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When leaders lack malasakit

You know when leaders lack malasakit. They may deny it. They may blame others. But there is no denying that they are in short supply of malasakit in their blood.

For one, people leave as soon as they find an opportunity somewhere else. Filipinos are relational people. They will stay because to them your bond is more valuable than money.

Your workplace is very stressful. I have seen employees who serve customers with gusto though they lack manpower. I have also seen those who sabotage customer’s experiences to get even with bosses.

When people are stressed because you are around and happy when you are not, that’s likely because you lack malasakit. Maybe, you give more importance to profit than people.

But here’s something that you ought to know. Malasakit is a superpower. When you have an abundance of malasakit at work, profit overflows.

Ask those who achieved greatness and they’ll tell you that caring for people on a day to day basis works.

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