malasakit works

Malasakit works.

Malasakit is a Filipino word that is full of meaning. Many words are related to it but not one is the exact equivalent. It is related to altruism, kindness, benevolence, sympathy, empathy, and compassion.

People-centered organizations understand the value of empathy as a starting point of any innovation.

Innovators begin with empathy to create new products, services, and experiences that customers love. This is because they place themselves in the shoes of the customers.

Malasakit is empathy and more.

Compassion is another word. When Filipinos use compassion, they mean pity or concern for the sufferings of others. Metaphorically, you feel their pain.

Malasakit is compassion and more.

The difference is clear to me. That’s because Filipinos with malasakit are known for their actions. Your organization will benefit most when you promote malasakit.

Malasakit works.

Ask me why.

Because malasakit is empathy in action.

Because malasakit is compassion in action.

Because malasakit is kindness in action.

Because malasakit is love in action.

Leadership experts talk advocate people-centered organizations. I think that the fastest way to do that is to promote a culture of malasakit.

Malasakit works at work. It takes a person to show malasakit. All work is personal. Let your people recognize their human-to-human connection.

You won’t be able to ignore the change. People smile. Leaders care for people. Employees are engaged. And the business is growing.

Jef Menguin


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