Attention is where you fix your mind, time, and energy. It is a valuable property, and the world wants to take it from you. You may not realize it, but the world competes for your attention.

And whoever can capture your attention may influence, if not control, your life.

Netflix wants your attention. Facebook wants your attention. Your boss, your family, and your friends demand your attention. Companies design their products and services to capture your attention.

The world can come up with thousand schemes to entice and manipulate you. Whoever can control your attention will control your time, energy, and money. Whoever can control your attention can influence your life.

When I write, I. do my best to get your attention. I want every word you read now to be valuable. Writing this piece is a choice.

I would like to gain your trust. You may become a friend, if not a customer, one day.

Allow me to give this powerful advice to you now.

Pay attention to your passion and dreams. Pay attention to your family. Pay attention to your business and vocation.

Pay attention to your intention.

Ensure you invest more time thinking and acting on things that matter most. Be proactive. Do not do anything that will veer you away from your intention.

Most people fail to notice this, but procrastination is the inability to say no to many things. The procrastination cure is mindfulness. You know that you have a dozen things to do, many of them easy and desirable, but you will still choose to do the most important.

Paying attention to your intention takes a lot of work. But you’ve got to do the work if you want to live your life on your terms.

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