most important things which we habitually placed last. It was our choice. I will no longer make the same mistake.

I do not need extra time for each day. Each hour is an opportunity to be grateful and fruitful. 

I won’t waste my time.

Each hour is an opportunity to be happy. Each hour is an opportunity to be significant. How many hours in the 24 we have every day do I spend on being fruitful, happy, and significant? The answer is now obvious to me. I won’t waste my time again.

I will make intelligent choices. I will contribute and not complain. I will choose the one crucial thing over a thousand trivials. I will grab every opportunity to be happy, grateful, and fruitful every day of my life.

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