You know when leaders lack malasakit. They may deny it. They may blame others. But there is no denying that they are in short supply of malasakit in their blood.

For one, people leave as soon as they find an opportunity somewhere else. Filipinos are relational people. They will stay because to them your bond is more valuable than money.

Your workplace is very stressful. I have seen employees who serve customers with gusto though they lack manpower. I have also seen those who sabotage customer’s experiences to get even with bosses.

When people are stressed because you are around and happy when you are not, that’s likely because you lack malasakit. Maybe, you give more importance to profit than people.

But here’s something that you ought to know. Malasakit is a superpower. When you have an abundance of malasakit at work, profit overflows.

Ask those who achieved greatness and they’ll tell you that caring for people on a day-to-day basis works.


The pandemic has shown us the importance of compassionate leadership. Leaders with humility and malasakit found ways to protect their people while maintaining their dignity.

There are many more things to learn.

I encourage you to explore the following articles.

  • Develop Good Leadership Qualities. You can develop good leadership qualities. Anyone who desires to become a leader that people love to follow makes it happen. Leadership isn’t a title or a position.
  • Good Leaders Inspire a Shared Vision. Leaders have the ability to paint of picture of tomorrow in a way that people understand. They are good storytellers – and allow others to tell their stories too.
  • Good Leaders Model the Way. You can say that leaders model the way when they walk the talk – and when they practice what they preach.
  • Good Leaders Challenge the Process. Leaders challenge the status quo. They take risks. They help people become more creative and innovative in bringing change.
  • Good Leaders Enable Others to Act. Leaders enable others to act. They find ways to help people become effective and to perform at their best.
  • Good Leaders Encourage the Heart. Leaders encourage the heart. They want people to have the courage and confidence to do what they’ve not done before.
  • Lead Amidst the Challenges of the Covid-19 Crisis. The Covid-19 crisis shows us opportunities that most have not seen before.
  • Malasakit works. Leadership experts talk advocate people-centered organizations. I think the fastest way to do that is to promote a culture of malasakit. Malasakit works at work. It takes a person to show malasakit. All work is personal. Let your people recognize their human-to-human connection.
  • Motivating Employees. Can we really motivate employees? I am not really sure how to answer that question. That’s because employees are always motivated. They are motivated about so many things we leaders do not know.

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